Cannabis And Herniated Discs

If you are looking to get relief from medical marijuana, MMJ Doctors can help you get it. Getting a medical marijuana card has never been easier, and licensed medical marijuana doctors can help more people than ever before. If you happen to have problems with your spine from herniated discs, or related issues, then you could benefit from medical marijuana. As surprising as it may sound, back problems, including herniated discs, are one of many ailments treatable with medical marijuana products.

Herniated Discs

If you are feeling pain along your spine, be it around your neck or lower back, it could be from herniated discs. You may have heard of herniated discs before, or you may know them by a different name, such as a ruptured disc or slipped disc.

The spine is comprised of vertebrae with flat discs in-between them all; these discs feature a central area known as the nucleus pulposus. If the discs tear in some way, the soft center can spill around the vertebrae, causing the pain of various degrees.

If this fluid spills outside of the spine area, it can result in pain in other parts of the body. In some cases, a herniated disc can cause a person to feel pain in their legs and arms. This is what’s known as pinching a nerve, and it can result in radicular pain, which can classify as acutely affecting nerve roots.

Reasons for Herniated Discs

There are many reasons why someone may have a herniated disc. There is no one guaranteed reason behind it, as it can be affected by very different factors. For example, one of the most common reasons behind someone having herniated discs is age. The older you get, the less water you have in the discs that line your spine, which makes them less flexible. As the space between the discs and your vertebrae shorten, your chances for a rupture or other spine issue increases.

A few other things can cause you to have a herniated disc, such as tobacco use and excessive body weight. A very easy way to get a herniated disc is by strenuous activities or exercise. The pain would not come about due to the activities themselves, but the way they are done. If you do too much of strenuous activity, it could cause herniated disc pain; if you do an exercise routine incorrectly, it could cause pain, too.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

The most common symptoms associated with a herniated disc is pain in parts of the body. Depending on your situation, you could feel pain up and down your leg and up and down your arm. You can also feel weakness in muscles that would otherwise be stable, such as your arms and legs. It is also possible to have a herniated disc but not feel any symptoms, meaning it can only be detected by a medical visit and evaluation.

Herniated Disc Treatment

When it comes to treating a herniated disc, you will likely be given several different medication options. Some of these might be over-the-counter while others can be prescribed to you. In some other cases, you might get muscle relaxants or injections, all of which can depend on how severe your situation is. If things get really bad, you may need physical therapy or surgery.

Medical Marijuana and Pain Management

Latest research shows that cannabis oftentimes is more effective than traditional pain management

Medical Marijuana for Herniated Discs

Medical marijuana has made major strides in the last few decades, as it has proven to be an effective medicinal product. While marijuana has had advocates in the past, it was mainly seen as a recreational drug that only got you high. Not only that, but marijuana became illegal, and still is at the federal level, which has contributed to its negative perception for some people. However, many people over the years have also realized how harmless cannabis it is. More importantly, there are many benefits to cannabis outside of merely smoking it, and not everyone knows that.

Prescription drugs can result in unfortunate side effects; they can also be full of properties and ingredients that do not respond well to some people. Medical cannabis is notable for providing very few side-effects to prescription drugs, to the point where some will say marijuana has no side-effects. Most of the perceived fear in resisting marijuana is geared more in misunderstanding and misinformation regarding the drug in question.

Various studies and research have proven just how effective medical marijuana is for treating various types of chronic pain. In the case of treating herniated discs, medical marijuana not only treats the actual spinal pain but also takes care of any of the side-effects associated with the pain. One of the two main cannabinoids found in cannabis (along with THC) is CBD; it has been found in some cases to treat inflammation better than prescription medication.

As for which products you can use, it really comes down to the individual user. Some patients respond better to inhalation products like vapes and smokable flower. Others might prefer capsules, which are very similar to traditional medication, along with tinctures and oils. Medical marijuana allows itself to be as versatile as it is by providing patients with products that can work for any patient.

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