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Medical marijuana or weed has been in use for ages as a stimulant and for medicinal purposes. A recent study by a US lobby group indicates a steady increase in the use of medical marijuana. HIV is known to attack and weaken bodies’ immune systems leaving you vulnerable to a host of disorders.  The virus has the potential of causing untold suffering culminating into anxiety and desolation.

Well, at MMJ clinic we have you covered. You need not navigate an agonizing path of despair as you fight HIV.

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As aforementioned, HIV brings with it enough trouble in your body. Some of the disorders associated with the pandemic are:

These disorders, gratefully, can be corrected through medical marijuana in the following ways:

1. Nausea


Cannabis for nausea – how it helps?


  • HIV drugs may be effective but they have a sad downside. These immune boosters can make you miserable, with ugly side effects. In order to overturn the effects of this condition, well prescribed medical marijuana can prove to be very worthwhile. It is a perfect remedy for nausea and vomiting. A highly effective antiviral drug is known to cause nausea.
  • The AIDS drug, protease, causes symptoms that resemble those of cancer patients undergoing chemo sessions. Medical research indicates anti-nausea properties in cancer patients can be effective in the treatment of similar symptoms in HIV patients. Medical marijuana can help to reduce nausea and increase appetite.


2. AIDS Wasting Syndrome


  • Another disorder caused by HIV is weight loss. Weight loss is a greater indicator of the disease and should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. To HIV patients, weight loss of close to 5 percent can be lethal. In fact, in wholesome, weight loss is life-threatening.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention views weight loss as horrific. This condition is always accompanied by diarrhea. Tissue injuries may be the major cause of this scenario. While this condition may be corrected by eating, proper medical care should be put in place in order to correct the body’s metabolism. Cannabis plays the role of inducing appetite.
  • It has been established that chemical components within the hemp plant are responsible for appetite and people who get treated increase their food consumption significantly. THC is attributed to this function.



Cannabis treatment for AIDS wasting syndrome


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3. Pain

It has been established that medical marijuana is effective in alleviating pain caused by AIDS. AIDS patients suffer from unbearable pain. Most specifically, they experience a burning sensation that can be caused by the slightest touch. AIDS-related pain, thankfully, can be relieved through components of marijuana. To conquer such pain, you need a team of versed medical experts to make your life bearable again. At MMJ Doctors, we give value to our clients, making it your preferable clinic for medical care.

Other forms of pain include:

  • Headache – Headache can range from mild to severe while presenting very severe throbbing and tightness
  • Joints and bone agony associated with HIV which can lead to medical complications such as arthritis
  • Painful skin rashes
  • Abdominal pains


4. Mood problems

  • AIDS will definitely have a toll on your emotional balance, at other times propelling you to mood swings. Even the most stable AIDS patient will have to bear the negative sides of medications. The feeling of anxiety will wreak havoc paving way for emotional distress and definitely, depression. It has been found out that medical marijuana helps to improve your mood and keep you in jovial moods.
  • The psychological benefits associated with medical marijuana always go a long way in improving one’s mood making it an effective treatment. The recreational aspects associated with medical marijuana are also pivotal in dealing with mood problems.
  • Cannabis can also boost mood by acting as an antidepressant. Mood disorders are often associated with HIV which can lead to negative psychological edges. A recent study indicated that over 90 percent of patients who tried medical marijuana experienced great relief in mood-related symptoms making it ideal for your usage as well.

5. Neuropathy

This is a very specific pain that is associated with HIV/AIDS. Part of the nervous system may get damaged resulting in excruciating pain and poor brain coordination. Several studies have indicated that medical marijuana is pivotal in combating neuropathy and it also alleviates the distress caused by the condition.


HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. However, the medications associated with it may wreak havoc in your life. There is no better way to deal with HIV related disorders other than seeking the services of trusted medical staff. You need to alleviate your social life again.

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