The question of “does insurance cover medical marijuana in Florida” is one many in the state are interested in knowing. While the short answer is a blunt “no,” it’s more complicated, since marijuana’s legalization as medicinal is still relatively recent, ongoing, and ever-changing.

Is medical marijuana covered by insurance?

MMJ Doctors makes it easy for you to get evaluated and approved for purchasing medical marijuana in the State of Florida. As medicine, cannabis has proven itself as a very suitable treatment option for the various ailments that can be treated with it. Whether you have chronic pain or something much more severe, like HIV/AIDS, medical marijuana can be used as treatment.

If you are interested in medical cannabis, you should be aware of what goes into getting evaluated and approved. What you would be looking for is a medical marijuana letter of recommendation and ID card, both of which can be provided by a licensed medical marijuana doctor.

Before making an appointment to see someone, you should first make sure you qualify under certain conditions. These qualifying conditions range from pain, headaches, cancer, and other related ailments and disorders. The good news is that you do not have to have a serious disease or illness to get medical marijuana. If you happen to have related symptoms, such as chronic pain (which is a common and justified condition), you can be prescribed medical marijuana.

All of this approval will come from the doctor in the end, so don’t be discouraged if you are not entirely sure if you fall under the primary conditions.

When you go to get checked and approved, you will learn of the various ways one can take medical cannabis. The most popular method of consuming marijuana is smoking it, but for the longest time, this was not an option in Florida. Only recently has smokable marijuana flower become legal and is now available for purchase, albeit with a few hurdles. In front of the traditional smoking form, other forms exist and must be tested and refused before getting the flower.

These different forms include capsules, oils, creams, and vaporizers; which one of these is best is entirely dependent on the individual. The dosage size also varies and is set up by the doctor who prescribes it. If you need to increase or lower the dosage, you can always ask your doctor to provide you with a new prescription.

Why Is Medical Marijuana Not Covered By Insurance?

We know and understand how helpful medical marijuana is for so many people across the state. Some other more common types of medicine either come up short or are more of a danger for the users who take them.

The most popular method of consuming marijuana is smoking

It’s essential to have different options for taking care of relief, and medical cannabis serves to do just that for the many who prefer it as their primary medicine. With the rise of its status as a genuine help for people and the further legalization of marijuana in general in some states, it’s never been a better time to take advantage of the health properties found in cannabis. So, how does insurance cover medical marijuana?

Unfortunately, with all the good that people know comes from medical marijuana, it still has not yet reached the point where it is generally covered under medical insurance. While an insurance provider can give you information regarding medical cannabis, they will likely not cover it. There are even some states that cover your medical visit but not the purchasing of the medical marijuana itself (although you may or may not be reimbursed).

For Florida, medical marijuana is not at all covered by medical insurance. Why is medical marijuana not covered by insurance? Some may think this because some people are trying to limit the medicine to patients in the state further, but it has a lot more to do with the fact that the legalization of medical cannabis is still relatively new. When you take in mind that the state has a new governor who is very pro-medical marijuana (compared to the last one) and that smokable marijuana flower has just recently become legal, it makes sense that there are complications involved.

Working Towards Insurance Coverage for Medical Cannabis

The main problem stems from the fact that medical marijuana has become legal, but there is still work to do in terms of what is provided and how it’s provided. Edibles, for example, are permitted in recreational states but not medically; this is being worked on by companies and the state of Florida, which is a bit tricky because it counts as a food as well as medicine.

When medical marijuana became legal, it was never mandated by the government that it had to be covered under medical insurance. Because of this, various lawmakers are proposing and making sure that medical marijuana can be covered, especially since it can currently be unavailable for many because it is not provided under insurance. Many who would need medical cannabis cannot afford it, so the lack of insurance coverage keeps it away from those who need it, which can be a significant chunk of the people who get approved for it. Various representatives of the state are working to make this coverage a reality, along with the help of Nikki Fried, Florida’s Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner.

Why Choose MMJ Doctors

MMJ Doctors Miami

MMJ Doctors can offer an easy and comfortable way for everyone to get the medical relief they deserve.

Since the answer to our question, “Does insurance cover medical marijuana in Florida?” is a “no,” your best bets are plans provided by clinics, which can often come with coupons and discounts for medical marijuana dispensaries.

MMJ Doctors can offer an easy and comfortable way for everyone to get the medical relief they deserve. On top of providing the cheapest prices, we do not charge you for any additional follow-ups you may need. We also offer payment plans to those who cannot afford the $200 out of pocket fee that comes with getting recommended for medical marijuana. We also provide discounts and coupons for your benefit to use when purchasing at a dispensary.

So if you are looking for a genuine way to get your medical marijuana card and to speak with a licensed cannabis doctor, get in touch with MMJ Doctors.

Visit our website so you can learn more and  schedule your appointment to talk with a licensed doctor today.

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