Cannabis may be used to replace opioids.

The Problems With Opioids

In the United States of America, getting your hands on medication can be fairly easy. Many people who need medication also have plenty of options to choose from. When it comes to prescription drugs, there is no shortage of types and brands to be purchased. There are drug stores all over the country, and there seems to be medicine for every ailment.

All of this is both a benefit and a problem since it’s easy to get medication and just as easy to abuse it. As cannabis is becoming legal in more states both medically and recreationally, we would like to cover the topic of using medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids.

A serious issue that plagues the US is addiction and overuse of prescription drugs, especially those labeled as opioids. What has happened is that many people take these drugs and end up getting addicted. This is due to the often euphoric and pleasing effects brought about by the drugs, which can result in dependency.

Prescription drugs are also not very hard to get refilled. In many cases, patients ask for higher doses, and doctors happily oblige. While this can be a good thing for some patients, it has been shown as easily abused.

Many people who take prescription drugs can get easily addicted and reliant on the medication. What this leads to is dependency and addiction, which is unhealthy and very dangerous.

Dangerous Ingredients And Side-Effects of Opioids

Even if you do not get addicted, the chemicals that make up many of these drugs can be harmful. Some people who take prescription drugs can have adverse reactions to them. These reactions can range from causing physical harm to mental harm, along with other side-effects. There are also cases where these prescription drugs do not do anything and are thus a waste for the user.

Regardless of your situation, prescription drugs can be risky due to their side-effects. These can be as light as nausea or a headache, or more severe, like internal pain caused by the drug. Side-effects can be a significant reason why you may not want to take prescription pills, and it’s well justified. When you add the dangers of addiction, it’s understood why some refuse to take pills of any kind. Marijuana as an alternative to opioids could come as a much healthier and far less dangerous solution.

Medical Marijuana As Alternative To Opioids

Marijuana as Substitute for Opioids

Cannabis as a Substitute for Opioid-Based Pain Medication

MMJ Doctors understands people have greater options when it comes to finding relief. This is why we promote medical marijuana, which has proven to be a great help for patients the world over. With a greater variety of options for patients than ever before, now is a perfect time to start using medical marijuana products over opioids. New York residents recovering from opioids under Article 32 can even use medical marijuana as a form of treatment.

If you do not want to take opioids of any kind, you can find a great alternative in medical marijuana. Unlike so many common prescription drugs, medical marijuana is made up of natural elements. The amount of tinkering to the actual cannabis is minimal and instead focuses on the herb’s natural effects. It is also very versatile, being consumable in many ways to suit all tastes and circumstances.

Medical Marijuana Products

There are a handful of reasons as to why medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids’ treatment could be a great option. Prescription drugs tend only to come in pill form, and as discussed, also come with side-effects and complex chemical compositions. Marijuana is not known to have any severe side-effects, which renders it much safer than many other forms of medicine. In the realm of addiction, cannabis is also not known to cause dependence in most users. This makes it an easy choice for many who do not want to risk addiction or adverse reactions from medicine. Medical marijuana also is varied in its products, allowing for a user to balance out their intake as they see fit.

While its lack of side-effects and lower chance of addiction are both strong positives, medical marijuana shines brightest in its wealth of options. Prescription drugs almost always come in pill form, and there is usually no way around it. Due to marijuana’s versatility, your body can ingest cannabis in a variety of different ways.

Marijuana Capsules, Tinctures, and Creams

The closest to prescription drugs is medical marijuana in capsule form. By “closest,” we mean in appearance and how dosages are managed. Capsules are recommended for those who want a well regimented and routine form of medicine that can is taken on a schedule. While suppositories do exist, capsules are usually orally.

Another related oral form of medical marijuana is tinctures. These are liquified concentrations of cannabis that are most often taken sublingually (meaning in droplets under the tongue). These also tie into concentrated oils, which are sold individually and can be used in different ways.

Medical marijuana also comes in the form of topical creams, which works for outward injuries. Much like any other health cream, users apply it to wherever there is a pain, which can include the hands.

Marijuana Vape and Smoke

The most commonly known form of ingesting marijuana is, of course, smoking it. There are two primary ways to inhale marijuana: smoking the flower or vaporizing it.

Smoking simply involves taking the flower, putting in a pipe or rolling it in a paper, and then lighting it up. Fairly straightforward, although it only just became legal in Florida. For those wanting to smoke the flower, you may have to go through an additional hoop to get it. Each state is different, and you may have to first try the other products before being permitted to get the flower.

As for vaporizing, it is among the most recognizable forms of modern marijuana consumption. Concentrated marijuana is liquified into oil, which can then be vaporized and inhaled. Individual “vape pens” exist, but you can also take the concentrated oil and use it on your own vape rig.

Cannabis Edibles

One other popular form of cannabis consumption is through marijuana edibles. Concentrated forms of marijuana are mixed with a food product, which is then consumed. It can be a great way to get marijuana into the body while also making sure the patient is eating. Due to its form as a food, it also works as an easier way to take in the actual marijuana. This is in case inhaling, or other forms of investing, do not work as well for the patient.

Consult physicians at MMJ Doctors to learn if cannabis can help you.

Getting a medical marijuana card is also more accessible than it has ever been. If you are suffering from opioid dependence and want to try medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids consult licensed cannabis doctors at  MMJ Doctors; we make it easy for anyone with qualifying conditions to get their medical marijuana card. Just log into and make an appointment to see a medical doctor either in person or over video chat (only in New York). From here, you will be evaluated by the physician, which will lead to a recommendation that will let you get medical marijuana. This recommendation comes as a letter, and also permits you to have a state issued ID, both of which you use at state dispensaries.

So don’t wait any longer for the best relief around. Visit and make your appointment today.

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