Medical Marijuana as Alternative Medicine

For those suffering from all types of different pains and ailments, alternative medicine is actively sought out. Typical forms of prescribed medications can be more harmful than helpful for many, while also just being ineffective and a waste of money. Prescription medication, on top of being expensive, can also be easily abused, with certain types being heavily tied to overdose deaths. So if being wasteful and not working well was not enough, prescription pills are also known for being highly addictive and leading to death. If you are interested in CBD and THC, you’ve come to the right place.

In the world of 21st-century medicine, researchers and consumers alike have found cannabis to be an extremely useful alternative to the more traditional forms of relief. While the stigma associated with marijuana has made the journey difficult, medical cannabis has become a more accepted form of alternative medicine across the USA, becoming legal in several states. Even recreational marijuana use has become legal in some states, while others still only have it as medicinal. In any case, marijuana as a consumable has come a long way in the last couple of decades, with plenty of research and anecdotal reports by users to back up its health claims.

If you are interested in getting medical marijuana, then you should contact MMJ Doctors. It has never been easier to get medical cannabis products, and MMJ Doctors makes sure the process is as easy as can be. Our licensed marijuana doctors can provide you with useful information, along with a full evaluation, that will help you better understand your health situation, how it can be benefited by medical marijuana, and what type of medical marijuana is best. You can choose between capsules, oils, creams, vaporizers, and even smokable marijuana flower.

CBD and THC in Medical Marijuana

Do you want a simple relaxation? CBD will not inflict any undesired psychoactivity.

Each of these types of medical marijuana has in them the composition that is found in all types of cannabis, which includes CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the two most prominent. You may no doubt have heard of CBD and THC, acronyms that show up almost any time marijuana is brought up in great detail. Sometimes these compounds, primarily THC, are referred on their own and understood to be something you take that can get you high like cannabis does (since marijuana is made up of CBD and THC).

But what are CBD and THC, and how do they affect the human body? Without getting too scientific, we can safely start by saying that CBD and THC, as mentioned earlier, are chemical compounds. These two actually have the same chemical makeup, save for the removal of one hydrogen atom (THC is the one missing it). Also, CBD and THC are known as cannabinoids, which is important to mention when talking about the ECS (endocannabinoid system) located in your body. The ECS is a neural network which interacts with cannabinoids, which results in the body performing a variety of functions. Cannabinoids like CBD and THC thus influence the ECS by getting comfortable with its receptors. The two primary receptors go by CB1 and CB2; CBD and THC interactions with these are how cannabis can provide pain relief and relaxation to users.


The thing about CBD and THC is that, while their makeup is almost the same, that lost hydrogen atom makes THC a different beast from CBD. CBD can provide relief from pain and anxiety brought about by various disorders, all without ever altering your brain. This is primarily because CBD does not directly bound with one of the receptors of ECS (that would be CB1). Contrast with THC, which bonds directly with both CB1 and CB2, and can further influence the brain, which can provide what is known as psychoactive effects. Another way to explain it is to say that, if your primary purpose is to get high, then THC is what you’re looking for. CBD can make you feel better, but it’s THC that provides that euphoric feeling some users are really into.

It’s important to understand that nearly every medical marijuana product can contain a mixture of CBD and THC. A typical marijuana flower, for example, will likely get you high but also make you feel better (in case you’re in severe pain) because of the effects coming from the combination of CBD and THC. However, the amount of CBD and THC in almost any product can be altered or have different amounts than others. This means you can choose a medical cannabis product, be it capsule, vaporizer, or oil, with a specific balance of the compounds in them. Different strains of marijuana flower also come with different CBD and THC levels. All of it depends on what you the user are looking for when it comes to medical cannabis since some people would prefer as little THC as possible, while others would like a decent amount of THC. You can even choose a product that only has CBD in it, which, while perhaps not as effective as it could be (depending on the individual), does avoid the possible effects associated with THC.

Getting Medical Marijuana

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If you’re interested in medical marijuana, you can go into it knowing that there are many different ways to find relief, with varying levels of potency. However, you must also make sure that you can qualify for medical marijuana since a licensed doctor must evaluate you in order to be prescribed. The conditions range, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure if you will be approved, especially since the doctor is the one who makes the final call.

What you do want to do, once you believe you can benefit from medical cannabis and fall under a qualifying condition in some way, is to set up an appointment. MMJDoctors can help you set up your meeting with a licensed doctor who will be able to approve you for medical marijuana. They will look over your information, why you want to be prescribed medical marijuana, and whether it is recommended for you. Once that is done, you will be provided a letter of recommendation by the doctor; your ID card will also be shipped to you in the mail. This letter and ID card will allow you to purchase medical marijuana at any state dispensary legally.

Don’t wait any further for easy and safe relief. Get in touch with MMJ Doctors today by calling (786) 422-9327 to set up your appointment to speak and get approved by a licensed doctor.

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