Medical Marijuana in Gulfport.

Florida Medical Marijuana Facts by City

Gulfport Medical Marijuana

If you live in Florida and you have a chronic medical condition that you have found difficult to treat, you may benefit from Amendment 2, Florida’s newly updated medical marijuana law. Find out if your medical condition qualifies you to purchase medical marijuana in Florida and how you can legally purchase cannabis in the state.

How Can I Purchase Medical Marijuana?

You cannot purchase medical marijuana at a licensed dispensary unless you have a state-issued ID marijuana card. You must have it with you in order to make a purchase. There are a few different dispensaries near you to choose from and all have helpful, professional staff ready to help you through the purchasing process. You can find Trulieve and Knox Medical in St. Petersburg. To purchase non-smoked types of medical marijuana, just show your ID card. A staff member will help you decide the appropriate strain and dose to treat your medical condition. Currently, smoking marijuana is still illegal under Florida state law.

Living with a debilitating health condition can have serious consequences for your overall quality of life. Find out today if you can use medical marijuana in your treatment plan and finally experience some relief.

Do I Qualify for Medical Marijuana Use?

To qualify to become a medical marijuana patient, you must be a legal resident of Florida and at least 18 years old. Your medical condition must interfere with your quality of life and be chronic—meaning it is constant and has been affecting your for a long period of time. If you’ve tried other treatment options without success, then medical marijuana might be a good option for you. Qualifying conditions include post-traumatic stress disorder, glaucoma, cancer, and conditions that cause chronic non malignant pain. If you think you’d be a good candidate for cannabis treatment, you’ll need to find a licensed medical marijuana doctor near you. You can find a number of different doctors in St. Petersburg including Access Marijuana RX and the Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic. After the doctor reviews your medical history and decides that you’ve tried other treatment options, he or she will write you a recommendation if appropriate. Submit the recommendation, along with an application, to the Florida Department of Health. You can expect to have your state-issued ID card within 30 days.

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