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In Arizona, medical marijuana can be legally recommended to patients with qualifying medical conditions. This gives cannabis doctors at MMJ Doctors Arizona the ability to recommend medical marijuana for patients who qualify under Arizona state law. Our licensed medical doctors are registered with the state of Arizona and are able to recommend medical marijuana for qualified medical conditions.

MMJ Doctors Arizona should be your first choice for receiving care from a cannabis doctor in Arizona. We offer excellent medical marijuana evaluations for patients who are over 18 years old and who have qualifying conditions in accordance to Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) Title 36.

After Proposition 203 was passed in 2010, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) began accepting applications in 2011 from doctors who want to recommend medical marijuana and from patients who want to use medical marijuana to treat their debilitating medical conditions. Since then, there have been several other House Bills regarding medical marijuana that have allowed medical doctors to provide a suitable resource for patients to receive care.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Flag ArizonaMMJ Doctors in Arizona is willing to accept all patients who are 18 years and older and whose medical condition qualifies. We take the time to evaluate all patients with qualifying medical conditions, so you don’t have to fear being rejected. We are here to help you receive a recommendation for your medical marijuana card.

You or your caregiver cannot obtain medical marijuana in Arizona without registering with the Arizona Department of Health Services for a marijuana card and being accepted.

At MMJ Doctors Arizona, we offer professional support for all medical marijuana patients in an excellent environment that is ideal for health care. We believe the key in obtaining your marijuana card and registering with the ADHS is through professional customer service that makes the process easy and comfortable.

Our cannabis doctors will take the time to explain your condition and how marijuana can help you deal with symptoms.

Our staff can also provide the proper information you need to get registered as a medical marijuana patient in Arizona. Our goal is to help patients who have qualifying medical conditions receive the medical marijuana they need easily and in a comfortable environment, so they can begin enjoying life again with a treatment for their medical condition.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified marijuana doctors. 

Remember, if you are not a Medical Marijuana Card holder, legally, you cannot use marijuana in Arizona. 

If you are looking for a marijuana doctor who is compassionate and sympathetic to your needs, visit MMJ Doctors Arizona. Our marijuana clinics should be your first choice when you need to obtain your medical marijuana card. 

Once you become a medical marijuana patient with us, our cannabis doctor will help you register with the ADHS, so you can receive your medical marijuana card, which will allow you to legally purchase and use medical marijuana in Arizona.