How to Buy Weed in Oklahoma

What do you need to know before you buy weed in Oklahoma? With the passing of SQ 788, Oklahoma residents (over the age of 18) can legally purchase medical marijuana products at a state-approved dispensary throughout the state as long as they hold a state-issued ID card.

This law allows valid patients or their caregivers to not only buy weed in Oklahoma but also cultivate and consume medical marijuana. However, unlike many other states across the country, recreational marijuana is yet to entirely become legal in the Sooner State.

Are There Qualifying Conditions When You Want to Buy Weed in Oklahoma?

Whereas many state laws that allow the use of medical cannabis list several qualifying conditions, this isn’t the case with Oklahoma. Based on State Question 788 (SQ 788), a licensed Oklahoma physician can recommend cannabis products they deem beneficial to your specific treatment—using the same logic they would for prescriptions.

That’s to say, SQ 788 leaves the discretion to recommend medical marijuana in Oklahoma State expressly to the physician, not state authorities. But because the following medical conditions have substantive research backing because of their responsiveness to medical cannabis, they routinely get approval from state programs:

  • Chronic pain—for patients with regularly recurring pain-related ailments, medical weed could provide relief from persistent, debilitating pain. Whether a subject is suffering from acute pain as a result of medical conditions such as fibromyalgia or is experiencing chronic pain due to the treatment of alternative illnesses like cancer, medical marijuana has the potential to improve the patient’s quality of life. More so, by easing prevalent causes of pain like inflammation.
  • Severe nausea—you might have had an upset stomach at some point in your life. Yet, some subjects experience recurrent and severe vomiting that alters their quality of life.

Often, this could be due to an underlying disorder. Occasionally, even standard medication or treatment intended to treat a different ailment might cause chronic nausea.

Notwithstanding the causative agent of acute nausea, the condition makes it relatively difficult for you to manage your other symptoms. And as an alternate option, medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for severe vomiting.

Common Conditions Treated With Cannabis

  • Epilepsy and other seizure disorders—epilepsy is a medical disorder condition in which subjects experience sudden temporary changes in the way the brain functions. Subsequent seizures may result in either blackouts, involuntary movement of limbs, or distorted perceptions.

Treatment of epilepsy can be challenging because of the unique nature of each case. Furthermore, each patient can exhibit different symptoms as compared to another. Commonly, subjects may have to take a combination of several conventional medications to control the seizures effectively.

However, after taking some of these drugs, a considerable proportion of epileptic patients develop a myriad of adverse side effects that could be difficult to handle. But as an alternative treatment option or in conjunction with other traditional epilepsy drugs, medical marijuana (cannabinoids) can provide relief—potentially helping control the seizures.

  • Cachexia—also referred to as wasting syndrome, this medical condition causes subjects to experience muscle and fat depletion, weight loss, and general body weakness.

In order to manage cachexia, subjects need to control vomiting and nausea while also increasing their food intake. Usually, the use of medical marijuana can do this effectively and safely.

Other conditions that a physician may prescribe medical marijuana as a potent management and treatment option include; Terminal spasticity, Glaucoma, Cancer, Neuropathic pain, Crohn’s disease, Anorexia, and Bulimia, HIV/AIDS, Muscle spasms, Inflammation, among others.

Additional qualifications you must meet

In addition to the above considerations, your doctor will want to assess your medical history to ascertain how long you’ve had the condition, types of symptoms, and alternate treatment regimens you might have tried.

Once your physician is satisfied with the evaluation and has determined that medical marijuana is a good alternative for the management and treatment of your condition, he/she may recommend the use of medicinal weed at that time.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Qualification Program

If you want to buy weed in Oklahoma for medical purposes, you must be:

  1. Aged 18 years or older.
  2. Patients should provide proof of identity, i.e., valid driving license, Oklahoma state issued Identification Card, or valid U.S Passport.
  3. Be a resident of Oklahoma or be in a position to provide proof of residency.
  4. Subjects must be evaluated by a certified physician who then recommends medical marijuana as an appropriate treatment for their condition.
  5. After a recommendation from a licensed physician, the patient must also register as a medical marijuana patient with Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) via the Patent Registry and then submit an online application to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma.

Can you designate a caregiver?

In case the subject is below the prerequisite age of 18, the patient can still designate a parent or guardian as their caregiver to acquire medical marijuana recommendation from a physician. Check out this link for details regarding applications for minors.

Within a 30 day duration, and after your application is successful, you should be able to obtain your medical card—and you can now buy weed in Oklahoma legally.

How Can You Buy Weed in Oklahoma?

Under federal law, marijuana prescriptions in Oklahoma are illegal. Instead, the guidelines provide for “recommendation” and “dispensary.” Subsequently, you should obtain a recommendation from a physician, which you then fill at a dispensary.
And as soon as you have your medical marijuana card, you can visit any licensed dispensary and buy weed in Oklahoma.

Nevertheless, minor subjects can only make medical cannabis purchases with the supervision of their caretakers, who also have to produce proof of identity.

Likewise, these same guidelines apply when you access a processor to process medical marijuana into concentrate.

Additionally, a registered patient or caregiver can also buy seedlings from a certified dispensary to grow at home. Typically, you’ll be able to obtain a maximum of six seedlings and/or six mature plants at once.

Besides that, you can’t buy marijuana seedlings directly from an approved grower in Oklahoma. Instead, the licensed grower brings the seedlings to the dispensary, and it’s from these stores you can then obtain your supplies.


How Long Will Your Medical Cannabis Card be Valid in Oklahoma?

Once approved by the Oklahoma medical marijuana governing board, weed licenses are valid for two years—after which they’re due for renewal.

Where Can You Consume Medicinal Weed in Oklahoma?

State-licensed medical cannabis patients’ can legally use marijuana in their private residences or property only. Chiefly, it’s illegal to consume medicinal weed in public places.

Can You Grow Your Own Medical Weed in Oklahoma?

Of course, yes! It’s legal for approved medical marijuana cardholders to cultivate a maximum of six mature weed plants and/or up-to six seedlings in Oklahoma.

Does Oklahoma Grant Medical Marijuana Reciprocity?

Sure, Oklahoma medical cannabis governing board allows out-of-state medicinal weed patients to make an application for a temporary 30-day medical weed license. However, you must not only be in a position to provide identification but also confirmation of your registration in another state’s medical marijuana program, besides having to pay a stipulated fee.

In a nutshell, accredited physicians in Oklahoma are the only people that can help you make the right call for the ideal marijuana strain for your medical condition. Are you looking to buy weed in Oklahoma? Apart from recommending the best treatment plan, our physicians at MMJ Doctors can help you obtain a medical marijuana card. Schedule your appointment NOW or call our helpline at 1-844-939-1267.

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