Access to Medical Marijuana And COVID 19 Outbreak

How are cannabis regulators responding to coronavirus concerns? Undoubtedly, many people depend on medical hemp for an array of health conditions—from chronic pain, seizures, muscle spasms, depression, and more disorders and maladies. More importantly, a significant number of cannabis consumers use medical marijuana to provide reprieve for anxiety. So, how medical marijuana patients are affected by the COVID-19 crisis?

Today, U.S. cannabis consumers and patients are asking questions like: will my local shop close? Will home delivery be an option?

So, how is the novel coronavirus crisis affecting medical marijuana patients supplies across the country and especially in New York and California? Perhaps of most concern during this unprecedented and distressing time is the prevalence of anxiety issues. And of course, at this time, anxiety is heightened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on the present need for social-distancing, recreational opportunities are mostly nonexistent. These disruptions to routine activities mean anxiety sufferers urgently require help to reduce stress.

As a medical cannabis consumer or patient, it’s reasonable that you may want to know if your local shop will close, else, whether delivery will become an option.

Fortunately, certain States, notably Florida, New York, California, among others, have provided a timely response to the problem.

For instance, Florida’s Department of Health has temporarily allowed telehealth appointments for renewing patients, whereas it is illegal in the State under normal circumstances.

Let’s look at measures the cannabis industry in conjunction with your State is taking to guarantee you get access to your medical marijuana supplies.

Medical Marijuana Access

Medical Marijuana Access

Solving Medical Marijuana Supply Chain Issues

Perhaps, you’re concerned about your ability to safely purchase medical marijuana supplies at this time of the coronavirus outbreak. Now, that shouldn’t necessarily be the case, especially with the local and State government supporting the medical cannabis industry to overcome supply and distribution bottlenecks.

Owing to several emergency and temporary orders, the distribution of medical marijuana can now fulfill your urgent need for supplies after effecting of some drastic measures. And apart from medical marijuana deliveries, curbside pickups could potentially become a norm for medical cannabis distribution in response to the coronavirus fears.

Additionally, most of the states have already declared medical cannabis an “essential good.” And even under the shelter-in-place context, buying medical marijuana now lists among the approved reasons you can leave your home. Regardless, the New York Health Department details stringent compliance measures under which the cannabis distribution should operate.

Apparently, in case nonessential businesses are closed due to COVID-19, certified firms party to the medical marijuana program will continue to operate. Essentially, this is because the States will consider them at par with medical providers and hence allow them to remain open.

Safe Access to Medical Cannabis

As the country responds to the current COVID-19 crisis, it has put in place movement restrictions. Obviously, this move can push medical cannabis consumers towards the potential dangers of getting their supplies from the unregulated black market.

But, through States declaring medical cannabis an “essential good,” consumers can capitalize on reliable and improved medical marijuana—thus thwart hemp quality and safety issues. Key to the success of such deliberations is the availability of credible dispensaries capable of taking requisite measures to secure and minimize consumer exposure risks.

Apart from allowing registered dispensaries to expand their delivery services, the New York Department of Health is also providing public guidance to support sales of medical cannabis through the shops’ door. This step is crucial in minimizing the risk of spreading the virus through crowding.

Let’s look at other concerted efforts by specific States intended to support legal, medical marijuana access amid the coronavirus outbreak:


Regulators have weighed in on the need for cannabis retail outlets to remain open—deeming dispensaries as “essential businesses” amid an expansive stay-at-home order.

New York

After evaluating the vital role of hemp dispensaries in the management of severely debilitating, life-threatening, and often immunocompromised conditions, the state department of health provided the following directions among others:

  • First, as “essential businesses,” medical cannabis providers are not subject to the widespread closure order.
  • Second, cannabis retail outlets are approved to carry out home delivery, and can also temporarily expand those services in the absence of written approval.

Get access to medical marijuana during the COVID 19 outbreak


The Florida State Surgeon General has already given the necessary approvals, allowing medics to issue medical marijuana recertifications to acknowledged patients (leaving out new ones) via telemedicine.

In a nutshell, even with an array of restrictions limiting access to a multitude of other resources as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical marijuana consumers in several states may yet have access to their cannabinoid supplies.

Despite some states, counties, and municipalities restricting or ultimately shutting down business activities to curb the spread of coronavirus, a significant number of jurisdictions are allowing medical cannabis dispensaries to continue operating.

Medical marijuana is a potentially essential part of Medicare solutions—and for the patient community—the move by the state officials to allow retailers to remain open, as well as offer delivery services, is a welcome one.  In fact, it couldn’t have come at a better time for a significant number of people whose access to medical marijuana befits their quality of life, especially during these trying times.

How We Can Help

As the COVID-19 cases continue to climb, you do expect movement, and workplace restrictions to follow suit. And inevitably, anxiety becomes a concern. are you worried about medical marijuana supply and COVID-19? MMJ Doctors can help you now! Take care of yourself physically and mentally and get your medical marijuana card. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or call our medical marijuana hotline at 1-844-939-1267 today!

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