Marijuana and Employment

MMJ Doctors understands how helpful medical marijuana is for patients with various medical conditions. It can be the best treatment option for many, providing various products that appeal and work for all types of patients. However, how it works under work conditions continues to be an unknown factor for many. We want to help patients understand what being a medical marijuana patient and being an employee might mean, what protections you might have, and what could happen. Now therefore, we will talk about medical marijuana and employment as well as its possible implications.

Medical Marijuana

Much has changed in the world of marijuana in the last several decades. While many recreational users will attest to its positive effects, it took many years before medical marijuana was seen as legitimate. Even with the wider spread of legalization for both medical and recreational use, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. This means the legality of marijuana, whether medical or recreational, is still a special situation that varies from state to state.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in over 30 states, something which started in the mid-1990s. Since then, the greater acceptance of marijuana has allowed for it to be used by all types of people for all sorts of ailments. There are even cases where medical marijuana is the best choice for the patient, as other treatment options are ineffective in comparison.

Medical Marijuana Card

If you think you could benefit from medical marijuana, you will want to look into making an appointment with a licensed doctor. Make sure you could qualify for medical marijuana by looking over the most common conditions. Even if you are unsure if you qualify, it is still recommended to make an appointment, as there is a good chance you can get approved.

You can make an appointment to speak with a licensed doctor either in-person, over the phone, or via video chat based on the state of your residency. What matters is that a licensed physician directly speaks with you for a proper evaluation. After speaking and approval, you will have the doctor’s recommendation, which will allow you to get an MMJ card. With a medical marijuana card, you can visit local state dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana products. When it comes to medical marijuana and employment, your MMJ card may or may not protect you, which would ultimately depend on an employer and the type of work.

Medical Marijuana Products

There are a variety of medical marijuana products available, each serving a different purpose that can benefit the user. Many might be curious about the most famous form of cannabis consumption, which is smokable marijuana. However, smokable is not available everywhere, so you may not want to consider it until you know it’s available in your state.

An alternative to smokable marijuana is vaping, which is among the most popular forms of consumption. Using extracted cannabis oils, users are able to use easy-to-carry pens or more complex rigs, which turns the oils into vapor. This vapor is inhaled and produces a similar effect to smoking, often achieving very similar results. Since it is so easy to take with you, and can usually be used in indoors, vaporizers have proven to be as effective as they are handy.

If you do not want to inhale your marijuana, there are plenty of other product types available. Capsules give a user a traditional pill-like option, while tinctures are an easy-to-use type which uses extracted cannabis oil; each is taken orally. Oils can also be used for applying to a specific part of your skin, as can creams, which are often used for specific areas of pain or injury.



Medical Marijuana and Employment

How should I go about informing my employer that I am a medical cannabis patient?

Medical Marijuana and Employment

As many states have legalized cannabis either recreationally or medically, the policies are stile often unclear with regards to the use of recreational or even medical marijuana and employment. It is a real situation that users of medical marijuana hold jobs and are unsure whether their employers would be okay with it. For years there have been concerns about random drug tests revealing that an employee has a drug in their system, thus causing them to get fired. However, with the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana, there have been questions about protections. This is especially a concern for people who use medical marijuana, as their reasons for taking the drug are health-related, meaning they have to take it per doctor’s recommendation.

Employer Protections

For the most part, an employer is free to give a drug test and fire an employee if they are found to have marijuana in their system. This is mainly because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, which can be enough reason for some employers to dismiss an employee.

There have been different cases where an employee was fired for having marijuana in their system, even though it was medical. Washburn v. Columbia Forest Products, Inc. was a case where an Oregon employee believed their disability was being discriminated against because of their medical marijuana use. The Oregon Supreme Court ruled in favor of the employer, stating that, since the employee could treat their disability with another medication type, they technically did not have disability protection. 

Employee Protections

Work is being done to normalize the use of medical marijuana in such a way as to provide users with work protection. Barbuto v. Advantage Sales and Marketing, LLC is a case where the Massachusetts court ruled in favor of the employee, on the condition that their doctor confirms that medical marijuana is the most effective form of treating the patient’s disability. Especially notable is that the employee told the employer of their condition and medical marijuana use, but was still fired after their drug test results came back positive. These days, many states have started adding protections to the preexisting marijuana laws in their respective states as it comes to the subject of the use of medical marijuana and employment.

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