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Marijuana has been gaining more recognition as more states pass cannabis-friendly laws. And although the federal laws classify marijuana as illegal, states have taken action to decriminalize the use of marijuana. About 35 states now allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes, with 15 states allowing cannabis for recreational use.

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Now, this begs the question, is CBD oil legal in New York?

Living in the Big Apple is no walk in the park. More so, due to the stressors that come with daily routines—hence the need for a natural stress-reliever. And that is where CBD oil comes in.

To answer the question, yes. CBD oil is legal in New York, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid. The signing of the Hemp Farm Bill legalized CBD Oil production and sale in NYC. Even the US Department of Agriculture, USDA, provided guidelines on the cultivation of marijuana.

But First, What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a marijuana plant extract mixed with carrier oils such as coconut and hemp seed oil.


CBD Oil has a lot of Health Benefits


In New York, there are three types of CBD Oil:

  1. Isolate- Contains only CBD
  2. Full-spectrum – Contains cannabinoids naturally found in marijuana, but no more than 0.3% THC
  3. Broad-spectrum- This oil is hemp-based and has no THC content

Take note that hemp is legal in NYC. But, only medical marijuana is legal in New York, while the recreational type is not.

So, the only CBD oil allowed in New York is hemp-based, and it depends highly on the THC content. The law demands that any high CBD strains in NYC should contain no more than 0.3% THC. The reason behind it is to suppress the ‘high’ caused by THC.

Now that you understand the legalities of CBD oil in New York, you are ready for the next part:

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil Legally?

The presence of CBD oil in the NYC market has been growing with time. Before, you could find CBD oil in smoke shops, health food stores, and vape stores. But now, you can walk into any convenience store near you or a flea market and walk out with your preferred brand of CBD oil.

Marijuana dispensaries are another safe place to buy CBD oil in New York. You should buy your oil from the dispensary because they employ measures to ensure the THC levels do not exceed 0.3%. But, do not throw away your receipt yet, because as mentioned earlier, recreational marijuana is illegal.

Even with the regulations put in place, some sellers in NYC do not refine their oil production process. Therefore, it becomes relatively hard to find good quality medical marijuana new.

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Below are some tips to make your search more meaningful:

  • History of the Hemp

Look deeper into the growth of the hemp. Always go for the type that is 100% GMO-free, grown with no chemical additives.

  • Extraction Method

Proper extraction of hemp preserves its high quality. So, when you are buying your CBD oil, pay attention to the extraction method.

The right way to extract hemp is to use the CO2 method, at temperatures of 92.F This method preserves your cannabinoids and terpenes present in marijuana plants.

  • The Cannabinoids

The higher the CBD content in your oil, the more benefits you will gain from using it.

  • Lab Tests

Available lab tests on the CBD oil you intend to buy shines more light on the requirements mentioned above. You can view the tests on the company’s website or send in a request for their lab results.


CBD Oil Using Methods


When examining the lab tests, pay close attention to the labels which contain information such as:

  • Net weight
  • Suggested use
  • Batch number or date code
  • Type of oil: Whether full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate
  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Amount of CBD per serving
  • Supplement fact panel-includes other ingredients used for the manufacture of the oil

As mentioned before, you can only buy CBD oil if you need it for medical reasons. Otherwise, you risk being arrested and charged with criminal offenses.

How do you prove that you need the CBD oil for medical use? The solution is to get a medical marijuana card from the state department.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York

For a successful application, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age with an adult caregiver
  • Be a legal resident of New York with proof of residency
  • Have one of the qualifying conditions acceptable in New York
  • Have a licensed healthcare provider certify your condition.

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After confirming that you qualify for a medical marijuana card, you move on to the application process. For this, you will need:

  1. A state-licensed practitioner’s certification form
  2. Your ID number – from your New York driver’s license or non-driver’s card
  3. Designated caregiver’s information
  4. An application fee

With all the documents in order, you can apply for the medical marijuana card with the New York state government. Sign in to the my.ny.gov website and start your application process today.

With a medical marijuana card (MMJ Cards), you can walk into a dispensary and get the CBD oil you need.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New York

MMJ Cardholders in New York have the freedom to walk into state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries to get a supply of their CBD oil. Also, you can request marijuana delivery services, provided you have a qualifying condition.

If you are a marijuana patient living in New York, below is an updated list of registered marijuana dispensaries in the state:

  • Verilife (Albany, Amherst, Bronx, Liverpool)
  • The Botanist (Buffalo, Jamaica, Farmingdale, Middletown)
  • Curaleaf, (Newburgh, Forest Hills, Plattsburgh)
  • Etain (Syracuse, Yonkers, Kingston)
  • MedMen (Lake Success, Buffalo, Syracuse)
  • Sunnyside (New Hartford, Huntington Station, Bardonia, Brooklyn)
  • Vireo Health (Albany, Johnson City)
  • FP Wellness (Manhattan, Rochester, Clifton Park)
  • Columbia Care (Rochester, Riverhead, NYC)

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Other dispensaries in New York Include:

  • Come Back Daily
  • Luxe
  • Natural Redleaf
  • The Alchemist’s Kitchen
  • Higher Standards

Buying CBD Oil Online

Another way to buy CBD oil for your medical use is online. However, it would help if you did some digging on the seller’s credentials and customer reviews before ordering from them. With an MMJ Card, you enjoy delivery services anywhere in new york for medical marijuana.

Below are some tips to consider when buying CBD Oil Online:

  • Determine the Best Product

Before you order any product online, ensure you understand your needs and the products that will satisfy them.

  • Confirm the Legitimacy of the Seller

Before paying for any goods online, take some time to verify the registration and licenses of your cannabis retailer. This way, you get safe and regulated products to help with your recovery process.

  • Analyze their Prices

If you come across a cannabis retailer who claims to offer high-quality marijuana at ridiculously low prices, take a step back and analyze the reason behind it. Marijuana prices match their quality. So, for high-quality CBD oil, you have to pay more compared to the regular quality oil.


Benefits of Medical Marijuana


  • How is their Delivery Service?

The whole point of shopping online is to avoid the hassle of walking to a dispensary yourself. Therefore, the retailer you choose to buy from should have a reliable and affordable delivery service to your doorstep. Reading online reviews can help you decide.

  • The Brands they Sell

The manufacturers determine the quality of CBD oil you receive. Always go for a top-rated manufacturer when shopping for cannabis products online.

Some of the best CBD manufacturing companies that ship to New York include:

  1. Empe (specialties: Premium CBD oil and CBD gummies)
  2. Savage CBD (specialties: CBD oil tinctures and flavored vape juice)
  3. Calm by Wellness (specialties: CBD oil for sleep)
  4. Lazarus Naturals (specialties: affordability and high potency)
  5. American Hemp oil (specialties: oils, gummies, capsules, and topicals)
  6. MaxCBD Wellness (specialties: Pain-relief Oils and Creams)
  7. Prima (specialties: Skin and body care oils)
  8. R+R Medicinals (specialties: Great tasting Hemp CBD oil tinctures)
  9. Strength of Hope (specialties: CBD topicals and vape juice)

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Laws Regulating CBD Products in New York

In a 2019/20 legislative session, the New York State Senate passed Assembly Bill A7680A, relating to industrial hemp growth and its extraction. The bills amended the Agriculture and Market laws of industrial hemp.

From the amended law, you get the following:

  1. Industrial hemp refers to the plant Cannabis Sativa, and its parts, including the seeds, and therefore, all derivatives.
  2. Growth, sale, transportation, distribution, and processing of industrial hemp are permitted.

In 2019, Governor Cuomo signed the Hemp Act legislation, which established regulatory measures on industrial hemp. Some notable attachments in the S6184A bill include:

  • Only products meeting the New York standards and regulations are allowed in the state.
  • To sell, manufacture, or produce cannabis products, you must apply for a cannabinoid permit.
  • The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets regulate the production, processing, packaging, and labeling of cannabis products.
  • The packaging of all hemp products should meet the predefined packaging guidelines. This means a clear display of the supplement panel, QR code, and any other relevant information.

Other bills relating to industrial hemp growth in New York Include:

  1. A9310 – This 2016 bill authorizes the sale, processing, transportation, and distribution of hemp.
  2. A9140 – Introduced in March 2014 and passed in June 2016, this bill recognizes industrial hemp as part of the agricultural pilot program.
  3. S05978 and A08297 – These signed bills outline the procedures for growing industrial hemp

CBD Oil in New York in 2020

As you have noticed, two groups of oils are sold in New York; CBD oil sold in health food stores and vape shops, and the oil sold in state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.


Men are more likely to try CBD Than Women


You must understand the difference between these two groups for a more informed purchase.

  • CBD Oil from Dispensaries

This oil is available to medical marijuana cardholders. When buying from the dispensaries, you get a variety of products obtained from actual cannabis strains. And the CBD oil bought from dispensaries can contain any possible CBD to THC combination to fulfill your medical requirements.

  • CBD Oil from Health food and Vape stores

This group of CBD oil is available to everyone, including non-cardholders. Also, the source of these oils is industrial hemp, rather than an actual marijuana plant strain.

Do the Two Groups of Oils Differ in Quality?

There are a few differences between the two CBD oil groups. However, both are effective in treating a range of medical conditions.

It was only in recent years that the hemp market got regulations in the US. However, these rules and guidelines are yet to take root0. Therefore, you cannot wholly rely on the growth, transportation, processing, packaging, and distribution of these products. You do not want to spend money buying a product passed as CBD oil while it contains nearly 0% CBD.

To be on the safe side, research reputable CBD retailers near you. Focus your attention on state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Also, choose the stores that encourage discretion for both online and in-person purchases.

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In Conclusion

With the revolutionary role that marijuana plays in the medical industry, it is impossible to ignore CBD oil’s function and benefits.

The popularity of the oil has been growing over the past few years, and more people want some. Therefore, more states are adopting rules and guidelines for producing, processing, and distributing marijuana products, as New York did.

However, with more people in the industry, you need to be cautious about where you buy your products. If you are a New Yorker who genuinely needs CBD oil for medical use, you can easily find a retailer near you.

To confirm the question: is CBD oil legal in New York? There are laws in place that legalize the use of CBD oils for medical purposes. However, the recreational use of marijuana is illegal.

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