Medical Marijuana in Tarpon Springs.

Florida Medical Marijuana Facts by City

Buying Medical Marijuana

In Tarpon Springs, medical marijuana is available from dispensaries such as Trulieve, Surterra, and Knox Medical. The professional dispensary staff will verify your ID and ask you a few simple questions about your medical condition. They will also want to know a couple of things about your lifestyle in order to determine the types, strains and delivery systems that will work best for you, as well as figuring the appropriate dosage for your condition.

If you’ve got a condition which might be improved with the use of medical marijuana, contact a licensed medical marijuana physician today to discuss this treatment option and to see if you qualify.

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana

In order to qualify for medical marijuana, you must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the state of Florida. If you have a medical condition which can be helped by the use of medical marijuana, meet with a licensed medical marijuana physician. Some qualifying conditions are glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy, and PTSD. The doctor will look over your medical history and ask you questions about how your condition is affecting your day-to-day life. The doctor will also ask about other treatments you’ve used.  Once it is determined that medical marijuana might be beneficial, he or she will write you a recommendation for medical marijuana treatment. You will complete an application for a medical marijuana ID card, and include the doctor’s written recommendation with your application to the Florida Department of Health. You can use your card to buy marijuana from licensed dispensaries in the state.

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