Glaucoma Marijuana treatment

Glaucoma Marijuana treatment

Medical marijuana has shown beneficial results in treating glaucoma, and it has helped to provide sufficient evidence that medical marijuana has medical relevance in the treatment of glaucoma. Medical Marijuana can help treat glaucoma by triggering the nerve receptors of circulatory system components. Glaucoma can have an impact on several areas of the face, including eye muscles, blood vessels, and ducts. Researchers have seen how Cannabinoids—the components responsible for the effects of medical marijuana—can also activate regeneration in nerves. This means that there is a possibility that the advancement of Glaucoma may be halted. In fact, medical marijuana may even reverse the disease, depending on your condition.

Medical Marijuana and Glaucoma Treatment. What is Glaucoma?

In a healthy eye, the liquid in the eye’s front section circulates on a regular basis. If it fails to circulate properly, a pressure starts to form in the area with the poor-circulating fluid. The development of that pressure damages the optic nerve. As the nerve begins to deteriorate, the vision becomes affected, causing the formation of blind spots and the eventual loss of sight.

It’s imperative for everyone to regularly see an eye doctor to have their eye pressure determined. As high eye pressure is the first warning sign of glaucoma, early detection is key so the sufferer can begin receiving treatment to lower their eye pressure and decrease their chance of developing this condition.

Medical marijuana can be very useful in reducing the eye pressure that leads to glaucoma. In many recent studies, it has been shown that marijuana can lower the eye pressure by 25 to 30 percent within an hour of smoking it. Medical marijuana can also help patients deal with the pain of high eye pressure.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disorder typically caused by pressure in the eyeball fluid, which can damage the optic nerve. If glaucoma is not treated properly, it may result in vision issues and may lead to blindness. While glaucoma is common in senior citizens, anyone can be diagnosed with glaucoma.

Glaucoma is commonly thought to be permanent, but recent research suggests Medical Marijuana can help to alleviate the early symptoms of glaucoma and help to regenerate nerve damage in the eyes. Additionally, medical marijuana has been found to treat symptoms connected to glaucoma, including:

  • A severe Headache
  • Eye Pain
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Blurred Vision
  • Eye Redness

As stated above, as the pressure in the eye increases, it can produce a painful sensation. Patients suffering from glaucoma can also have red eyes. Sometimes they report seeing what look like halos in their field of vision when they are in an area with lots of artificial lighting. This can be another symptom of glaucoma that should warrant an appointment with an eye doctor. Of course, the tell-tale symptom of glaucoma emerges upon the discovery of blind spots in a patient’s vision.  

In many cases, high eye pressure causes no symptoms whatsoever. Many of those who are diagnosed with glaucoma had no previous warning signs. This is why it is imperative to regularly visit an eye doctor to have your eye pressure measured. This preventative measure can mean early detection and prevention of blindness.

What Else Could It Be?

Changes and disturbances in one’s vision can be due to a number of factors that do not indicate the onset of glaucoma. Cataracts can cause clouding of the lenses and lead to a decrease in vision. Macular degeneration, a painless condition, can also lead to loss of vision due to retina deterioration or blood vessels growing under the retina. Type 2 diabetes can lead to a diabetic eye disease that causes vision loss and eventual blindness, and both farsightedness and nearsightedness can cause blurry vision if not corrected with lenses.

A number of eye infections can also cause temporary disturbances in or loss of vision as well as red, itchy, or painful eyes that are often associated with glaucoma. Pink eye, a foreign object in the eye, and bacterial infections can be quite common, especially in those who wear contact lenses and are continually touching their eyes. Other conditions such as epilepsy and strokes can also lead to a deterioration or change in vision as can benign or cancerous brain tumors.

How Medical Marijuana Helps Treat Glaucoma

At times MM can be used to treat a symptom of glaucoma, which is high eye pressure. Eye pressure is shown to be reduced by 25 to 30 percent in those who smoke marijuana. However, the effects only last approximately one hour after dosage, which means it is best paired with another medication that can lower eye pressure such as medicated drops.

MM can also help a patient tolerate a certain amount of eye pain until the painful condition has been treated. The pain that is often associated with glaucoma can be lessened by the use of medical marijuana. Therefore, MM has a dual effect on those with glaucoma and can be very beneficial in their treatment plan.

Why Medical Marijuana Treats Glaucoma Better Than Alternative Treatments

Utilization of MM can serve as a supplement to a surgical treatment. It can also be used as a supplement to prescribed eye drops. In both cases, it does not introduce any factors that could diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.

The need to undergo eye surgery can be a trying experience. Use of MM can help to make that experience a bit more tolerable. It can also make any pressure-caused pain more tolerable until a treatment can be administered.

How to Get Medical Marijuana to Treat Glaucoma

If you suffer from glaucoma, you need to have a medical record of your diagnosis and ensuing treatments. This can come from your eye doctor, surgeon, or general practitioner. You then need to make an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor who has been licensed in your state of residence. Currently, there are 25 states that have legalized medical marijuana, including Florida. Finding a medical marijuana doctor in your state is the first step in being approved to buy and use medical marijuana in your treatment program.

You can schedule an appointment with your Miami marijuana doctor either in person or online. The doctor will meet with you or schedule a call with you to go over your symptoms, your medical history, and your prior treatment plans. He or she will then determine if using medical marijuana in your treatment plan would be beneficial. If approved, he or she will issue a written recommendation that you can then use to apply for your state-issued ID card.

If you are interested in getting your medical marijuana card to treat your glaucoma, give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

Glaucoma and Weed – Good Combination!!!

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