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Boynton Beach Medical Marijuana

Boynton Beach, Florida residents who have a difficult to treat chronic medical condition may benefit from new Florida laws that have legalized medical marijuana for those who qualify.

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana Use

How do you know if you qualify for medical marijuana use? If you are at least 18 and are a resident of Florida and have a chronic medical condition such as post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, or epilepsy, you may qualify. Schedule an appointment with a nearby medical marijuana doctor to find out for sure. The doctor will thoroughly go over your health history and medical condition and determine if your condition qualifies. He or she will also determine if you have tried other means of treatment that have not been effective in reducing your symptoms.

If your doctor determines that you are a good candidate for medical marijuana use, he or she will write you a recommendation. This can then be used to register with the Florida Department of Health so you can receive your state-issued ID card.

Purchasing Medical Marijuana

With an ID card, you can legally purchase medical marijuana at any licensed dispensary in the state. Closest dispensaries to Boynton Beach are Florida Medical Marijuana Health Center in Boynton Beach and Florijuana Medical Center in Del Ray Beach. Take your ID card to the dispensary of your choice and meet with them to go over your medical history and current health concerns. They will help you determine the proper dosing, strain, and type of medical marijuana for your health needs. You can purchase marijuana directly from the dispensary and begin your treatment plan that day.

Florida is one of 30 states that has legalized the use of medical marijuana for those who qualify and receive a state-issued ID card. If you live in Boynton Beach and are interested in learning more about using medical marijuana, make an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor today.

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