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Bouts of viral infections are increasing at an alarming rate. With the current global health crisis brought about by the novel coronavirus, it’s a no brainer that viruses are not about to stop attacking humans any time soon. Despite wreaking havoc, viral infections are not a death sentence.

With the right medical care, you’d be able to conquer them and lead a healthy life. However, if not well handled, viral infections can be life-threatening. At MMJ clinic, we pride ourselves on offering the best services for viral infections. Through the use of cannabinoids, a chemical component found in the hemp plant, you’ll most likely overcome any viral infection. Cannabinoids or CBD has excellent therapeutic properties that make it effective in treating viral infections.

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Cannabinoids as Effective Medication

Research in the last two decades has established that cannabinoids create a happy sensation with a great bearing on patients suffering from viral infections such as HIV/AIDS, herpes, swine flu, and even the common cold.  Some of the ways CBD is beneficial to patients suffering from such diseases include and are not limited to the following:

  • Cannabinoids influence the immune system and reduce viral replication. This is achieved chiefly through receptors especially the CB2 receptor. This specific receptor reveals itself on a number of immune cells. Through the activation of cannabinoids, there would be a significant decline in the inflammatory responses. By suppressing the inflammation, there would be an improvement in the overall cell function and a general boost in your body’s immune system. CBD has omega 3 acids which help in defending the body’s immune system.
  • Furthermore, cannabinoids help in improving the body’s endocannabinoid system which is essential in controlling the main functions of the body including appetite and even pain. At such, CBD provides relief by cushioning against viral infections such as colds. It’s also effective in pain regulation by virtue of its anti-inflammatory aspects.


Medical marijuana for Viral infections


  • The study has found out that CBD can reduce –to very wide extent-the the activities of the immune system effectively when invaded with a virus. This in turn helps in minimization of inflammation hence curbing such related effects. The immune system may cause a strain on the body leading to many other health hazards. With the right treatment from trusted doctors, you’d be able to manage such infections.
  • CBD is such a reliable antioxidant. This property helps in promoting your physical health by preventing oxidation. Without this very noble function, your body may create free radicals that are harmful to other body cells. Such cells are responsible for serious medical conditions including cancer and Alzheimer’s. Without proper medical care, free radicals can lead to body instability. Balanced health is vital in combating viral infections and this’s exactly what is achieved through the use of CBD.

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  • The common cold can be such a menace. Statistically speaking, close to one billion cases of common colds are reported each year in the US. CBD offers incredible relief to many of the symptoms associated with colds including severe headaches and pain. Furthermore, CBD is essential in initiating good sleep which eventually helps in full recovery of the old.
  • Some health hazards such as HIV/ AIDS can be quite energy-sapping. CBD can be used to deal with the side effects associated with it. Consequently, CBD can help to alleviate pain, induce sleep as well as improving your appetite. With such, you’d stand a great chance of leading a normal lifestyle despite the side effects brought about by viral infections. What’s even more important is the fact that CBD can be used as effective antiretroviral therapy by minimizing viral replications.


Benefits of Medical Marijuana


  • As an antiviral, CBD has been proved to be effective especially against HCV infections. It is also said to be effective in shingles owing to its anti-inflammatory qualities. By protecting the nerve cells from damage from viral infections, it actually prevents the cells from future attacks.
  • It has also been established that CBD is effective in treating secondary infections to VRTIs. This is achieved primarily through CBD’s ability to prevent gram-positive infections. Furthermore, when CBD is included in soaps and sanitizers, there is a great extent in the reduction of infections.


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Viral infections may be inevitable but can be managed through medical assistance. With the use of CBD, there’s no likelihood of suffering from adverse side effects associated with most viruses. It’s quite lethal to purchase and administer the drugs by yourself. At MMJ clinics, we have experienced doctors who will take care of your health needs and queries. They are licensed to treat ailments through the use of medical marijuana. You no longer have to suffer in silence. Get professional assistance. You are always our first priority.  Visit us today at 347 5th Ave, Ste 1402 New York, NY 10016 (888) 578-6704


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