Which type of marijuana is right for you?

For many Florida residents, it has been a supreme blessing to have medical marijuana legalized in the state. Marijuana, both medical and recreational, has become more widely accepted across the country, with several states making efforts to more broadly legalize it.

Due to marijuana still being illegal federally, the rules on cannabis usage varies depending on which state you are in. Some states have had medical marijuana legalized for much longer, as well as serving those who consume it recreationally. Since each state does things differently, not every product available in one state is available in another.

States like California have both legalized, so there can be some overlapping.

In this post, we are going to give you a short summary of the types of marijuana currently available in Florida as well as discuss other forms available in different states.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida

Florida being so young to the medical marijuana business means many companies are eager to provide their products to residents. However, the amount of companies able to actually do this is not as high as one might expect.

Even though medical cannabis is now legal, it has continued to be hard to get for patients and companies. Licenses must still be purchased in order to sell and distribute in the state, which comes with extreme barriers of entry. Companies in the state must exist as vertical entities that cultivate, grow, make, and sell their products. In addition to this, the licenses available have been quite limited, causing major complaints with would-be dispensaries.

As licensed dispensaries expand all across Florida, several types of marijuana have become available for residents and patients. Some of these range from fairly common to more unique, but each of them is readily available. With the number of options at one’s disposal, there has never been a better time for medical marijuana patients.

We at MMJ Doctors want to make sure everyone knows the options available to all patients. There can be some confusion and uncertainty with what is out there, and we think everyone should have a strong understanding of those products. While they vary in style, each of them provides relief in their own way. The dosage can vary, as can the effects since each person is different.

Medical Marijuana Products

Medical marijuana comes in many different shapes or forms

Before getting into the products that exist, we want to go over what these products consist of. It may seem fairly obvious, seeing as they are all made from cannabis. However, each type of medical marijuana product can come with different amounts of key compounds.

These key compounds are known as CBD and THC. Anyone who has done enough research knows what these two acronyms stand for and how they work. THC is known as the element from marijuana that gets you high, while CBD does not. Each marijuana product you look into will contain some amount of CBD and THC. Some of these products will only contain one of the compounds as opposed to both.

Plenty of medical marijuana products contain a mixture of both compounds. Some even recommend products with a balanced blend of the two, but it all depends. Certain health conditions benefit from a traditional mixture since it can have a stronger effect. However, not everyone wants to feel the effects that come from THC. Alternatively, some might be more than alright with products that have higher THC levels. Like any medication, there are types for everyone, along with different levels of dosage available.


Let us begin with one of the most commonly seen types of marijuana, medical or otherwise: vapor. Vaping is a popular form of getting medical marijuana for a reason, as it is easy to use and can be brought with you almost anywhere. This is when the essence and ingredients of marijuana get turned into a vapor that you inhale. If you are not a fan of tar and actual smoke, this is your best bet for inhalation products. They come in different flavors and styles, including cartridges that you install in rigs and easy-to-use pens.

Marijuana Flower

If you want to inhale your marijuana but do not want to vape it, you’re in luck. Florida recently legalized smoking the actual marijuana flower, and it is now becoming available for purchase. Its usage and dosage types are nothing unusual; you get a certain amount, roll it up, then smoke. Like every other type of marijuana product, individual effects can vary. It can be very beneficial for some patients but be problematic for others.

Other Types Of Marijuana Products

Of the less commonly known types of marijuana are tinctures, which are an orally sublingual product. All you have to do is take the liquid and dip it underneath the tongue. Liquid concentrate is also sold, which can perform a similar function or be used for cartridge use (for vaping). Aside from those, there are also capsules, which contain concentrated marijuana in pill form. This also counts as an oral product, which can be regularly managed and ingested. While less common, rectal suppositories are also an option.

More specific to parts of the body are topical creams. Produced from cannabis, these creams are ideal for those who want relief for a noticeable injury. You can use topical creams for something like a cut or a severe bruise. Creams can even be used for your hands, in case you have chronic pain in your joints.

Marijuana Edibles

Get your medical marijuana card to find out which form of cannabis is right for you.

One popular form of cannabis consumption that has not come to Florida just yet are marijuana edibles. While steps are being made to make it legal under medical marijuana, edibles are trickier than other marijuana products. This is because edibles also count as food, which means they are regulated and dealt with differently. So while they can be legal as medical marijuana, the rules governing who can even sell them and under what license prevents them from being available to Florida residents for the time being.

Edibles are among the types of marijuana that can be a significant benefit for some patients, especially since it allows for marijuana consumption via food. This can be helpful for those who cannot comfortably ingest marijuana another way. It can also help those who do not eat regularly due to their health condition preventing them from doing so.

For the time being, edibles are legal in states such as Colorado, California, and Washington. These states also have recreational cannabis legalized, which is a big reason why edibles are widely available. Once Florida legalizes edibles, it will allow for a very accessible form of cannabis consumption for patients. It will be ideal for those who would like to ingest orally, but not through capsules or liquids.

If you are interested in getting relief with medical marijuana and applying for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card, make an appointment with MMJ Doctors. We have licensed staff who will evaluate your condition and help you determine the best option for you. Call us toll-free at 1-888-578-6704 to set up your appointment, or visit our website, where you can also chat with us.

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