Medical Marijuana in Panama City Beach.

Florida Medical Marijuana Facts by City

Buying Medical Marijuana in Panama City Beach

If you are approved, you will receive your medical cannabis card in the mail within 30 days and can use it to buy medical marijuana at any licensed dispensary in the state including Trulieve and Knox Medical in Pensacola. At the dispensary, the knowledgeable staff will verify your marijuana card and ask more questions about your condition to determine your symptoms, goals for using medical marijuana, and any lifestyle concerns that may affect your treatment plan. They will then recommend the types and doses of non-smoked marijuana that are best for your needs. Smoking marijuana is still illegal under Florida state law.

Do you have a chronic medical condition that has been difficult to treat? If so, you should meet with a medical marijuana doctor today to see if you qualify to use it in your treatment plan.

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Panama City Beach

To qualify for medical marijuana in Florida, you must be at least 18 years old, a legal resident of the state, and have one of the chronic health conditions that qualify. These include cancer, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and any terminal condition. The next step is to visit a licensed medical marijuana doctor who will go over your health history and determine more information about your condition, your symptoms, and the attempts you have made at treating the condition in the past. If you qualify, the doctor will issue a written recommendation that is needed to apply for a marijuana card with the Florida Department of Health. You will not be able to purchase marijuana in Florida without this ID.

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