What marijuana can and cannot do

When it comes to medical marijuana, we have been able to treat various ailments with the different products that come out of cannabis. Whether it’s a smokable flower, oil, or cream, cannabis has proven itself to be a great help for those with health disorders. In this article, we will go over some marijuana myths and facts and try to explain how medical marijuana really works.

One of the most incredible things about medical marijuana is how much better and safer it can be when compared to conventional prescription drugs. Marijuana is not known to be anywhere near as addictive as other medicine types, such as Adderall, which can result in strong dependence from users. Not only that, but medical marijuana has been shown to improve results for some patients and their ailments dramatically, sometimes being the best treatment choice for them.

However, the road to making marijuana a valid form of medication has been somewhat slow going, especially when there has been so much positive evidence in its favor. Recently, many states legalized not only medical but also recreational marijuana, as many Americans recognize its status as a low-level drug that does more good than bad. Even with it being decriminalized and more widely accepted, it is still federally recognized as illegal Schedule I substance, which obviously makes things harder for users, businesses, and researchers.

On top of all this is the ever existing stigma associated with marijuana as a whole. Unsurprisingly, however, many of the things people believe about marijuana are not exactly true, and at best, are misconstrued and misrepresented. This has been going on for at least a few decades, but these days, more people understand that marijuana is a diverse flower with many advantages and uses.

Marijuana Is Not Bad for You

There are a lot of marijuana myths and facts out there and oftentimes it difficult to differentiate between the two. We at MMJ Doctors want to run down a few common myths related to marijuana, medical or otherwise, while also presenting more certain facts and truths. We start with one of the most general: that marijuana is bad. Especially when you consider its status as an illegal substance, the concept that it must be bad because it’s illegal is easy to understand. The case with marijuana is that many of these beliefs stem from ignorance, as well as many other places. The easiest way to put it is that people used to think marijuana was highly dangerous, and while that has been disproven, it can still be associated with harder and more dangerous drugs.

The truth, of course, is that medical marijuana has proven to have substantial medical benefits that can be used for a variety of ailments and disorders. Through scientific research, tests, and personal anecdotes, it has been shown that marijuana can relieve pain in patients as well as treat certain diseases even better than some prescription pills. HIV/AIDS and ADHD patients have significantly benefited from medical marijuana, as have people with less severe pains and illnesses.

Marijuana Products

Which medical marijuana product best suits your lifestyle?

As we go through marijuana myths and facts, another common myth that has been debunked in recent times is how you intake marijuana. Many view it as something you smoke (smokable marijuana flower) and that that’s the only way you can get THC and CBD into your bloodstream. Even though edibles have also existed for some time, and people do know about them, the idea that you only smoke marijuana remains prevalent.

There are actually a wide range of ways to take marijuana, especially if it is for medical purposes. Capsules are a familiar and viable option, in case you want to take your medical marijuana in a way that harkens to traditional pill forms.

Oils and creams are another form and are highly recommended if you have a physical ailment that can benefit from medical marijuana. As expected, the oil or cream is placed over wherever there is pain on your body. If you would rather inhale your medical marijuana, vaping is a popular option, as is smoking the actual flower. While there is still a bit of extra paperwork involved, smoking marijuana flower has recently been legalized in states such as Florida. If nothing else, vaporized medical marijuana is available to you and can come recommended.


One of the interesting marijuana myths is the idea that marijuana is addictive. Marijuana is not any more addictive than any other legal and recommended medical drug; if anything, medical marijuana is on the lower end of addictive products. While anything has the potential to be addictive, prescription drugs that are very common and sold almost anywhere are often known for being addictive and therefore dangerous if abused. In that same vein, many of the most well-known prescription drugs have caused deadly overdoses in users. Marijuana, meanwhile, has never been known to produce an overdose in any of its many forms.

Stoner Culture

While not exactly a marijuana myth, there is also the idea that only a specific type of person uses marijuana. What we are talking about, of course, is stoner culture, which has helped perpetuate an image of marijuana and its users for many decades. A typical stoner can appear to be empty-headed and not too well aware of their surroundings, while also seeming to have a strong dependence on marijuana. This, of course, is not the case for every person who consumes cannabis in any form. In fact, you do not have to live a stoner lifestyle if you choose to smoke marijuana for any reason, nor think you have something to live up to.

Do you consider ‘Stoner’ a stereotype?

With the variety of products that exist, medical or recreational cannabis does not have to define anyone’s lifestyle. If you need medical marijuana for a disorder or ailment, you definitely do not have to worry about a subculture or how you might be perceived, even if you’re smoking the flower. There is no one way a cannabis user lives, and there is no reason not to give medical cannabis a chance because of a subculture.

Despite all these marijuana myths and facts, there are plenty of reasons to consider medical marijuana, especially if you have a health disorder that could strongly benefit from it.

With the variety of cannabis products available, there has never been a better time to get medical marijuana.

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