Medical Marijuana Dispensary Oklahoma

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In June 2018, the SQ 788 was passed, making Oklahoma the 30th state in the US to legalize medical marijuana. The market in this state for marijuana has fast become one of the most valuable and fastest-growing since then. Based on receipts from the tax commission, the sale of cannabis in Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries in the first ten months of 2019 was just over $258 million.

Nowadays, marijuana has become among the frequently prescribed medications for the control of several medical issues. Licensed dispensaries have come up to supply cannabis to patients who need and qualify for it. These work much like conventional pharmacies, but unlike the latter, they also offer health education.

Some stores cultivate and produce their marijuana in-house, hence guaranteeing optimal quality. Getting the best quality marijuana in Oklahoma, however, starts with picking the right dispensary for your purchase. With the overwhelming misinformation on medical marijuana, this might not be so easy. Here are tidbits to guide you on your best Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary options.


The mission of this dispensary is the creation of pure botanical products from their inception to retail. Its core values include consistency and compliance. The store is always clean, well-stocked, and offers exceptional customer service. ElectraLeaf aims to remove the stigma associated with marijuana consumption while delivering efficient products.

You will find the ElectraLeaf Cannabis Boutique on Bricktown’s 25N Oklahoma Avenue. It serves not only Oklahoma City residents but also those from the surrounding areas like Guthrie, Chandler, Del City, Jones, Norman, Edmond, and Hurrah. The inventory in ElectraLeaf includes hand-selected and curated strains of concentrates, edibles, oils, vapes, flowers, and accessories.



This is a family-owned marijuana dispensary located on 8302 NW 39th Expressway Bethany, midtown Bethany and Arcadia on 9551 Waterloo Road. It was at the forefront of the fight to legalize marijuana in Oklahoma and opened its doors in 2018.

MediCann strives to deliver the highest levels of customer care. It sells premium-grade and top-quality cannabis. They offer concentrates, edibles, flowers, and vape pens at a competitive price.

New patients and veterans get a 10% discount on selected buys. You can also get $1 off your purchase if you bring your bag for the packaging of your purchases.

The store is easily accessible for those with disabilities and located in a secured location. The store also accepts credit cards.



This locally owned and run dispensary is located on 300 NW 63 Street in Oklahoma City. The Greenhouse Dispensary opened its doors in 2019.

The owner has a vast experience of cannabis products guaranteeing the exceptional quality of medical marijuana. Its inventory includes premium-grade edibles, topicals, wax, CBD products, pre-rolls, and concentrates at affordable prices.

The Greenhouse Dispensary accepts credit cards and thrives on the creation and sustenance of excellent customer relations. The store is accessible to the disabled, but it also offers delivery services for those who, for any reason, cannot access its physical location. You can also choose to pre-order online so that you reduce the time spent waiting in line at the store.


Get to know your budtender

Get to know your budtender at a local dispensary


This dispensary on 14 Ruby Lane in Calera is focused on the production of the highest quality products to reduce your dependency on pharmaceutical drugs for treating different issues. It is a family-founded company that was initially meant for the cultivation of cannabis. It, however, expanded to open a storefront for its products in February 2019.

The inventory in CannaMed includes edibles, flowers, concentrates, pre-rolls, topicals, and accessories. The store does not accept credit cards but has handsome discounts. New patients, for instance, get a 10% discount. There are weekly discounts on specific products and the military also has a special discount.


Loud City Pharmaceuticals

This Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary is on 9113 Northeast 23rd Street. It prides itself as the best choice for those looking for a wide variety of marijuana and extensive information on the strains that will work best for them. This is because Loud City Pharmaceuticals employs some of the most knowledgeable staff and has owners who have extensive knowledge of cannabis.

The dispensary stocks cannabis wax, shatter, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and flowers. Veterans get a 15% off while new patients get a 10% discount in Loud City Pharmaceuticals. In addition to these, several discounts throughout the week will prove beneficial in reducing the cost of your medication.

New Leaf Medicinals

This dispensary is in Chickasha but also caters to the residents of Mustang, Duncan, Tuttle, and Rush Springs. It is a vertically integrated company opened in November 2018 that cultivates over 140 strains of cannabis. The operator and owner of New Leaf Medicinals, Erick Hernandez, is a native of Oklahoma who honed his skills in cannabis trade in Colorado.

The store stocks marijuana tinctures, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, topicals, and flowers. Unlike most medical marijuana dispensaries, New Leaf Medicinals pays close attention to the flavor, smoothness, appearance, and processing of its plants. This guarantees that their products have exceptional smoke and flavor profiles, which deliver the highest benefits to consumers.


Central Purp

This dispensary is based in Tulsa near the Sheridan and 81st Street Crescent neighborhood. It is a locally and veteran-owned store focused on the best patient experiences with a team that is passionate about enabling patients to gain the highest benefits of cannabis. The employees here are thus not going to pressure you into spending the most money at the store but rather only guide you on getting a product that meets your needs.

Central Purp stocks topicals, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, flowers, and accessories. The store accepts debit cards and is ADA-accessible and very secure. Seniors over 55 years old get a 10% discount while senior vets benefit from 15% discounts.


Call MMJ Doctors Oklahoma

BCC Collective

The BCC in this dispensary’s name stands for blue-collar criminals. With over twenty years’ experience, the BCC collective produces the highest quality of cannabis.

The dispensary offers pre-rolls edibles, vape cartridges, and flowers, among other cannabis products. The team at this Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary comes with considerable experience and knowledge to guide you on what best suits your needs. BCC collective also has exceptional packages for its marijuana.


Getting Access to Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Having a broad range of dispensaries to choose from for your medical marijuana makes your work easier. You nonetheless cannot access cannabis from the above and other Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries without a valid Oklahoma medical marijuana card. We at MMJ doctors can help you get your card after complying with the state’s regulations and guidelines.

For you to get your medical marijuana card, you should be an Oklahoma resident aged at least 18 years. A board-certified Oklahoma physician should approve your written application, and here is where the MMJ doctors come in. Those below 18 years will need their applications signed by a legal guardian or parent and two board-certified physicians.

You will pay for the medical marijuana card that remains active for two years. There are specifications on how much cannabis you can have with the card. Be careful to comply with the regulations to prevent your card’s voiding.

If you are an Oklahoma resident and believe medical marijuana may help you, contact MMJ Doctors now; call us at 888-578-6704 or schedule your appointment online.

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