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Medical Marijuana

Why Medical Marijuana is Fantastic Muscle Relaxant?

  The US is divided when it comes to the use of medical marijuana to treat certain health symptoms and conditions. Proponents want it legalized and decriminalized, while opponents argue that doing so would lead to people using it not…
Medical Marijuana

US States Which Are Allowing Medical Marijuana

  Medical marijuana legalization is rapidly spreading in the US. Since California became the first state in the union to legalize the medical use of marijuana, 32 more states have joined the fray. Some have even gone ahead to legalize…
Marijuana for Back Pain

A Comprehensive Guide on the Use of Marijuana for Back Pain

  Did you know that back pain is one of the leading causes of disability? The condition is associated with excruciating pain that makes it impossible for you to undertake basic tasks.  In the US, this condition affects approximately…
CBD Oil in New York

Is CBD Oil Legal In New York

  Marijuana has been gaining more recognition as more states pass cannabis-friendly laws. And although the federal laws classify marijuana as illegal, states have taken action to decriminalize the use of marijuana. About 35 states now…
Medical Marijuana

Can Medical Marijuana Help with Seizure Disorders?

  A seizure occurs due to abnormal electrical activity in your brain. More so, seizures can arise when a group of neurons fire rapidly and all at once in your brain, causing abnormal behavior and movements. You might think that it is…
Indica Strains

9 Of the Best Indica Strains Of 2020 For You

One of the hallmarks easily identifiable with the 21st century is the marijuana is legalized by the federal government. Over the last few years, both the local and federal governments, in various capacities, have accepted the medical and recreational…
MMJ and Medical Marijuana

Use of Medical Marijuana for Managing Muscle Spasms

  Muscle cramps are involuntary contractions of muscles, often accompanied by pain. Causes vary from muscle overuse, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and trauma. These spasms are also a defining symptom for multiple sclerosis (MS)…
Medical Marijuana

10 Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

  From glaucoma to cancer, medical marijuana has proved effective in alleviating the pain and other symptoms of various conditions. How do you take marijuana to enjoy these benefits? Here is a rundown of the various delivery methods…
Medical Marijuana

Better Understand Medical Marijuana With Consultation

  It's important to inform your doctor that you want to use medical marijuana as part of your treatment. Medical marijuana has many health benefits; however, its effectiveness will vary depending on your condition and your medical history.…
Marijuana Edibles

7 Amazing Tips to Follow When Cooking with Marijuana

  If you have been to a medical marijuana dispensary in the US, you must have noticed that edibles such as medicated brownies and gummies are the thing now. Medical marijuana cardholders now prefer edibles because they are discrete,…