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MMJ Doctors wants to make sure patients are as comfortable and knowledgeable as possible when it comes to getting their medical marijuana card. There is a lot of info out there, but it can sometimes be confusing to navigate. It can especially be difficult to know how the process with a licensed medical marijuana doctor would be like. For most, interacting with a physician for medical marijuana will be a first time thing, and it’s normal to be anxious. That’s why we have a guide which can help you understand how the process goes, what to keep in mind, and what you should do.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Getting a medical marijuana card is much easier than it used to be. Even so, it can still be difficult knowing just how you should go about doing that. For one thing, make sure you make an appointment with a physician who is licensed to recommend medical marijuana to you (a medical marijuana doctor). This might be a different person than your current primary care physician, and that’s okay. Only a doctor who is licensed to recommend medical marijuana can legally do so. Otherwise, you will not have a recommendation and not be able to get an MMJ card.

Once you have met with your cannabis doctor and spoken with them, you will be provided with a letter of recommendation (if you are approved). You can use this letter at state dispensaries to start, as your cannabis card will come sometime later. Each state has its own rules, so make sure you know your state’s rules before making an appointment. If nothing else, make sure your doctor lets you know of state rules, what to do after you have been approved, and how to responsibly use your medical cannabis products.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in a Recreational State

If you live in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana, you might be wondering if it is still worth having a medical marijuana card. Believe it or not, it is, for a few reasons. For one thing, if you are over 18 but under 21, an MMJ card will allow you to still purchase marijuana as a medical product.

As an MMJ cardholder, you will also receive discounts that recreational users miss out on. This makes marijuana products much cheaper on average for MMJ cardholders. Very importantly, having access to a medical dispensary allows you to better request products to specifications. This means you have more options on product potency or how much THC and CBD a product might have.

Recommendation vs. Prescription

You might see the words “recommendation” and “prescription” get used interchangeably when talking about medical marijuana. This is because they essentially mean the same thing in the end. A doctor cannot actually prescribe medical marijuana, and neither can they tell a patient which product to purchase and from where. What they can do is recommend things, which is why the document you use at a dispensary is called a “letter of recommendation.”

What Information Does Your Medical Marijuana Doctor Need?

Before you see your medical marijuana doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation, you have to make sure you have certain things ready for them. Specifically, you need to have some type of ID on you, be that a driver’s license or a government-issued ID. You should also make sure your doctor has a copy of your medical records so that they have an idea of your health history.

Medical Marijuana for pain

Ask your doctor why certain conditions are treated better with medical cannabis

What Should Your Medical Marijuana Doctor Know About You?

This is a broad question to answer, but that’s only because there is a lot that can be said. Since your cannabis doctor will be providing you with a marijuana recommendation, it is important for them to understand you as best as possible. Due to doctor-patient confidentiality, you are not at risk if you admit that you have smoked marijuana in some form in the past. This information is helpful, as your experience with marijuana will help your doctor best understand what to tell you and recommend.

It goes beyond whether you have any experience with marijuana. Knowing your daily schedule, what you do, your job, hobbies, and activities is helpful for your doctor. The more knowledge they have about you and the things you do, the better picture they will have of you and how to approach your situation. If, for example, you have a job where taking marijuana may not be best for you, your doctor may suggest against it.

What Might Your Cannabis Doctor Tell You?

We have already mentioned that your marijuana doctor will recommend, not prescribe, medical marijuana to you. Your cannabis doctor might still educate or remind you about certain things related to marijuana, such as products, strains, strengths, and benefits. However, a doctor will likely not go too in-depth, and it is up to you as a patient to ask as many questions as you have. A marijuana doctor is also likely to recommend you ask a dispensary if you have any specific questions.

What Conditions Might Prevent a Recommendation?

It is very rare for someone to get rejected from using medical marijuana. The conditions that might prevent a recommendation are very specific and usually do not apply to most people. Even if you are taking medications, the only ones that might prevent you from getting medical marijuana are blood thinners or ones that interact badly with CBD. The only other condition that might prevent you from getting recommended is if you have had a bad experience with marijuana in the past. Always ask your medical marijuana doctor about potential side effects.

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How Soon Can You Start Purchasing Medical Marijuana?

How soon you can start purchasing medical marijuana after getting a recommendation will depend on your state. Each state has different laws regarding medical marijuana, purchases, and dispensaries, so make sure you know what they are before getting a recommendation. If anything, you can ask your doctor what you should know regarding your recommendation, products, and dispensaries.

If you are interested in getting your MMJ card, get in touch with MMJ Doctors and speak with one of our professional medical marijuana doctors. We make it easy for patients by providing different ways to speak with our licensed physicians. Make your appointment online or give us a call today at 1 (888) 578-6704.

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