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MMJ Doctors believes in helping those who most need an alternative and safe form of treatment. Health disorders, whether physical or mental, can be treated in a variety of ways, but sometimes the best options are not always in the reach of those who need it most. That’s why MMJ Doctors makes it easy for anyone to visit our site and make an appointment to see and speak with one of our licensed physicians.

We understand how important it is to receive proper treatment for whatever ails you, and MMJ Doctors is committed to ensuring the absolute best quality of care for you. Each patient is different, which means personal care and attention paid to each individual, which is exactly what our licensed physicians do. With a variety of treatment options available, we always guarantee our patients are given the highest level of attention and understanding when being prescribed any form of medical cannabis.

Thanks to the greater acceptance of medical marijuana, it is now easier than ever to be evaluated and prescribed. You can check to see if you qualify for medical marijuana and then schedule your appointment to see a doctor. Whether it is chronic pain, headaches, or something much more severe, you should be able to get approved for medical cannabis, as long as it comes from a licensed physician. Once you have been approved by one of our doctors, you will receive a letter of recommendation, along with an ID card in the mail, that will allow you to purchase medical cannabis at state dispensaries.

All of our doctors are board certified and licensed medical marijuana doctors in your state. They are able to assist you both in-person at our offices and remotely over the phone and even via telehealth in some cases. Our certified staff of doctors includes

Luis Robaina-Gonzalez, MD (Licesed in FL)

Cherylynn Bugailskis, MD (Licensed in NY, IL, OK, and CA)

Stacie Daniels, MD (Licensed in CA)

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