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The US is divided when it comes to the use of medical marijuana to treat certain health symptoms and conditions. Proponents want it legalized and decriminalized, while opponents argue that doing so would lead to people using it not because they have a medical condition but for recreation because it would be freely available.

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Dealing with Muscle Spasms and Cramping

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that can potentially cause the brain and spinal cord to be disabled. Every patient has different symptoms depending on how much nerve damage they have and the particularly affected nerves. One of the common symptoms of MS is muscle spasms. People who have spinal cord injuries also suffer from muscle cramping and spasms.

Modern science has developed drugs to relieve these problems. The catch is that some patients don’t get lasting relief or may develop other symptoms from using these drugs. This includes drowsiness, nausea, and body weakness, among other symptoms.


Strains Help with Muscle Spasms


Marijuana to the Rescue

For this reason, patients have sought alternative treatment for effective, lasting relief from muscle pain. The use of medical marijuana has been one popular option that continues to be sought. Small but rigorous studies suggest that marijuana is indeed effective in alleviating muscle spasms caused by MS.

A report published by the Journal of Experimental Medicine indicates that marijuana does work. Research has also established that cannabinoids have neuroprotective properties and can reverse some of the nerve damage caused by MS. The American Academy of Neurology has acknowledged this report, which published a report stating that the herb can alleviate some symptoms of MS when used as a pill or spray.

This finding has been seconded by another report published by Frontiers in Immunology. Their report indicates that cannabinoids are strong anti-inflammatories that work at the cell level. 

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Marijuana Testing on Animals

Research done on animals has also established that marijuana is effective in calming muscle spasms. It is believed that spasms come from the areas of the brain that control movement. This includes areas that are loaded with cannabinoid receptors. One experiment done on rodents showed that they became more animated when receiving limited amounts of cannabinoids in larger doses. 

In yet another study, it was found that a synthetic cannabinoid knows as Nabilone reduces pain caused by muscle spasm significantly. The FDA has since approved it. The study also found that smoking cannabis provided relief against muscle spasm pain to a significant and measurable level. 


Methods of Using Medical Marijuana


Marijuana Muscle Relaxant

Research continues to be done on the effectiveness of marijuana for muscle recovery, as well. Findings from the studies have indicated that there is anecdotal evidence that the herb can reduce or prevent muscle aches and spasms caused by injury or overexertion through exercise and athletic performance. One way marijuana does this by aiding muscle recovery. To this end, a growing number of athletes are using the herb for its anti-inflammatory action in muscle recovery by reducing the damage caused by oxidate stress caused by exercise or athletic performance. This was shared in an article in Business Insider. 

These and other medical reports that provide positive research findings seem to have turned opponents to take a different view of medical marijuana use to aid muscle recovery and alleviate muscle pain. Since the findings were made and published on different forums, professional and elite athletes have publicly endorsed cannabis compounds for muscle pain management and muscle recovery. Professional sports leagues and associations have added their voice in support and are examining the stand on the use of medical marijuana for the same purpose. It was a big win when the World Anti-Doping Agency removed medical marijuana from its banned substances list in 2018.

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Doctors for Marijuana

As the debate on the safety and effectiveness of the use of medical marijuana continues, a group of doctors who believe in its potential came together to help patients who could benefit from its use. Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Doctors is a clinic that helps potential to get recommended for the use of medical marijuana. Patients are helped to get registered with a local program and get a card that makes it easier for them to access cannabis-derived drugs.

Every doctor on the team is a fully licensed medical doctor. The doctors are also registered in their respective states as medical marijuana doctors. Each doctor has an in-depth understanding of this herb and only advocates for its medical use because they know its benefits for patients with certain symptoms and conditions. MMJ Doctors are located in New York, Maryland, Florida, Montana, Arizona, and Puerto Rico. Get in touch and find out about getting a medical marijuana treatment card for yourself or a loved one. 

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