Indica Strains

One of the hallmarks easily identifiable with the 21st century is the marijuana is legalized by the federal government. Over the last few years, both the local and federal governments, in various capacities, have accepted the medical and recreational benefits of marijuana.

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This wave of marijuana legalization is great for all cannabis lovers. It simply means you can now legally get your marijuana. In the past, you had to rely on getting a medical license, or you’d have to buy from unsolicited dealers.

With the legalization of cannabis, you can now get quality Indica strains without struggling. However, even with legalization, getting quality Indica strains may not be an easy task. This is especially true if you don’t have a keen understanding of these different strains.

You see, once you have the right information, you’ll never be cheated with substandard marijuana products. Additionally, even when the seller doesn’t know what to recommend, you’ll know what to go for based on the information shared below.

But before looking at the best Indica strains in 2020, let’s look into the differences between Sativa and Indica and a brief look into the history of cannabis Indica.

The History of Indica

There seems to be somewhat of an existing debate concerning the origin of Indica. Most reports, however, point to the Asian subcontinent, especially regions such as Afghanistan, as the root of cannabis Indica. The name was given to this plant in 1785 by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French naturalist.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

Today, there are numerous Indica strains, each with its ideal attributes and features. But, just before looking at the best Indica strains, let’s differentiate between Sativa and Indica. These two terms are often used interchangeably, making it hard to differentiate, especially if you’re new to the marijuana industry.

Not to worry, though; here’s a detailed breakdown of the differences between Sativa and Indica.

Sativa Strains

Sativa is a type of marijuana plant known for its high CBD content and low THC content. It also takes relatively longer to grow Sativa strains.

Even among these Sativa strains, there are variations in THC and CBD concentration. These varying concentration amounts are from a number of factors, most of which are controlled by the planter and processors.


Sativa and Indica Difference


Indica Strains

Indica strains are considered to have opposing qualities and characteristics when compared to Sativa strains. Indica strains take relatively shorter times to grow and mature. Additionally, they have low CBD and high THC concentrations.

Similar to Sativa strains, the concentration of THC and CBD in Indica strains varies widely. However, Indica strains are best taken during the night due to their characteristics and composition.

What are the best Indica Strains?

As mentioned above, there are numerous marijuana strains available to you today. The availability of these strains depends on where you are, as well as the legal limitations surrounding marijuana possession and use.

Additionally, the available strains below may depend on whether your state has passed marijuana use for medicinal or recreational purposes. Some of the best Indica strains found in the marijuana market today include;

Northern Lights

The very first entry on the best Indica strains in 2020 is the Northern Lights. This strain is one of the most preferred, especially by celebrities.

You can easily separate the Northern Lights strain from other generic strains as it has a characteristic sweet and savory smell and flavor. Northern Lights is one of the fastest-growing Indica strains as it only takes eight weeks to grow into maturity.

The Northern Lights matures into a dark green plant with an unusually sticky bud. If you are searching for a potent strain, this may be the ideal one.

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  • Northern Lights contains less than 1% CBD.
  • It also has up to an 18% THC concentration.
  • The strain has adhesive buds.
  • It has a sweet aroma with hints of spiciness.
  • The strain is also known for its pungent odor that has a heavy, earthy flavor.
  • Northern Lights take about 48 days to flower (about 8 weeks)
  • They grow well in warm sunny climates.
  • They have uplifting, relaxed, happy, and sleepy effects when consumed.
Benefits of growing Northern Lights
  • They are easy to grow and take a short time to mature and flower.
  • They have an abundant yield if you properly plant and care for them.
Disadvantages associated with growing Northern Lights
  • Because of their abundant yield, they cannot grow indoors as they require massive spaces to do well.

The Northern Lights strain has an appearance similar to most Indica plants. One of the key and easily noticeable features is how tightly packed the bud clusters are. These buds also have a deep olive-green color with blue and purple hues crossing throughout the bud. These strains are also lightly decorated by bright orange stigmas.

These buds are covered by a substance known as trichomes, which give the buds the sticky feature. The Northern Light’s soothing and tranquil qualities have made it one of the most preferred Indica strains.


Indica Strain Northern Lights



Northern Lights have a signature sweet and savory aroma. In some cases, it may also give out subtle fruity aromas when lit. In a few cases, the strain may have a strong smell that dominates your smell receptors.


Even with your eyes closed, the Northern Lights strain is easy to detect. That’s because it has an earthy flavor that hits your tongue quickly. Additionally, it has an underlying sweet taste that gets easy to identify with time.

Marijuana reacts differently depending on the quality and amount ingested. As a result, you’re advised to take small doses and work your way up to the desired dosage.

Medicinal benefits from using Northern Lights

Some of the health benefits associated with taking the Northern Lights Indica strain include;

  • This strain is highly effective against chronic pains and has been used to treat arthritis and migraines.
  • Northern Lights is also a great recipe for those who have insomnia and a general lack of appetite.
  • The strain has also been used in treating mental illnesses and conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • It also stimulates and uplifts your thought, feelings, and demeanor. Leaving you with bursts of positivity.
  • Northern Lights has earned itself a reputation as a quick and effective relaxant. This has been used by those seeking the therapeutic benefits of using this strain.

Northern Lights is regarded as one of the most preferred Indica strains today. It’s easy to see why as the strain has an array of benefits and a soothing, sweet yet savory aroma. With a new market emanating from the legalization of marijuana, Northern Lights users are only set to increase as the strain firms its position as one of the best Indica strains.

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Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush has long been hailed as one of the Top Indica strains today. That’s because this strain is a hybrid of the Strawberry Cough and OG Kush.

This hybrid strain has a signature strawberry taste, and it is said to be one of the few dominant and well-rounded strains. However, Strawberry Kush can sometimes be too potent for new users. If you’re new to the strain, you should consume in moderation as you identify the right quantities for you and develop a taste for the strain.

As mentioned, Strawberry Kush is a hybrid of two other Indica plants. As a result, the plant’s seeds are only available through cloning. This, however, should not concern you as it does not interfere with the slow and soothing high you get from using this strain.

  • Strawberry Kush contains about 15-17% THC
  • The strain also has a CBD concentration of less than 1%
  • The strain’s buds are dense and compact.
  • Strawberry Kush has a distinctive smell of strawberry, citrus, pine, and undertones of sandalwood.
  • It also has a herbal and spicy flavor that resembles that of the associated fruit.
  • The plant grows to be about 3 feet high.
  • The plant takes 8-to 10 weeks (or about 65 days) to flower.
  • Strawberry Kush thrives in a warm and temperate environment, preferably outdoors.
  • This strain does well when planted with other smaller plants.
  • The strain is also disease resilient, and it’s safe from common plant diseases such as mildew and molding.
  • The effects of taking Strawberry Kush includes feelings of happiness, relaxation, euphoria, and generally leaves you feeling energized.

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Benefits of cultivating Strawberry Kush
  • For beginning growers, Strawberry Kush is an easy strain to plant and maintain.
  • The plant can do well, whether it’s planted outdoors or indoors.
Disadvantages associated with cultivating Strawberry kush
  • It takes a longer time to flower, especially when compared to other strains, like the Northern Lights.

The Strawberry Kush is your normal-looking bud. It’s large with a slightly tapering tip. The surface is covered by trichomes, which give off a heavy green color. There are also subtle hints of yellow or amber spread throughout.


Strawberry Kush has a familiar musky yet earthy aroma. Whenever you spell this plant, you’ll get strong humid scents.

Additionally, if you have a keen sense of smell, you’ll also make out a citrusy aroma emanating from the limonene content common in the strain. While citrus may be an easily discernible scent, the strain also has difficulty detecting strains such as pine.

While Strawberry Kush doesn’t have a strawberry taste, the aroma and taste are pleasing to most people. After a couple of tries, Strawberry Kush could easily become your new Indica strain.


While it may feel like a complex flavor on paper, once you give it a go, you’ll likely not wish to try another strain. That’s because the Strawberry strain has a flavor likened to that of sweet strawberries and a Kush flavoring undertone.


Indica Strain Strawberry Kush


Medicinal benefits from using Strawberry Kush
  • It’s a great option in offering relief as it doesn’t give you an uncomfortable high.
  • It helps patients suffering from stress.
  • You can use it when you don’t have an appetite.
  • It also helps patients suffering from anxiety and depression.

The Strawberry Kush has an iconic blend between the strawberry-like aroma and dense buds that remind you of the OG Kush. As seen above, there are numerous advantages and medical benefits from using Strawberry Kush.

Additionally, the fact that you can plant it indoors and outdoors makes it one of the leading Indica strains. If you’re just beginning your marijuana planting journey and you’re looking for an ideal Indica strain to start with, the Strawberry Kush is your best initiation point.

OG Kush Autoflower

OG Kush Autoflower is another great Indica strain born from Auto CBD and OG Kush Autoflower. The strain has a rich smell and is hailed as one of the most potent Indica strains in the market today.

OG Kush Autoflower is about 75% Indica, which makes it an ideal remedy for situations such as sleeplessness, restlessness, and a lack of appetite. One of the longstanding debates in the name is what the OG in OG Kush actually means. To some, the name is an acronym for ‘Ocean Grown,’ while for others, the initials represent ‘Original Gangster.’

  • OG Kush Autoflower contains about 19% THC.
  • The strain has a less than 1% CBD concentration.
  • The OG Kush Autoflower buds are sticky.
  • The strain has an aroma likened to a mixture of pine, herbal, and savory aroma.
  • When it comes to the flavor, this strain mirrors flavors close to a lemon, earthy, and sometimes woody flavor.
  • When planting indoors, you can expect a yield of between 400g and 450g for every square meter.
  • For outdoors, the yield per plant should be around 60 g to 170g.
  • The plant matures in late October or early April and has a height of 60cm to 120cm for indoor plants and 80cm to 180cm for outdoor plants.
  • This plant needs to be protected from diseases and bugs.

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Benefits of growing OG Kush Autoflower
  • It’s easy to grow and harvest due to its compact nature.
  • It can easily grow and thrive indoors.
Disadvantages associated with growing OG Kush Autoflower
  • The strain is easily weakened by diseases and bugs, making it a hard plant to protect

This plant has a recognizable tall stature with thin branches and visible intermodal spacing. Depending on the environment in which the plant is grown, the plant can be either tall and thin or medium-sized.


The most distinguishable flavor in the OG Kush Autoflower is lemon. However, there are hints of pine and aromatic oils for those with an astute pallet.

Medicinal benefits from using OG Kush Autoflower
  • It helps relieve pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. This makes the strain ideal for muscle and joint discomfort as well as chronic pain.
  • This strain is also popular for having a calming effect that alleviates stress.
  • The high from this strain is known to help those suffering from depression and anxiety.


THC Component in OG Kush



The OG Kush Autoflower is a popular strain amongst both recreational and medicinal marijuana users. One of the reasons this strain is so popular is how easy it is to grow and maintain. Additionally, it takes a relatively shorter time to mature and produces great yield. All through, the OG Kush Autoflower will remain one of the most preferred strains for the abovementioned reasons and factors.

The Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush gets its name from its origin – the Kush Mountain Range, located at the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The strain has made its way to the United States in the 1960s, where it has dominated the market, especially for heavy Indica users.

The Hindu Kush is also considered to have one of the most authentic tastes. And if you are looking for pure unadulterated marijuana, this is the right cannabis for you.

  • The Hindu Kush strain contains up to 18% THC content.
  • It also has negligible amounts of CBD, totaling less than 1%.
  • The Hindu Kush bud is dense and sticky.
  • It has a strong earthy aroma with hints of sandalwood.
  • The flavor in the Hindu Kush has been likened to that of a lemon, though some people also say the strain has a sweet and creamy flavor.
  • It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the strain to flower.
  • You can cultivate the plant both indoors and outdoors.
  • The effects of taking the Hindu Kush include heavy sedation, hunger, euphoria, and a general uplifting effect.

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Benefits of growing the Hindu Kush
  • It takes a short time to grow, flower, and mature.
  • Does well in both internal and external settings.
Disadvantages associated with growing the Hindu Kush
  • During scorching and uncontrollable weather, Hindu Kush can be difficult to plant outside.

The Hindu Kush is one of those strains that are strong and potent. When smoked, an earthy, piney scent fills the room. If you’re keen, you may also notice a strong and sweet floral aroma.


Most people describe the flavor and taste of the Hindu Kush as creamy. You’ll get to experience the famed smooth and velvety texture with traces of lemony-citrus and spicy-sweet flavors.


The Hindu Kush is an easy plant to identify as it is short in stature and has a high yield. Thus, you’d ideally be looking for a short and densely packed strain. Similarities have been drawn, likening the Hindu Kush strain to a Christmas tree.

The strain has a rich and dark-green color with lighter shades at the bud. The bud is thick and contains a generous covering of trichomes and glimmering THC crystals that remind you of the winter at the start of the year.


Benefits of Consuming Hindu Kush


Medicinal benefits from using the Hindu Kush
  • The Hindu Kush is the perfect strain to help you relax your body and mind.
  • It is also a great remedy in reducing and managing chronic stress, insomnia, migraines, muscle cramping, and a lack of appetite.
  • The Hindu Kush also helps patients suffering from mental disabilities, conditions, and specific diagnosable disorders.
  • The strain is well known for managing depression and anxiety and makes you calmer.

The Hindu Kush strain should be taken with much care as over-consumption can sometimes lead to paranoia. So, if you’re unsure about your limits or the quality and potency of your Hindu Kush strain, start with small amounts and work your way up.


The Hindu Kush is one of those resilient strains that can pretty much weather the storm. It’s also an ideal plant whether you plant indoors or outdoors as it only needs a dry environment to thrive.

However, as mentioned already, this strain can be very potent at times. Make sure you consume it gradually until you have an idea of your limit and satisfaction levels from the strain.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is yet another 100% Indica strain to make it to the list. However, it’s appropriate to mention that depending on the specific strain and plant strain, the Indica concentration can drop to 90%. Bubba Kush is a popular strain, used mostly for its medicinal purposes.

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  • It has a THC concentration of about 22%.
  • The strain also has negligible traces of CBD, totaling to less than 1%.
  • The buds in Bubba Kush are small and sticky.
  • Bubba Kush smells like coffee and roasted nuts with hints of pine and earthiness.
  • The flavors in this strain are chocolate, spicy, and pine.
  • It takes about 9 weeks for the plant to flower.
  • The strain can perform well indoors in a dry environment with the aid of nutrients such as nitrogen and calcium.
  • The effects include feelings of happiness, euphoria, hunger, and sleepiness.
Benefits of growing Bubba Kush
  • Grows in a compact design, ensuring more yield when harvesting.
  • It can do well even in small spaces.
  • It has a unique taste and flavor that people like consuming recreationally.
  • It is one of the strongest Indica strains.
Disadvantages associated with growing Bubba Kush
  • The Bubba Kush strain is sometimes considered hard to grow and maintain.

The aroma in Bubba Kush is sweet and similar to coffee and chocolate. In taste, the strain is earthy and sweet, with hints of a distant wild taste. This aromatic combo makes the Bubba Kush strain an ideal choice for recreational users.


Bubba Kush Strain Benefits



While many marijuana users prefer Bubba Kush, it doesn’t have the typical marijuana outlook. Its buds are frosty green with shades of purple and orange hair-like extensions sticking out.


Most flavors run on the spectrum between coffee and chocolate. However, some Bubba Kush users have likened some of the strains to a faint ammonia-like flavor.

Medicinal benefits from using Bubba Kush
  • This strain has the perfect balance to help you calm down and forget stress, depression, anxiety, and paranoia.
  • It is a highly recommended strain for patients suffering from chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS and cancer.
  • It works great in relieving severe pain.
  • Bubba Kush can also help you if you are struggling with insomnia and a lack of appetite.

Bubba Kush is a strain above many others. Countless marijuana users adore it, and for the growers, while it may take a while to perfect the skill of nurturing for your strain, the investment you put in will definitely pay off.


This is one of those crowd-pleaser strains. The plant grows tall and wide and requires enough space to spread out. However, Blueberry is one of the favorite strains of Indica in 2020, and two decades ago, the strain was awarded the High Cannabis Cup.

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  • The strain contains 16% and 1% THC and CBD concentration, respectively.
  • The aroma is similar to wild berries, while the taste mirrors vanilla and blueberries.
  • The Blueberry strain has a tall tree that takes about 9 weeks to flower.
  • The effects of taking the Blueberry strain include euphoria, sleepiness, and happiness.
  • It is resistant to crop diseases and does well when planted outside.
Benefits of growing Blueberry
  • It has a pleasant smell and gives you a great high feeling.
Disadvantages of growing Blueberry 
  • Requires vast amounts to grow.
  • It takes time before you can perfect how to grow high-quality strains.

Like most Indica varieties, the Blueberry strain has dense buds. The plant is also distinct and has a rich green color with blue undertones.


As expected, the strain has a distinct berry aroma mixed with a subtle earthy hint. You’d probably struggle to name all the smells as it has a rich and complex aroma.


Blueberry Strain Treats Symptoms



The taste, like the aroma, is expected. Additionally, the sticky buds will explode flavors all over your tongue, heightening the effects of this strain.

Medical benefits
  • It’s a relaxing strain.
  • Widely used for treating chronic pain.
  • The strain also fosters happy thoughts.
  • It’s also used to treat muscle spasms, migraines, cramps, and body aches.
  • Regular use can also help manage insomnia and depression.

The Blueberry strain creates great opportunities for seasoned farmers. That’s because there’s always a demand for quality blueberry strains. You may want to start with other strains as a beginner grower as this one is relatively difficult to grow.

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California Dream

California Dream often referred to as Cali Dream, is a strong Indica strain with its origin split between Mexican Sativa and Afghanistan Indica strains.

  • It contains up to 24%THC and under 1% CBD.
  • The strain takes about 9 weeks to flower, and the buds are large and sticky.
  • It works well both indoors and outdoors.
  • Some of the effects include increased sensitivity, happiness, and euphoria.
Benefits of growing the California Dream
  • Matures faster in comparison with other strains.
  • Provides a high yield in a short time.
Disadvantages of growing the California Dream
  • Needs an expert when growing.

The California Dream looks like your typical Indica-leaved plant. From the appearance, you can tell the plant produces a high yield.


Medical Marijuana intake


Medical Benefits
  • Works great in calming the body and mind.
  • Helps manage depression and improve your overall emotional state.
  • Cali Dream also helps you focus on the tasks at hand.
  • It also helps relieve people suffering from conditions such as ADHD and OCD.

If you have some space to grow the strain, you should go for it. It’s simple enough for beginners to plant, and it appeals to professional growers as well. The difference between a novice and a professional is easily decipherable from the smell, color, bud size, and flavor.

Super Skunk

The super skunk Indica strain is a popular choice amongst new marijuana users. The strain has 80% Indica and 20% Sativa concentrations. Super Skunk has made a global repute for its calming highs and cerebral rush.

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  • The plant flowers between 7 and 10 weeks.
  • The strain is easy to grow and does well both inside and outdoors.
  • The plant has a strong skunky smell.
  • The effects include feeling relaxed, happy, and calm.

The plant has a medium height, whether grown indoors or outside. The buds are dense and light green with brown pistils.


Most people get a citrus-like taste from this strain. However, others get hints of cheese, skunk, honey, rubber, and fungus. This is one of the most potent strains on the list, something you can tell from a simple whiff.


This strain has a citrusy, earthy taste with a bit of sweetness. The super skunk also has undertones of the iconic skunkiness.


Using Medical Marijuana


Medical Benefits
  • Used in the management of depression and mental disorders.
  • The perfect alternative for synthetic prescriptions, and it doesn’t cause any of the side effects.
  • It fosters positive thoughts.

This strain is grown in most regions and is resistant to diseases. This makes it an ideal plant for beginners, and with time, you’ll learn how to perfect the growing conditions.

Banana Kush

As you can tell, the name may have a thing or two to do with bananas. In this case, banana Kush is made to smell like the peel of a banana and has the taste and smell inspired by bananas.

The strain has its roots in the West Coast, currently one of the preferred strains in the market. Banana Kush was among the most potent strains on the list, but the potency was later reduced.

  • The strain has its genetics from Skunk Haze and Ghost OG Kush.
  • It contains less than 1%CBD and up to 27% THC.
  • When consumed, you’ll experience feelings of relaxation, creativity, strength, and drowsiness.
  • It takes about 7 to 9 weeks to flower.

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Benefits of growing Banana Kush
  • It has a high THC content.
  • It does well both indoors and outdoors.
Disadvantages of growing Banana Kush
  • The growing techniques required are too complex for beginners.

As the name suggests, this strain is a mix between the classic Kush smell and a smooth banana finish. Consuming this strain feels similar to eating freshly harvested bananas.


The Banana Kush strain has a sweet yet slightly skunky flavor. The flavor also has hints of earthiness, but the sweet flavor can overpower it at times.


The strain’s buds are neon green with flashes of bright yellow. In between the leaves, you’ll find orange and brassy pistils.


Medical Cannabis Facts


Medical benefits
  • The strain is an ideal choice for physical pain.
  • Banana Kush has been used to manage anxiety, a lack of focus, depression, and a lack of motivation.
  • It has also proved effective against conditions such as ALS, PTSD, and Fibromyalgia.

From its flavor and aroma, you can tell Banana Kush is a popular selection for most. The THC levels make it an effective remedy, and the sweet banana flavor adds to the appeal and flavor.


Marijuana legalization has already started making waves for a while now. Whether you’re using it for recreational or medicinal purposes, you can now enjoy the best Indica strain for you, depending on what you’re after.

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