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After over three years since the process of edible medical marijuana legalization began, the Florida Department of Health finally published the emergency rules regarding marijuana edibles effective 27th August 2020. This milestone means that marijuana edibles may be available in Florida’s dispensaries as soon as one month. If you can’t smoke cannabis for whatever reason, the legality of edible medical marijuana comes as a welcome move that will ensure you enjoy the healing benefits of marijuana without necessarily smoking. Read on to find out what edibles are, the rules regarding edible medical marijuana, and tips for using medical marijuana for the best results.

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What are Marijuana Edibles?

To understand the significance of the legalization, it is essential to understand what edibles are. While it is common knowledge that edibles are food products infused with marijuana and marijuana extracts such as cannabis oils, marijuana-infused oils and butter, and even leaves, Florida’s rules for edibles have a slightly different definition.


It’s Legal to Eat Marijuana Edibles in Florida


According to Florida’s rules concerning edibles and marijuana oils, edibles are food items produced commercially and dispensed by the Medical Marijuana Treatment Centre that contains marijuana oil and no other form of marijuana. Note that marijuana oil, in this case, refers to oil from low-THC cannabis extracted from Broad spectrum cannabis, which is only available from products from Medical Marijuana Treatment Centre. Edibles may be in the form of candy, including chocolates and suckers, baked goods like cookies, brownies and cakes, and drinks.


Unlike smoking or inhaling vaporized marijuana, it will take about 30 minutes before you can feel the effects of edibles.  This is because they first have to be digested and broken down by your liver before they can be absorbed into your bloodstream. However, edibles offer more substantial and long-lasting effects compared to smoking or vaporizing marijuana. This makes them the best option for treating pain, nausea, insomnia as well as disorders of the nervous system and mental health issues like anxiety.

Edibles don’t contain the tar and carbon that are present in marijuana smoke, which makes them much safer. However, ingesting edibles on an empty stomach will make you feel the effects much faster, and eating will push them more into the system as opposed to diluting it. As such, you should always eat first before taking an edible so that the effects don’t hit you too hard.


What You Need to Know Regarding Marijuana Edibles Regulations

While the legalization of edible medical marijuana means you can freely access them for treatment purposes, some rules need to be followed by both the sellers and the users. Below are essential things you need to know regarding medical marijuana edibles to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

  • The edible medical marijuana regulations state that the edibles should only be in the form of geometrical shapes.
  • Edibles should not have any toppings such as sprinkles or icings, and shouldn’t resemble popular candy. They should also not be brightly colored to prevent them from being enticing and attractive to kids.
  • If you are a medical marijuana operator, you will require the approval of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to produce edibles.
  • Edibles should conform to packing and labeling requirements.
  • To purchase edible medical marijuana, you need to be a registered resident of Florida, own a medical marijuana I.D Card, and have a condition that qualifies for medical marijuana in Florida. These medical conditions include chronic pain, cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDs, PTSD, Crohn’s Diseases, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis, among others.

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Tips for Using Medical Marijuana Edibles

Following the legalization of marijuana edibles in Florida, you may be considering switching from your current form of medical marijuana use to using edibles. Whether you just recently started using medical marijuana or you simply don’t fancy inhaling it, below are a few tips to help you benefit from medical marijuana edibles safely.


Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card


  • Always remember to talk to your doctor first before using medical marijuana. Your doctor will advise you whether it is safe for you to use edibles depending on your health situation.
  • Only buy medical marijuana edibles from registered and licensed dispensaries. You are assured of safety when you buy from a registered dispensary as they follow all security as well as testing rules.
  • Just like any other drug or medication, always keep your edibles out of reach of children to avoid misuse and abuse.
  • Start with a low dose if you are a beginner. Edibles affect everyone differently depending on the dosage, potency, blood chemistry, and tolerance. Therefore, you should always start with a low dose and increase your dosage as you build a tolerance.
  • Check the labels. Pay attention to the titles of your edibles for information about the dosage as well as safety. Edibles from reputable and good dispensaries are tested for safety. You can always ask for more information on the product you are buying so you can make informed decisions.

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How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

A medical marijuana I.D card enables you to freely purchase medical marijuana from the dispensaries whenever you need it. You can acquire an ID card by either visiting your doctor’s office for a recommendation or conveniently through an online application.

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