Breaking the Stereotype – Publicizing the Wonders of Marijuana – an Interview With Self-made Marijuana Influencer, Parker Beck.

Based on an interview with Parker Beck, a self-made marijuana influencer, Marijuana is a renowned drug worldwide. But in recent years, its fame has skyrocketed. According to Parker, the reason you will find Marijuana cultivated in most parts of the world, with others taking on the practice for the first time, is its medicinal value. Its many impressive uses make it the top drug people are interested in today.

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According to Parker, unfortunately, Marijuana is connected to various stereotypes, which vary based on the location. These stereotypes attributed to many people shying away from the drug in the past. But after researchers discovered the usefulness of marijuana drug in treating and managing various conditions, the perception changed.

Parker advocates for publicizing marijuana wonders to help stop the stereotypes and have more people embrace the drug. Parker highlighted that marijuana legalization has always been an issue throughout the years. Though some states have adopted its use and have it legalized, not all have taken the same road. You will still find Marijuana illegal in some states.

According to him, Marijuana was unheard of in the past. People were not aware of the drug’s usefulness nor its industry. But thanks to the loosening of marijuana restrictions happening nowadays, people can now learn about this drug.

Based on Parker’s remarks, unlike before, today’s people are enjoying much information about Marijuana, thanks to the advent of technology. People can access accurate information instantly by the touch of a button. It is the reason the marijuana industry has lately expanded immensely. As a result, various interested parties have gotten attracted to the industry. You will find doctors, activists, advocates, and experts contributing to and supporting this industry in multiple ways.

Parker is very committed to spreading marijuana information in various ways. He uses all his social media platforms to sensitize people about Marijuana.


1Hey Parker, tell us little about your background. Why did you
choose Marijuana Industry?

Going into college I was very interested in the business side of social media and figuring out different ways to gain followers. I had also just sparked an interest in stocks after purchasing my first few stocks my senior year of high school. Having a tough time deciding, I went into college as an undecided business major.

After taking my first finance class, I quickly realized that complex equations and overall math weren’t my strongest skills. A fellow baseball teammate of mine was talking in the weight room about how he had been making money off of his largely followed Twitter account for over a year. After much discussion with him, I bought a Twitter account off of him with 19.2k followers. After running an ad on the account the first day I was in possession of it, I made $38 overnight. From there, I was hooked. After that I worked on growing the account and moved to buying and starting more Twitter accounts. With Twitter on the decline in 2016, I made the move to diversify and started running Instagram accounts as well.

I noticed that the general comedy and male targeted accounts were already saturated with accounts in those niches. I discovered there weren’t many cannabis comedy themed pages out there so I dove into that market. This is where my original weed themed account, Weed Vs Alcohol, was born. From that account, I have connected with so many amazing people, brands and have learned so much more about the cannabis industry.


2How has Marijuana
affected your life?

Throughout middle school and high school I would always be around people that used marijuana. Shockingly, I didn’t have my first experience using marijuana until I got to college. As corny as it sounds, after trying it for the first time, I understood what all the hype had been about.

It wasn’t what the anti-drug ads had been touting for so many years, that people who smoke are awful, lazy and will never make it anywhere in life.

On the business side, marijuana on social media has given me an outlet to be original with the content I create and has opened so many doors for me to work with people I wouldn’t have worked with otherwise. Additionally, staying with the theme of my account, Weed Vs Alcohol, it is so much better to wake up feeling good and not having a brutal hangover.

3What attracts you to the Marijuana Industry? When did you
decide to open up to Marijuana?

I was taught by my parents in high school when I first started to develop an interest for trading stocks that you should invest in something you use and know. At the time, my laptop ran Windows software and I had an iPod Touch. Naturally, the first two companies I invested in were Microsoft and Apple.

I take this same approach to working in the cannabis industry. I see the cannabis industry as just getting started. With very few states having recreational cannabis laws, the potential for this industry is massive. Although current banking laws are still making this a very difficult industry to enter, the 10 year potential will be insane. Aside from the long term growth, I love being a part of an industry that genuinely helps people and is a ‘product’ that I believe in. I have always felt that I never wanted to get stuck at a job where I’m pushing a product or service that I don’t believe in just to cash a check.

The cannabis industry gives me that fulfillment of thoroughly enjoying working with companies I truly believe in what they are doing.

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4That was back in the medical cannabis days. Since then, California
has gone full recreational. Has the recreational legalization law changed
things for you, as a consumer or as a influencer/enthusiast?

Over the last few years I have noticed a drastic change in the perception of the cannabis industry. More and more states have started to pass recreational bills and the CBD craze has been in full effect. With your average person, especially older generations, opening up to consuming and learning about CBD products, cannabis legalization feels like it is on deck.

It has been great seeing more and more people willing to learn and open their minds to cannabis use. Even if they don’t plan on consuming when legalized, it is important to educate people on why others may consume it. My DMs are always open if anyone wants to learn more or has any questions.

5Are there any future plans to join
Marijuana Business?

I am always open to whatever is out there. I don’t have a specific plan for where I see myself going within the marijuana industry, but I know for a fact that I want to stick around for as long as I can.

6Have you ever experienced/witnessed
any health benefits of Medical Marijuana?

After 15+ years of playing baseball and other sports, my body has not been very happy with me. I have suffered with back and knee pain for about 8 years now and gave up on Advil. Recently, I have found that edibles completely eliminate my back pain at night and leave me feeling good when I wake up.

Although this isn’t a solution for the pain, cannabis helps on those rough days. For others, I have received tons of DMs from people who use cannabis instead of taking prescription painkillers. Seeing those types of DMs push me to keep posting and trying to bring joy to peoples days through comedy and relatable content.


7Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

2020 has been an insanely life changing year for everyone. With this pandemic still going on and the economy taking a massive hit as a result, I see cannabis legalization being expedited in many states that were going into 2020 on the fence about it.

The economic benefits will be too tempting to pass up for states economically impacted the most by COVID-19. In the next five years, I hope to continue to push the spread of positive information about cannabis and encouraging people to get out and vote for the advancement of legalization.

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