Medical Marijuana for Joint Pain

Medical Marijuana for Joint Pains

Amid the prevalent back pain concerns, you’ll find many people trying different remedies. Over time, these methods deliver mixed results. However, since the legalization of medical marijuana in a majority of the states, medics, and the health industry, in general, have been exploring the potency of cannabis in providing an effective solution to joint pain problems. In this article, we will discuss medical marijuana for joint pain specifically, as we understand the importance of the topic due to a large number of people suffering from such pains.

Fundamentally, every Marijuana plant strain has a unique blend of a multitude of plant compounds. These natural derivatives can influence your neurochemistry, and the extracts may work coefficiently, producing quality improvements in joint pain management than any other unique medicinal element. Let’s look at the potential benefits of medical marijuana in the treatment of joint pains.

Potential Effects of Cannabis As It Relates to Pain Management

What properties make marijuana potentially useful as an alternative treatment regimen for joint pain? First and foremost, it inhibits two concerns closely related to the condition; pain and inflammation. Once marijuana gets into your system, it appends to specific receptors present in your neuro system (in the brain) and the immune system.

Primarily, specific receptors such as CB2 play a significant role in the management of pain and inflammation. Medics, therefore, perceive marijuana as having the capacity to influence the mode through which these receptors react to pain and inflammation signals. Subsequently, the use of medical marijuana can help reduce the concerns mentioned above with minimal side effects as compared to other treatment methods.

One review on the effects of marijuana on joint pain indicates that some of the product’s derivatives (CBD) hold significant potential as an anti-inflammatory agent.

What Is Joint Pain?

Identifying the cause of pain is the first step to its effective treatment

At every part of your body where two bones come together, joints facilitate and maintain flexibility and movement functions in your body. Alongside flexibility, your joints help create stability and maintain a sufficient range of motion when you’re performing certain activities. Yet, bones are susceptible to stiffness and pain since they’re responsible for all musculoskeletal movements.

Joint pain relates to many types of arthritis. You may, however, get joint pain from specific injuries and conditions unrelated to arthritis. And, since treatment varies according to the cause of your joint pain, you must receive the right diagnosis.

Often, joint pain by itself isn’t a medical emergency. And you can ease some forms of mild joint pain at home successfully. In other severe cases that may result in excruciating pain lasting for relatively longer durations, it’s in your best interest to seek medical intervention to ease the problem.

Types of Joint Pain

Joint pain manifests in many varieties, some of which include:

Arthritis—Osteoarthritis is a frequent form of the joint condition that afflicts the bones core and equally causes joint cartilage deterioration.

Gout—This is another medical disorder adversely impacting the joints after the build-up of uric acid resulting from metabolic problems. Eventually, this may result in the accumulation of chalk-stone in the aggrieved joints.

Aching Joints—This joint pain problem causes inflammation in your joints. More so, the condition is likely to aggravate the nerve endings resulting in irritation.

Marijuana for Joint Pain Management

Marijuana has two primary active compounds – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). More importantly, medical marijuana utilizes one of these chemical components (CBD) to ease joint pains, which makes medical marijuana for joint pain one of the most effective treatments.

The uses of high-CBD strains for treating joint pain

The primary mechanism by which CBD may help resolve joint pain is through lessening inflammation—mainly by obstructing inflammatory mediators. It may also increase glycine receptors, which aid in pain control at the spinal level. Likewise, it can stunt both neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

CBD is the functional chemical in medical marijuana. It’s similar to chemicals your body manufactures that associate closely with hunger, general thoughts, movement, and pain. CBD can effectively help reverse the adverse effects on pain receptors in your immune system, naturally helping with RA and other autoimmune conditions.

In What Form Can Cannabis for Joint Pain be an Effective Treatment?

Contact MMJ DOCTORS for your joint pain treatment

Below are some standard delivery methods of marijuana for joint pains:

  • Topicals—As a non-psychoactive derivative, you can apply marijuana topicals to your skin without you having concerns about getting high. These weed-infused creams, ointments, balms, and more, thereby, fuse into your body and can effectively combat both inflammation and pain.
  • Smoking or Vaping—This inhalation approach is amongst the most potent ways to relieve joint pain. You may Inhale it through a vaporizer—that turns it into a mist—or smoke the marijuana flower.
  • Edibles and Beverages—You can consume your medical marijuana either in a lollipop, brownie, chocolate, or drink it in a beverage.

It is important to know that smokable marijuana or edibles are not legal in all medical marijuana states.

Because everyone has varying degrees of pain tolerance, an excellent understanding of marijuana for joint pain dosage is key to unlocking the potential benefits of the natural product. So, it may take some more dosage insights until you get it right. MMJ Doctors is here to help you if you need help with getting medical marijuana for joint pain or for any other pain or disorder treatable by medical cannabis. Our medical marijuana doctors have many years of experience in the field. Contact us for more information about the management of pain through the use of medical marijuana. Call us toll-free: 888-578-6704 or visit our appointment page.

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