Medical Marijuana in Gainesville.

Florida Medical Marijuana Facts by City

Gainesville Medical Marijuana

If you’re at least 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of Gainesville, you may qualify to legally use medical marijuana. Find out if your medical condition qualifies you to receive a state-issued ID card under new Florida laws. Amendment 2 has expanded the number of licensed dispensaries in the state as well as made it simple and straightforward to qualify for use of the drug.

How Can I Purchase Medical Marijuana?

There are two dispensaries located in Gainesville that you can legally purchase medical marijuana from with your state-issued card. Knox Medical and Truelieve. These dispensaries have professional staff on hand to help you figure out which strain and dose would best fit your medical marijuana needs. To purchase medical marijuana, you will need to show your state-issued card to the staff member.

If you’ve tried other treatment options to no avail and are a resident of Florida, find out if you qualify to purchase medical marijuana to treat your debilitating condition. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.

How Do I Qualify for Medical Marijuana Use?

If you currently suffer from a painful or chronic medical condition, you could qualify to purchase and use medical marijuana. You must be at least 18 years old and your condition must be debilitating in your daily life. Examples of conditions that could qualify include glaucoma, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. In addition, any terminal condition qualifies to use of cannabis. In order to find out if you qualify, you must meet with a qualified licensed medical marijuana doctor in his or her office. There are several doctors to choose from in the Gainesville Area. The doctor will evaluate you and your medical history to see if medical marijuana is a good treatment option for you. If the doctor decides you’re a good candidate, he or she will write you a recommendation. Submit the recommendation along with your application to the Florida Department of Health. You will be able to legally purchase medical marijuana after you receive your card within 30 days of submitting your application and recommendation.

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