Medical Marijuana for Anxiety Treatment

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Why Medical Marijuana?

In recent years, the increase in medical marijuana — both prevalence and usage — have led to many finding new ways of treating medical conditions. People who have been let down or negatively affected by more common forms of medication have had newfound relief thanks to cannabis-based medicine.

While smoking weed is still a popular way of consummation, cannabis has also proven to be an extremely versatile herb. People have been able to take advantage of its positive effects via pills, cream, and fluids, letting them treat all sorts of ailments.

Somewhat famously, marijuana has also been known for lowering the stress levels of those who smoke it. It’s not an unusual concept that those who consume marijuana regularly (either by smoking it or putting it into their food) are often quite calm and relaxed. In general, marijuana is a popular drug for mellowing out, and much of its positive reputation stems from this. While some may enjoy it for recreational purposes, these same effects can be beneficial for those who have certain medical conditions.

For those who may find themselves easily stressed, nervous, or anxious, marijuana can be a great form of treatment. More traditional medications can sometimes either have no effect on a person or can result in very bad side-effects. It’s not uncommon for prescribed pills and the like to not give a patient positive results. This is why medical marijuana has become such a popular alternative choice, as it is less likely to have the same kind of nasty side-effects more common medication can sometimes have.

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Medical Marijuana for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression in Florida

Due to the versatility of the herb, there exist a variety of ways for people to be treated for their ailments, whether mental, physical, or both. If you suffer from anxiety or related conditions, then you should definitely consider consulting a medical marijuana doctor regarding getting a medical marijuana card.

This card would allow you to legally purchase marijuana at dispensaries that can provide you with different options for consumption. All you have to do is speak with a licensed doctor who is able to approve you for medical marijuana in Florida. After you’ve been assessed and examined, your doctor will give you the OK, which will allow you to register with the State Medical Marijuana Registry. Within a short period, you should receive your medical marijuana card, and you’ll be allowed to legally purchase medical marijuana in Florida.

It’s important to keep in mind that, to get a medical marijuana card, you need to qualify under certain conditions. While they aren’t too restrictive, and your doctor is going to help you as best as they can, it’s important that you can qualify for one of these; otherwise, you’ll have a harder time acquiring a card.

That said, anxiety is not officially featured on the list of conditions in the state of Florida. In fact, only two of thirty-two states that can provide medical marijuana have it listed as a condition. What’s worse is that no state that permits medical marijuana qualifies stress or depression as a condition, either. This can severely limit the number of people who could actually benefit from medical marijuana. Instead, those people may not even bother seeking it as a form of treatment, since a list of conditions will make them think there’s no point in even trying.

Scientific Research And Cannabis Treatment in Florida

That’s what medical researchers are trying to prevent. Extensive tests and clinical trials have actually helped prove that marijuana can in-fact lower anxiety, stress, and depression. In a series of these trials, a pool of individuals measured their marijuana usage with how it reduced either their anxiety, stress or depression. It’s been shown that smoking marijuana worked to greatly lower the levels of anxiety in those who suffered from anxiety. Stress and depression were also shown to have gone down.

Among men and women, it was found that women yielded the greatest effect from smoking marijuana, as the percentage related to how it affected them demonstrated a significant decrease in their anxiety, greater than that seen in the men of the same trials. It’s also been studied that women are more likely to go for medical marijuana to combat their anxiety than men, as well as be more likely to generally suffer from anxiety.

These same trials studied the variations in the cannabis consumed, as the varying levels of CBD and THC could yield different results. There did not appear to be many differences or changes when either the CBD or THC content was low (meaning, one or the other was low). However, there are cases where high CBD and low THC proved to be very effective on depression.

What was more greatly perceived was that, when levels of CBD and THC were both high, their effect was greater. This makes cannabis with high CBD and THC content recommended for those suffering from anxiety and stress, as they may be more likely to produce better results.

With these clinical trials, doctors are actually able to source back to them as proof of their effectiveness in treating anxiety, stress, and depression. This means patients looking for new forms of treatment can indeed consider medical marijuana. So while a list of conditions may not have anxiety included, your doctor will be able to cite these scientific findings as evidence for getting your medical marijuana.

If you are a Florida resident suffering from anxiety and think medical marijuana can help, don’t let “qualifying conditions” stop you. As has been shown, a licensed marijuana doctor is able to recommend the treatment to patients if they have the evidence to back up why they should be able to use cannabis for medical treatment.

At MMJ Doctors, we’ll be able to help you get all the help you need to be approved for medical marijuana. Our doctors can assess your individual needs and find the right options that are beneficial for you.

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  1. Angela Waterford
    Angela Waterford says:

    My sister has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, and she wants to find a way to focus at work while being able to keep her negative thoughts away. You’re right about saying that she should consult a doctor first before she tries marijuana since this will ensure that she won’t experience nasty side effects. I think I’ll help her find one so she can get approved for a card if she’s qualified for it.


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