What is CBD for?

If you have a difficult to treat mental, physical, or emotional condition, you may be interested in trying an alternative type of non-opioid treatment called CBD. CBD has been used for hundreds of years to naturally treat everything from anxiety to chronic pain and can be a valuable addition to your treatment plan. If you’ve considered incorporating CBD into your lifestyle, here is more information on what it is and what benefits it can have. If you are interested in CBD derived from medical marijuana contact MMJ Doctors to be evaluated for your Florida medical marijuana card.


What is CBD?


CBD is the shortened term for cannabidiol, a chemical component found in the cannabis and hemp plants. Unlike THC, another component found in cannabis, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that it does not cause the user to become ‘high’ nor does it cause anxiety or paranoia that some experience when they use marijuana. CBD does not show up in drug tests and, if derived from hemp, is legal in all fifty of the United States. You can also get CBD that is derived from the cannabis plant and that has varying levels of THC. Depending on where you live, this may or may not be legal to purchase and you may need a medical marijuana ID card to legally buy and use CBD products. CBD can come in a number of different forms such as vapes, pills, oils, tinctures, and powders that can be sprinkled on food or dissolved in drinks.


What Benefits Does CBD Have?


How can CBD help you?

Scientific research has shown that cannabidiol has a number of health benefits and it has been used as a medicinal therapy for hundreds of common conditions as well as a treatment for more serious ailments. Here are just of the few benefits you can expect when you incorporate CBD into your treatment plan.

Pain Relief CBD has been shown to bind to CB1 receptors in the brain. This means that it can relieve pain without the use of addictive opioids or over-the-counter pain relievers that can have negative effects on your digestive system. cannabidiol can treat migraines, pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, and even the intense pain experienced by those with serious injuries to the spinal cord. CBD has also been proven to have anti-inflammatory benefits. As inflammation is often the cause of pain, these dual benefits have been very beneficial for those experiencing pain, swelling, or cramps.

Digestive Aid CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body that affect your appetite and digestion. These receptors are key to stimulating appetite and providing healthy digestion. When the receptors are impaired by disease, digestive syndromes, or prescription medications, it can lead to wasting, damage to the intestinal or digestive system, vomiting, nausea, or pain. For those suffering from qualifying conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Crohn’s Disease, cannabidiol can be a very effective therapy. It can also help those undergoing treatment for cancer or AIDS and is also useful in cases of anorexia.

Anti-tumoral Many people know that CBD can help ease the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer patients. However, most do not know that CBD has also been studied for its effectiveness in preventing the spread of tumors. Scientists have found that cannabidiol inhibits cancer cell growth and travel, which can prevent localized cancers from spreading into other tissues or organs.

Anxiety Relief Those who experience anxiety from post-traumatic stress disorder, seasonal affective disorder, social anxiety disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder can find a decrease in symptoms or even relief when they incorporate cannabidiol into their treatment plans. Unlike anti-depressants or THC, CBD acts quickly and there are no side effects or withdrawal symptoms. Many mental health practitioners advocate using cannabidiol in accordance with therapy or counseling to treat patients with numerous types of anxiety-related conditions.


Is there a Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis-Derived Cannabidiol?


Only with a Medical Marijuana Card can you get cannabis-derived cannabidiol

Cannabidiol products are derived either from cannabis or hemp. While those that are cannabis-derived are often more potent and have more therapeutic benefits, they are not legal in all states. Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all states and can be shipped and transported over state lines. However, many feel that hemp-derived CBD does not have as many benefits as those products that come from cannabis.

Hemp-derived cannabidiol has less than 0.3% THC, which makes it legal throughout the United States. If you live in a state where neither medical or recreational marijuana is legal, your only option is to buy products that are hemp-derived. Make sure you choose a retailer that has experience in obtaining the purest, most beneficial CBD from the hemp plant to ensure you get a product that has the most therapeutic power.

If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and you have a medical marijuana card, you will be able to buy cannabidiol products that have varying levels of THC. If you find that a product that contains more than 0.3% THC is most beneficial for you, make sure you do not transport it over state lines. If you do not have a medical marijuana ID card and cannot get one, you will only be able to buy CBD products that are hemp-derived.

If you live in a state where both medical and recreational marijuana are legal, you will be able to buy cannabis-derived cannabidiol regardless of whether you have an ID card. Cannabis-derived Cannabidiol can have anywhere from zero to 20% THC, so it’s important that you find out your THC tolerance and speak with a marijuana doctor or dispensary staff member to determine what level of THC will work best to treat your unique health condition.

If you have a health condition that has been difficult to treat and that you believe could be treated with CBD, you need to look into incorporating this powerful therapy into your treatment plan. When you find the type and dosage of CBD that is right for you, you could be on the road to a healthier and happier life. Contact us at MMJ Doctors for more information.

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    Thanks for helping me understand what CBD is and its benefits. I had no idea that CBD can help treat anxiety, and it doesn’t have any withdrawal symptoms as well. My brother has been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder and I hope this can help him in any way. I’ll go ahead and look for the nearest CBD store in our area.


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