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Since its legalization in many American states, medical marijuana has been a hot topic within the medical community. While some medical practitioners advocate for its use, others are still apprehensive about it. Those who raise concerns about medical marijuana still live in the past because research has proved that marijuana can effectively treat dozens of physical and psychological conditions.

More research should be done to unravel the medical benefits of marijuana. As scientists continue to explore cannabis as the perfect solution for terminal and chronic illnesses, some focus on marijuana treatment as the antidote for Alzheimer’s disease.

What You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that leads to the deterioration and ultimate death of brain cells. The disorder is a common cause of dementia and disrupts patients’ ability to function independently. During the early stages, Alzheimer’s disease is manifest by loss of memory. As the condition progresses, patients experience severe memory impairment besides losing the ability to undertake daily tasks.

Dozens of medications have been advanced to treat Alzheimer’s disease. However, most of these symptoms only offer a temporary solution. The symptoms tend to improve temporarily before worsening. The available treatments for Alzheimer’s disease only help patients to function normally and maintain some semblance of independence for a while. However, they need a longstanding solution that enables them to live and function normally. This is where medical marijuana comes in.

Marijuana Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Current treatments for Alzheimer’s disease slow down patients’ decline rates and improve symptoms temporarily. Some of these medications are ineffective and lead to undesirable side effects such as loss of appetite, nausea, and dependence. Ideally, patients need a permanent solution for the disorder, and the available medications don’t offer that.


Alzheimer Facts


The state of Minnesota recently added Alzheimer’s disease to its list of health conditions that can be treated using marijuana. In such jurisdictions, Alzheimer’s patients can legally purchase cannabis from dispensaries to manage their condition. This alone proves that cannabis is not only beneficial to patients, but it’s also getting embraced by the government and the medical community.

A study report published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease highlighted that small THC doses slow the secretion of proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease progression. A similar study by the Salk Institute established that medical marijuana reduces the amount of specific compounds that cause Alzheimer’s disease. The compounds and proteins create inflammatory responses in the human brain, which increases the progression of Alzheimer’s.

These studies have shown that the inflammatory response that was initially thought to be caused by the brain’s immune cells are actually caused by the nerve cells. Since THC directly affects the nerve cells, it prevents the inflammatory responses, thus slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Medical marijuana has also been proven to be beneficial in alleviating common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, including insomnia, aggression, depression, and anxiety. When patients embark on cannabis medication, they not only regain control of their lives but also enjoy a better quality of life. The reduction of inflammation also increases patients’ lifespan.

Research has established that smoking a joint daily after 40 years goes a long way in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other similar conditions. Rolling back the years, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia among individuals who smoked marijuana during the 1960s is low.

What Does the FDA Say?

Currently, the FDA has only approved two medical cannabis pills for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. You should keep in mind that the two pills are also approved for nausea and appetite control among individuals suffering from autoimmune disorders and are under chemotherapy treatment. Scientific evidence showed that marijuana suppresses the symptom of autoimmune disorders. Perhaps, this is what prompted the FDA to approve medical marijuana as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disorder.


Alzheimer Symptoms Treatable by Medical Marijuana


Uncertainty About Marijuana Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Although the recreational and medical use of marijuana has been legalized in most states, many people still have a negative perception of weed. For years, the general public was made to believe that marijuana is an addictive and illegal gateway drug. This caused many people to avoid it altogether despite its benefits.

Research has played a significant role in allaying peoples’ fears about marijuana treatment for different conditions, including Alzheimer’s. Even so, lots of question marks still exist. For a start, cannabis is still classified as an illegal drug by the federal law. As a result, it’s effects cannot be tested on humans.

Getting Started on Medical Marijuana

If you are battling Alzheimer’s disease, you need to get started on marijuana treatment. Marijuana will not only suppress the symptoms of this disorder but also make you feel more comfortable and in touch with reality. Contact MMJ Doctors today to obtain a marijuana card online and start using medical marijuana to treat your Alzheimer’s.

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Medical Marijuana

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