HIV AIDS Marijuana Doctor in Miami

HIV AIDS Marijuana Doctor in Miami

Medical Marijuana Treatment for AIDS Patients

Does Medical Marijuana help with HIV/ AIDS?

AIDS is a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Those who have HIV run the risk of developing AIDS, which has no cure and is eventually fatal. Once a person gets AIDS, they will notice symptoms that are similar to influenza, but then after a certain amount of time, there are no symptoms. As time goes on, the virus begins to interfere more with the immune system. This can be life-changing and certain infections such as tuberculosis, tumors, and even other types of infections can begin to happen. As these ailments all start to take over the body, AIDS becomes full-blown and drastic weight loss will occur.  AIDS is a devastating disease that affects every part of a patient’s life.

How Does A Person Get AIDS?

AIDS is primarily obtained from unprotected sex, blood transfusions, sharing needles, and from pregnancy (mother to child). The way to find out if a person has this virus is by doing a blood test. There are many different ways to avoid getting AIDS, such as safe sex and not sharing needles.  As the virus starts to invade the body, all of the white blood cells called T helper cells begin to become replicated by the virus, destroying all of the normal cells. This process also will destroy the body’s ability to fight infections and the body is not able to function well after a full-blown attack on the white blood cells. The AIDS virus has become a large epidemic across the entire world and has a great impact on the medical community.

Medications for AIDS

There are several different types of drugs that can be used to treat AIDS. A doctor will be able to do a medical evaluation to determine which medications are the best options for patients, but generally, most of the information gathered will depend on a patient’s viral load and strain. Also to take into consideration is the extent and the severity of the virus infection. Most patients need to take more than one type of medication so that they are able to attack the virus from all directions.

The problem with different medications are the many different side effects. AIDS patients will struggle with weight loss, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, and muscle aches. The side effects can be brutal on a patient that is suffering, therefore medical marijuana has been able to ease the severity of some of the side effects.  It is vital to discuss any type of medical marijuana usage with your primary care provider that is seen for the different prescription medications. Your primary care provider might be able to help improve your side effects or put you on a different type of medication while using medical marijuana for HIV/AIDS.

Medical Marijuana Benefits

While the medical community does have different opinions about medical marijuana, the patients have all showed improvement in different areas.  Smoking cannabis was found to reduce pain levels by 34% for patients with AIDS. 72% of patients found that severe chronic pain was better after smoking medical marijuana.  Patients that struggle with food intake found that medical marijuana helped them consume more food which also helped them to avoid significant muscle loss. Insomnia was another side effect that was improved with the use of medical marijuana. Another study showed that smoking marijuana had no effect on CD4 cell counts of patients with AIDS. Patients in the late stages of HIV were taking medical marijuana like compounds to block the spread of the HIV virus.  The ability of the body to maintain itself with a healthy diet is essential for this type of virus. The different forms of medical marijuana are able to allow patients to feel better, but also patients can now eat and not feel sick all the time.

 AIDS Alternative Treatment Options

Alternative therapies also known as complementary therapies are another method to treat AIDS, but medical marijuana still remains a leader. It is recommended that a patient discuss any alternative therapies with their physician because while the patient still may not like the side effects from a prescription, it is vital that the patient remain taking all of the prescribed medication.

Some of these alternative therapies are herbal medicine, meditation, yoga, massage, aromatherapy, and even acupuncture. These therapies focus on using a person’s body to promote healing and well-being, but for an AIDS patient, the immune system is already destroyed.

Communication with your physician is crucial no matter what. Whether you are communicating with your primary care doctor or you are seeing a certified medical marijuana physician, it’s imperative to share your complete medical history with your Florida MMJ doctors so they can best treat your disease.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

Many people do not realize just how easy it is to do a doctor consultation online or in person. In the state of Florida, medical marijuana is legal. In order to buy medical marijuana from a marijuana dispensary, a patient needs to have their marijuana card and their valid state identification.

A potential patient can either walk into our physical location or do a consultation online. Our website is secure and the video chat does not take longer than 10 minutes. When a patient fills out the account information, there is a medical questionnaire. It is important to answer this information correctly because our Florida board-certified physicians will need to do an evaluation.

If you or any of your friends or family have HIV/AIDS and would like to obtain a medical marijuana card, please take the time to view our website. You will be able to find our different locations and you will also be able to determine if going to our professional facility is the right thing to do. For the comfort of our patients, we also have a video chat option that can be done right in the comfort of a patient’s home.

We have a professional medical team that is experienced with medical marijuana. Your privacy and your medical records will always be protected. Our website is HIPAA compliant and we always make sure that your wait time is short.  If you are interested in getting your medical marijuana card today, please schedule your appointment with one of our Florida Licensed Marijuana Doctors in Miami.

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