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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The Top Seven Nursing Benefits of Medical Marijuana

  As the benefits of medical marijuana become more apparent, more people are willing to try this alternative treatment. Unlike younger patients who are already acquainted with cannabis, some older people still have a hard time understanding…
Medical Marijuana

Marijuana a Protective Factor for Seizures

  Up to 3 million Americans suffer from epilepsy and seizures; this is according to a study by the Epilepsy Foundation. Seizures can either be nonepileptic or epileptic. An epileptic seizure occurs two or more times without being influenced…
Marijuana Myths

9 Marijuana Myths Everybody Should Know About Now

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  Many people who have chronic pain have heard of cannabis, and it's a cultural expansion in recent years, but they're too afraid of falling asleep to try it. Some people can't stop their pain using known pain relief options, but they're…