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In 2016, 71% of Florida’s voters supported the passage of Amendment 2, which sought to approve medical marijuana use in the state. After the amendment passage, Senate Bill 8A was formulated stating the rules and regulations about medical marijuana use.  However, recreational marijuana is still restricted in the state.

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How Do You Qualify For Medical Marijuana?

Senate Bill 8A clearly states the qualifications you must possess to be eligible for medical marijuana supplements from various marijuana dispensaries. In the bill, you must exhibit debilitating conditions such as cancer or chronic arthritis. 

If you suffer from the various conditions stipulated by the federal law, an experienced medical physician must examine you. The marijuana expert examines your condition and writes a recommendation to facilitate the registration of marijuana medical products.

After approval and registration as a medical marijuana beneficiary, you can buy various CBD products from registered marijuana dispensaries. In Florida, you must have a marijuana card and license to access various CBD medications.


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Laws Governing Driving and Marijuana

If you have a valid license and marijuana card, you can drive in Florida in the possession of medical marijuana.  However, if you are not a registered user owning cannabis products is a violation of the Federal Laws.

Although you can carry medical supplements in a private car or public car, it is illegal to use the products in the car. The Florida Government rules state that you can either inhale, smoke, or smoke marijuana products in a private residence.   

While driving, ensure your products are correctly sealed and safely stored. There is a need to limit the number of medical substances you carry in public places. It is also essential to carry your marijuana card or license. The two documents prove that medical marijuana supplements in your possession are legal, and you are not violating any rules.

Driving Into Other States

Most states in the United States have not legalized the use of medical marijuana. Even those who have legalized using these substances classify them under schedule 1 substances, making those products restricted to use.

Driving from one state to another in possession of the CBD products is illegal. If you buy medical marijuana in Florida, you are allowed by the law to consume the product within the state’s lines. If you are hooked to either CBD oils, tinctures, or concentrates and need to travel to another state, carry your marijuana card to access those substances from another state. If in that state, the use of marijuana is restricted, avoid at all costs purchasing or owning the products.  

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Although the police are not so vigilant when crossing the state’s borders to check for possession of marijuana products, it is best to be safe. If various authorities stop you and request to search your car or belongings, allow them at your free will. Failure to comply with the rules is regarded as a misdemeanor of the first degree, and you can face serious consequences.

Driving Under Medication

Driving under medication is a violation of the standard Florida rules and regulations. Some of these CBD products have some traces of a psychoactive compound known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The compound can cause a ‘ high’ feeling leading to impaired judgment on the road. Driving while under the influence (DUI) of this compound is classified under the driving under the influence laws, and you will face severe consequences such as: 

  • First offense-the Federal government will fine you an amount of $ 500 to $ 1,000 or 6 months in jail. Your license can also be suspended for 180 days to one year. During that period, you are not allowed to buy or own any medical marijuana from various dispensaries. 
  • Second offense-if you are charged with a second offense, you are fined with $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 or 9 months in jail.
  • The third offense-it is punishable with $ 5,000 or 5 years in jail.


Avoid Medical Marijuana use in Public



Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Florida, and if you are a user, there is a need to adhere to specific rules and regulations of the state. Obtaining a marijuana medical card and a license is the best way to ensure you can legally procure medical marijuana products from approved dispensaries.  However, there is a need to adhere to the stipulated rules and regulations, as stated by the Federal Government. 

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