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THC and CBD are the most popular components of the hemp plant. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of consuming cannabis. Consuming THC can cause a pleasant euphoria and relaxation. 

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It is hardly a pleasant experience for many people, as they tend to get nervous and experience paranoia. The good news is that CBD has been identified as anti-psychotic, through medical research, and can help counteract THC’s psychoactive effects. 

How Does CBD Neutralize the Effects of THC?

THC binds the cannabinoid receptors, which are known as CB1, and CB2. CB1 receptors are mainly in the central nervous system, while the CB2 receptors are found in the immune system. The THC activates the receptors setting a chain of reactions causing the psychoactive effects.

CBD does not bind itself to the CB1 receptors, so it does not cause the psychoactive effects. One way that CBD counteracts the effects of THC is by inhibiting the breakdown of anandamide.


CBD Counteracts THC’s Psychoactive Effect


The presence of the anandamide ensures that THC does not bind to the cannabinoid receptors. The mixture of CBD and THC can create what is known as the entourage effect. By saying it creates an entourage effect, I mean that both THC and CBD contribute to the overall effect when used together.

More research is still yet to be done, but what has already been done shows that CBD can counteract THC’s psychoactive effect. It would be best if you opted to take CBD and THC together.

Mixing CBD and THC

The results of combining CBD and THC are more profound, compared to when you use any of the components on its own. There are different ways of mixing, and you can opt for any of the following;

  • Smoking a Strain with THC and CBD

There are strains that you can get from marijuana dispensaries that have a mixture of THC and CBD. You can get a strain that has different ratios depending on how sensitive you are to THC.

  • Combining CBD oils with Smoking

You can smoke THC-rich cannabis, and mitigate the effects of the THC by consuming CBD oil. Using this method, you can balance the amount of CBD, and THC depending on how you feel.

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What Are the Correct Ratios of Mixing CBD and THC?

Every person is unique, and the ratio that may best fit you may vary depending on how your body reacts. The ratios below are written in the format CBD: THC and they are the most common;

  1. 1:1 – If you use such a strain, you can expect mild psychoactive effects, as the CBD will mitigate the THC’s effects. It is a little bit intoxicating, but you will not suffer adverse psychoactive effects like paranoia.
  2. 2:1- It is ideal when you want to feel a pleasant euphoria, and relax. It is not intoxicating, and most of the THC effects are counteracted.
  3. 8:1- A strain with such a strain cannot affect you, and it is ideal for day-time use. Depending on your body, you may not feel any entourage effect.  
  4. 1:0- The ratio means that the strain has no THC. It is ideal for people who are subject to a drug test and those who want to benefit from CBD without THC’s psychoactive properties.

If you are a beginner to using cannabis, you can consider starting with the strain with a CBD: THC ratio of 20:1. The strains are not widely available in the market but are the most beginner-friendly.


CBD vs THC Strains


What Factors Affect Your Reaction to Cannabis?

The first factor that affects the ratio is the ratio, which is illustrated above. The other factors include;

  • Unique genetics- CBD and THC affect people differently, depending on their biology, and you are the only one who can gauge how specific amounts of THC affect you.
  • Type of product- You can get different types of CBD products in the market, and there are those strains for smoke/vaping, edibles, and others are oils. If you smoke/vape, the THC gets into your blood systems quickly, and the reaction is faster. If you consume your marijuana in the form of edibles, the reaction happens slowly. When you vape cannabis, it is ingested into the blood quickly. 

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The big question is whether CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, and the answer is yes. If you want to benefit from using THC effectively, you should use it together with CBD. There is still some research that is going on, and we are hoping that the researchers will confirm how CBD functions in the body. 

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