Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma?

Currently, about 2800, Oklahoma residents are medical marijuana cardholders. You can get the Oklahoma medical marijuana card by registering as a patient and submitting your physician recommendation. No medical marijuana licenses get issued without a doctor’s endorsement. At MMJ Doctors, we charge 189 per evaluation, and you can get the card in the comfort of your home.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is the body responsible for overseeing the Oklahoma marijuana program. The goal of the program is to achieve sage and responsible use of medical marijuana for Oklahomans through licensing and regulation.

The Oklahoma medical marijuana card is a legal authorization for patients to possess, use, or grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. The licensing applies to all medical marijuana products within the state.  The card contains your background information such as name, place of residence, date of birth, date of license expiration, and your license number.

Your license expires after two years from the date of issue, or 60 days from the date of issue for short-term licenses, unless the license is revoked by the physician or the Authority; the license is renewable.

Why must I have a physician’s recommendation to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

Cannabis in Oklahoma is only legal for medical use, remember. So you will need proof that your use case or possession of it is medically necessitated. The doctor’s recommendation shows that they have prescribed and are confident that medical marijuana can help to treat or alleviate the symptoms of your illnesses. The state authority then has to comply in support of your wellbeing.

The Oklahoma law on medical marijuana does not precisely state which illnesses can be treated with or prescribed for medical marijuana. The state expects that physicians will make their own decision based on their knowledge, research, and industry stipulations. The conditions treatable with medical marijuana extensively range from chronic pain to seizure, cancer, HIV AIDS, and mental ailments, among others.

Is a doctor’s recommendation all I need to become a patient?

No. You will need to have a doctor’s prescription or recommendation accompanied by your credentials when you apply for the medical marijuana card. You must submit the following when you apply for the Oklahoma medical marijuana license.

  • Your full name
  • Proof of Oklahoma residency
  • Proof of identity
  • Contact information
  • Date of birth
  • Physician information
  • Your signature
  • A clear, color, full-face digital photograph
medical marijuana card in Oklahoma

How to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma in 3 easy steps?

Where do I apply for the Oklahoma medical marijuana card?

There is an online application system available on the state website at omma.ok.gov.  You must have a working email address to sign up. This is the same email through which the licensing body will send you notifications and feedback on your application.

What is the application fee for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

The standard fee is $100. Nonetheless, if you provide proof of Medicaid, Medicare, or enrollment as a 100 % disabled veteran, the cost is reduced by 80 %. OMMA requires that all applicants pay their licensing application fee via Visa or Master card. A  Discover credit or debit card is also acceptable. Applicants can expect credit card processing fees to be added to the total transaction.

I do not have a credit card. How do I apply for licensing?

Many retail stores offer prepaid Visa and Master cards. You can use these to make your application. Just buy them then top up the amount needed for your application and transaction fee, and you will be able to pay for the application online successfully.

Where do I get a physician’s recommendation for the medical marijuana card application?

Speak to your doctor. These professionals have to fill a Physician Recommendation Form for which a digital copy must be submitted alongside your application. The recommendation form must not be older than 30 days on the day when you send your medical marijuana license application.

Luckily, you can get a doctor’s recommendation from the comfort of your home, thanks to the MMJ Doctors’ telemedicine platform. That means that if you live far or in rural places of the state, you can still get a valid physician evaluation and recommendation online.

What next after I apply for the Oklahoma medical marijuana card?

You sit tight. Your application will get reviewed by OMMA. If it meets all the requirements, they will send an approval letter together with your card in less than two weeks from the period of your application.

If something is missing in your application, the licensing body will notify you via email. These include cases of requests sent without doctor’s recommendations. You will have room to log back on and make corrections by submitting all the necessary information and documentation. You will then wait for another two weeks for approval.

Sometimes an application is denied if you don’t meet all the requirements for the licensing.  Reasons for rejection include applications by non-Oklahoma residents.  In that case, you will receive a denial letter that states the reasons for the decline within 14 days. Your fee is not refunded.

So, being from another state disqualifies me from the Oklahoma medical marijuana card?

Yes and no. First, as an outsider, you cannot qualify for the standards medical marijuana card issued for Oklahoma residents. Chances are high your application will get rejected if you apply for that. What you are eligible for as a visitor in Oklahoma is the Temporary Medical Marijuana Card.

And there are special requirements for you to be able to get this license.  For starters, you must have and submit proof of a valid medical marijuana license from your home state.  If you meet that requirement, the application process is the same except that instead of providing a doctor recommendation, you attach your medical marijuana card from your home state.

The temporary medical marijuana license for visitors in Oklahoma is valid for 30 days.

What do you do if the card doesn’t arrive?

The reason could be that you submitted the wrong address. If you haven’t received your card and it has been one month since you received an approval notification, log back onto the OMMA portal and fill a replacement card request. Choose ‘Card Never Received’ as your replacement question. You might want to check and update your delivery address after that.

What is the application process for minors and the elderly?

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Applicants for medical marijuana cards in Oklahoma must be of legal age that is 18 and older. However, that doesn’t restrict minors from using medical marijuana therapies. Parents or guardians can apply on their behalf.

The application process is the same; start first by getting a doctor’s recommendation for your child and then submit all the necessary documentation and information on the Oklahoma State website. The physician must be a podiatrist registered with the Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners.

Please note that even with the licensing, the minor will only be able to acquire, possess, and use medical marijuana in your presence and under your supervision.

The elderly or the excessively ill can apply for the Oklahoma medical marijuana card and designate a   caregiver. In this case, the caregiver must be a family member or a close assistant that regularly takes care of the patient. The senior or the excessively ill will get their card. Still, the caregiver will get a card that shows that they are authorized to acquire and administer medical marijuana to these patients.

The process of applying for a caregiver medical marijuana card is the same. Caregivers are to provide all their information and documentation and submit the application accompanied by the patient’s license number. Proof of Oklahoma residency will be required. And the applicant will similarly need to provide a doctor’s recommendation showing that their patient requires caregiving.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card with MMJ Doctors

Marijuana has scientifically been proven to be therapeutic for a broad range of conditions, but it remains illegal in many states. The Oklahoma medical marijuana card allows you to acquire, use, or grow medical marijuana without rubbing shoulders with law enforcement or facing discrimination at school, your place of residence, health centers, or at work. Contact MMJ Doctors; we can help you get the card fast and from the comfort of your home. Schedule an appointment now by calling 1-888-578-6704.

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