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Over the years, millions of people have reported feelings of pleasure and tranquility following the use of medical marijuana. Other than these, several reported therapeutic benefits make it quite popular among its users. These include the management of insomnia, regulation of seizures in autistic patients, and the relief of the tremors linked to Parkinsonism. With the growing list of its therapeutic benefits, the question arises on the benefits of medical cannabis in the management of different medical issues in women. To answer this question, be patient as we help you gain a clear view of what medical marijuana can do for women as we review the medical journeys of five women who have used it. Their stories will leave you fascinated as to how marijuana has proven beneficial in helping ladies from different walks of life cope with ailments and how they now swear by it as the best therapeutic option.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the struggles that these five women have endured and how they have beautifully tackled them using medical marijuana to lead happy and healthy lives. Here are their experiences.

How Olivia Has Used Medical Marijuana to Manage PTSD

Olivia Scott is a 24-year-old combat medic who shared the story of her recovery from PTSD with us. Olivia links her training at the military academy as one of the foundations of her PTSD. After coming home from the war, she suffered bouts of insomnia and was uncomfortable in crowded places. The violence in the war zone messed up her head and the do-or-die atmosphere of the war deeply affected her. Her levels of anger, frustration, and anxiety following the war had a profound effect on her mental health as did the hyper-vigilance of the war zone.

Olivia shed light on how she overcame PTSD in just fifteen days after she started using medical cannabis. Her friend also shared her story of how she used medical marijuana to get through the toughest days when suffering PTSD. She had also been a combat medic in the war and had been dealing with trauma for three years following her return home.

To gain a better insight into Olivia’s battle with PTSD and why she chose medical marijuana to manage it, the following is a transcript of her interview:


Medical Cannabis treats PTSD


Q: Can you shed some light on the effects of PTSD that you suffered after your return from the war?

Well, I wish to never relieve those days because of the effects of PTSD ruined my life. I mean, there is little you can expect from a combat medic who has just come home from three months of ever-present violence, blood, and fighting. In my line of work, I was meant to handle the injured and I can say that I wholeheartedly offered my services and sometimes went beyond what was expected of me to treat them. However, what followed the management of injured people was terrible. My heart pounded all the time and I had nausea. I constantly got recollections of the Iraq civil war that included people dying again and again. At the time, I became emotionless and preferred solitude. I felt like my life was over.  I couldn’t sleep at night and some other days I had nightmares.


Q: How long did your PTSD last for and why?

My PTSD lasted for three years. I was scared of seeking professional help from the military doctors because I knew they would diagnose me with PTSD. This diagnosis would mean my name is included on the injured soldier’s list and this would herald the end of my military career. Furthermore, I would not be picked for additional military courses and was afraid of the stigma that the diagnosis would bring. I also realized that physicians would prescribe drugs to manage PTSD symptoms. These reasons kept me from going to a doctor and saw me live with PTSD for such a long time. 


Q: What factors caused you to look into medical marijuana as a treatment option?

If you did not have an idea, soldiers who return from a war zone have higher chances of committing suicide compared to those leading civilian lives. Among these numbers, women are more at risk of committing suicide compared to men. These high suicide chances motivated me to take a considerable step towards the management of my PTSD.

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Q: Which symptoms of PTSD were first cured when you took medical cannabis and how?

The first symptom that was cured was insomnia. With PTSD, I had a recurrence of nightmares and traumatic experiences that kept me awake through the night. Insomnia kept my brain from healing as it should have after the war. When I started taking cannabis oil, I finally started enjoying a calm and healthy night’s sleep. Initially, I took 2-10 milligrams of cannabis oil. Believe it or not, those doses helped me sleep for longer than I had before taking the cannabis oil. Furthermore, it reduced the anxieties I initially had when waking up and the nightmares I experienced.


Q: What were the changes you noticed after you started using marijuana?

Well, I was more persevering of my partner and could even withstand the worst taunts from my friends or family members. While I could not go into crowded places like festivals and malls with PTSD, marijuana helped me get out of the house at last and started enjoying life again. I could now face people better than I could after returning from the war. Medical cannabis helped me recover my lost identity and gave me the chance to be myself. Moreover, I let go of the constant worry and fear that had become a part of my life with PTSD. I also noticed that after taking cannabis I was happy and content.


Q: What is your advice to the other people suffering from PTSD?

If you have PTSD, I would advise you to stay optimistic and do not get lost in the entire process. Look at yourself as a survivor rather than a victim and believe in yourself. Be patient with yourself by giving yourself enough time to recover then regain the strength you had before your trauma. Through your illness, always remind yourself that this is not the end and that the symptoms you experience will not last forever.

Finally, if you, like me, have gone through a significantly traumatic experience, try medical marijuana. Unlike the other drugs available that come with several side effects and do not work, cannabis works and has minimal side effects. For me, medical cannabis replaced all the medications I used to take to deal with PTSD symptoms. I do not take any other drugs anymore because medical cannabis has proved enough for the right purpose.

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Lisa Cuddy’s Experience When Using Cannabis to Manage Inflammatory Arthritis

Lisa Cuddy, a 54-year-old inflammatory arthritis patient is a former athlete. Though it is a challenge for her to recall the precise time she got the disease, she has tried to give as much information about it as she can for this article. Lisa has four kids. Her son now remembers the hopelessness he felt on seeing his previously healthy and active mother dealing with joint soreness after climbing stairs. Inflammatory arthritis was one of the hardest things that Lisa’s family has had to accept. 

Lisa revealed that the condition kept her up through the night because of its associated sudden knee pain and stiffness. She had also been struggling with numbness in her hands for some time. The burning sensations and tingles that accompanied the hand numbness made her life a misery. Fortunately, she found nothing short of a miracle for its management in medical cannabis that helped her recover in three weeks.


Medical Marijuana treats arthritis


Q: What arthritis type was you diagnosed with?

Though most people only know about osteoarthritis, my condition was somewhat different. I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. Mine was the most prevalent type of inflammatory arthritis known as rheumatoid arthritis. The inflammation of joints and other body tissues characterizes this condition.


Q: During the time you suffered from inflammatory arthritis, what symptom was the worst?

For me, the worst thing about inflammatory arthritis was pain. To me, the knee pain associated with the condition seemed intolerable. I turned to steroid injections, anti-inflammatory drugs, and pain relievers to manage pain. Moreover, I had constant swelling on my knees and could thus not move them properly. My knees were so stiff and locked that I could only manage a limited range of motion on them.


Q: How did you discover medical cannabis and why were you looking for another solution for managing arthritis?

I noticed that one of the side effects of the drugs and injections I was taking to manage the pain I noticed was in was that I suddenly gained weight. Moreover, the drugs could not adequately manage the symptoms of my inflammatory arthritis. When I learned that none of the drugs was working for me, I started looking for a solution that would have no side effects. I came across medical marijuana when I looked on the internet for solutions. This, to me, met all the requirements of what I was looking for in the perfect medication. Other than replacing the drugs I was taking, I doubt there was anything on the market for the management of inflammatory arthritis that beats medical cannabis. 

Q: How has medical marijuana helped you to cope with the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis?

I was hoping for instant results and was, therefore, a bit disappointed when I did not get any. After about three weeks, however, I noticed that my knees’ functioning had improved, my joints were less stiff and the inflammation had reduced. The soreness I had in my knees after climbing stairs had also disappeared. On some days I took higher doses of THC as my doctor had recommended for the times I experienced unbearable joint pain. The high THC doses also gave me a better sleep quality. Furthermore, with medical cannabis, I finally got rid of all the stress that I had suffered over the years.

Q: What was your method of cannabis administration and is there one you preferred?

As previously stated, I was tired of the same medication day in, day out with little effect on my symptoms. Therefore, when I started taking medical marijuana I was looking for a different thing. One thing that drew me to marijuana were the many methods of its consumption. At times, I smoked the drug so that I could feel human. In other instances, I took the marijuana orally so that I could get instant pain relief. I also tried mixing the drug with edibles. All in all, I tried taking cannabis in as many ways as I possibly could. You can evidently see how I tried to make the most of it to manage my inflammatory arthritis.

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Q: Other than cannabis use, what other modalities did you use to manage inflammatory arthritis?

I was an athlete and previously had quite a healthy life. As such, I did not need to make as many lifestyle changes to manage inflammatory arthritis once I started taking medical marijuana. I only ensured that my daily diet comprised more fresh vegetables and fruits. I also started daily exercises. While these changes were a bit challenging for me at first, I stuck to a regular exercise regimen and maintained a healthy weight.

Q: What other advice do you have for the people reading your story?

The first thing they should remember is never to replace their inflammatory arthritis medications with medical marijuana before they consult a doctor. Second, get your cannabis from a reputable store. After all, arthritis is a serious condition and you would not want to risk your life with low-quality marijuana.

All in all, I want to state that medical marijuana saved my life. As an active athlete, I had no idea how to be inactive. However, when I got inflammatory arthritis, I became the laziest person on the face of the earth. Medical cannabis has helped me to get my life back to what it used to be. I would highly endorse it for all people suffering from arthritis because I understand what your life is like when you have relentless knee pain.

How Mom Sara Used Cannabis Oil to Treat Her Epileptic Daughter

Mom Sara lives in Wilkinson and has an unmarried 19-year old daughter named Chloe who had epilepsy. As she shared her story with us, the shine in her eyes was evident as she told how medical cannabis helped her daughter recover from epilepsy. While it was challenging for her to remember all the details of the diagnosis in her daughter, she tried to give as much information as possible on the major details of the disorder and how medical cannabis treated it in thirty days.

According to mom Sara, Chloe had her first convulsion only 29 minutes after her birth. This, and the explanation of her daughter’s condition, led to her losing control of herself. This was further compounded when Chloe had to be placed in an incubator and started turning blue in it. To give you a clear picture of the entire scenario, here is the interview she gave for this article:


Medical Marijuana treats menstrual cramps


Q: What was the severity level of Chloe’s initial seizures and how frequent were they?

Chloe’s initial seizure happened when she was only 29 minutes old. What followed was months than years of changing her anti-seizure drugs trying to get something that would minimize the constant seizure attacks she went on to have. There were hundreds of attacks daily with one happening every five minutes. Her day only seemingly included seizures and sleeping. I cannot accurately tell you how severe the seizures were. They were horrifying. My daughter’s oxygen levels would drop and she would become blue during the seizures.


Q: For you, what was the most challenging thing when dealing with Chloe’s epilepsy?

Neurologists said that there was nothing that could be done about my daughter’s seizures. After this, I came home with her, gathered my boys, and explained what the specialists had said. This, to me, was the most difficult thing I had to do when Chloe had epilepsy. We just prepared then sat together. While we were not about to give up on my daughter, we had to do what the neurologists had instructed. I pray that no parent has to go through the hopelessness I did at that point.


Q: How did you learn about the benefits of medical cannabis for epilepsy patients?

Surprisingly, I was a part of many social media support groups that comprised parents of kids suffering from epilepsy. I felt like the people in these groups were the only ones who clearly understood my emotions. On these social media groups, I came across the marvels of medical cannabis for the management of epilepsy when one of the parents talked about its medicinal benefits. With this information, I talked about the option of medical marijuana for controlling my daughter’s condition with the doctor but he initially refused to prescribe it. However, he advised me to get a second opinion from a medical cannabis doctor. I got the prescription for medical marijuana from this doctor and started using it as he directed.


Q: What form did you choose for your daughter’s medical marijuana consumption?

Well, Chloe was really young when she was started on medical marijuana. As such, she could not take marijuana in its raw form. For her, I added 250mg of coconut oil in heated marijuana. This was the doctor’s recommendation as to the best way for my daughter to take marijuana. I maintained a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD in her marijuana dosage. When I sprayed the drug under Chloe’s tongue, she did not look like she enjoyed its taste. I thus started mixing medical cannabis with juice. She loved drinking this juice. 

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Q: What was the effect of Chloe’s recovery on you and your family?

Honestly, Chloe’s recovery made us feel like we could all breathe again. With her epilepsy, it felt like we held our breaths throughout because we were not sure about the condition. There was a lot of uncertainty on whether we could spend the next minute with her. Her recovery removed all the uncertainties we had gotten used to. Finally, we could start doing things as a family like eating together and spending time out. Chloe’s siblings could also finally hold her like they would a normal child since medical cannabis negated the ‘’ medical emergencies’’ we were initially scared of.


Q: Other than the cannabis oil, what other steps did you take to manage Chloe’s seizures?

Other than starting Chloe on medical cannabis, I and my family learned about the triggers of their seizures. Triggers are the circumstances that will cause seizures in people with epilepsy. They include bright lights, not sticking to medication, alcohol, stress, and lack of adequate sleep. Unfortunately, in Chloe’s case, doctors did not know what triggered her seizures. Therefore, we started avoiding all the documented triggers of seizures. For example, I ensured that Chloe got enough sleep and there were no bright lights in our house.

 In conclusion, I’d like to state that medical cannabis not only changed Chloe’s life but my entire family as well. I cannot thank God enough when I see my daughter’s bright smile now. Hundreds of epilepsy patients are out there looking for the natural solution to their condition. I hope my story helps them know that medical cannabis is the best choice for them. With it, they need not keep running to doctors with medical emergencies because I understand how horrible this situation is.

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Amanda’s Journey of Managing Severe Menstrual Cramps with Medical Marijuana

Amanda Halsey, a 35-year-old single lady also got the chance to share with us her journey with menstrual cramps that started when she turned nineteen years old. Her story began with details on the struggles she dealt with when she initially had to pause her daily activities during her cycle because of the cramps. She also talked about the effects of PMS {premenstrual syndrome} and clarified how she was able to survive the dreadful menstrual cramps. Finally, she found a way to manage her most painful days through the use of medical marijuana. For a clear picture of Amanda’s journey with menstrual cramps, here is her interview:


Medical Marijuana treats epilepsy.


Q: How did you feel when you had menstrual cramps?

Well, precisely, I always had severe pain and a continuous throbbing along my lower abdomen. There was also so much pressure in this area that my abdomen felt like it was about to burst open. The discomfort would get worse with the pain in my lower abdomen radiating to the inner thighs. At times, there was a stabbing pain along my lower body that led me to spend hours in the bathroom crying and bending over my tummy. I took these steps because I felt like I could no longer handle the cramps.


Q: How did you cope with the severe menstrual cramps you experienced?

I often used a hot water bottle to relieve the cramps. I’d put this bottle on my abdomen. The heat is emitted would ease my blood flow which, in turn, often reduced abdominal pain. Unfortunately, the hot water bottle did not always work. When the pain became unbearable, I reached for pain relievers since they helped. However, there were several side effects that came with the medications. These effects made them an unsuitable alternative for the management of menstrual cramps.


Q: Why did you settle for medical cannabis to manage your menstrual cramps?

During my cycles, I not only had to put up with physical cramps but also with PMS that came with irritability, mood swings, anxiety, and depression. The CBD in cannabis relieves stress while relaxing the uterine muscles whose contractions result in cramps. This means that with cannabis, I could relieve PMS symptoms as well as cramps. These facts informed my settling on medical marijuana to manage menstrual cramps.


Q: What was your method of medical marijuana consumption during your menses?

I preferred using cannabis topicals like oils and lotions during my menses. I applied these to the pelvic area {below my belly button}. When I was looking for instant pain relief more so when I was in unbearable pain, however, I settled on vaping marijuana. A few people might wonder why I did not opt for medicated edibles. I did consume medicated edibles at some point, but guess what? The effect of the edibles took some time to kick in and this made them unsuitable for the relief of the stabbing pain I experienced with menstrual cramps.

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Q: How has your life changed after you started taking medical cannabis?

 I underwent drastic life changes when I chose medical cannabis to manage menstrual cramps. Finally, I could handle my work when I was on my menses. In the past, I had to put my work aside for three days as I menstruated. Other than relieving the cramps, medical cannabis has improved my mental health. I no longer get easily irritated and my previous emotional sensitivity has disappeared. Moreover, I no longer deal with mood swings, bloating, and constipation during my menses.                                                                             

In conclusion, I would state that for women dealing with severe menstrual cramps, medical marijuana is a safe management option. As one of these women in the past, nothing seemed to work for me. Other than cannabis, consume healthier foods during your menses and shun caffeine to reduce the pain. If, however, the pain and discomfort get out of hand, it is advisable to consult a doctor. All in all, I am sure there is no safer and more effective solution for menstrual cramps out there than medical marijuana. This is particularly important for women looking for something with little to no side effects.

Remember that as your body releases negative emotions and toxins during menstruation, you should allow your physical and psychological systems to work together. These systems should embrace the changes that your body goes through during this time with love and care. Medical cannabis will prove to be the best partner during your menstruation as it handles all the changes your body goes through.

Alysha’s Journey of Managing Acne and Scarring Using Medical Cannabis

Our final story is from 20-year-old Alysha Holmes, a single lady. As she shared her story with us, she detailed the benefits her skin has had from the use of medical marijuana. She also elaborated on the association between acne and stress. In her case, acne and scarring were caused by stress. Furthermore, she opened up on the remarks she had to put up with when she was dealing with acne and how miserable she felt with every comment. Acne somewhat became entwined in her personality. To gain a deeper understanding of Alysha’s journey, here is a transcript of her interview:


Medical Cannabis cure for acne


Q: Can you recall what initially triggered your acne?

As far as I can remember, the tiniest details in my life started stressing me. For me, the turning point was college life. At this point, I lost my close pals, my grades dipped and I could no longer cope with the stress. At that time, I noticed slight skin inflammation that would later become severe acne. Since I was already dealing with too much, I did not pay much attention to the inflammation. I assumed that it would disappear spontaneously, but this was not to be. This marked the start of my skin issues.


Q: What body areas were affected by your acne and what was its severity?

Fortunately, only my face was affected by acne. However, during the times my friends or grades stressed me. I would also notice acne symptoms around my shoulders and upper back. Luckily, the acne on these parts only appeared in certain situations like stress. At times, I had papules on my skin. These kept me from washing my face since they would hurt badly. Moreover, I felt like the papules made my skin boil and were extremely agonizing.


Q: How was your self-esteem affected by the acne?

As is well-known, society currently puts a lot of emphasis on looks. It is crucial to look pretty irrespective of how sad or devastated you are feeling on the inside. When my skin was affected by acne, I started justifying my appearance to other people using stupid explanations. This justification and my look took a toll on my self-confidence and I was no longer comfortable in my skin. Nobody was there to validate my feelings when I was battling acne and I had to do this on my own. Through the years, this is how acne affected my self-esteem.

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Q: How did you know about medical cannabis?

My dermatologist is the one who suggested that I use medical cannabis to manage acne. It was a game-changer for me and I am so happy I used it. Everyone had given up on me and my face was covered with acne scars. Things for me were quite terrible at the time. Every treatment I tried for acne did not seem to work. This was when the dermatologist recommended that I try medical cannabis.


Q: What difference did you see when you started on medical marijuana?

I did not just notice a difference. My entire life was changed when I started using medical marijuana. While I previously would cancel my plans to avoid my friends’ comments, I no longer had to do so. Second, my self-esteem got a significant boost such that I could now confidently talk and laugh. Third, when I had acne I felt that people were ashamed to be around me. This changed when I started on medical cannabis. In summary, my life positively changed.


Q: What is your advice for the other girls that suffer from severe acne?

I first want to state that what you are feeling is valid whether you are dealing with mild or severe acne. You, however, need to own yourself, be confident, and love yourself. Girls, there is nothing wrong with having a face filled with scars. After all, why should you worry about a scar-filled face when you have medical cannabis that can simplify your life? Focus on your inner beauty since it defines the outer beauty. All in all, embrace everything you have.

Acne does not make anyone ugly. You are beautiful whether or not you are dealing with its scars. Appreciate that you are trying everything to manage the acne and stop comparing your look to Instagram celebrities. Be yourself when in crowds. This is because when you are confident and happy, the people surrounding you will radiate the same energy. Get rid of all negative self-talk, pamper yourself, and invest in yourself. Medical cannabis has already solved acne for you.


From the above interviews of five brave women, you now appreciate the commitment that comes with medical cannabis for the management of women issues ranging from acne scars, and PTSD, to menstrual cramps. Cannabis will also prove beneficial for those battling inflammatory arthritis and epilepsy. Nonetheless, in the recent past, the focus on women’s health has shifted dramatically. There are now multiple therapeutic approaches that have been introduced to the market to promote and control women’s health. Medical cannabis is among the leading options in this case. Nowadays, women are open to using medical cannabis to manage conditions they had not thought of in the past. Talk to a specialist on using the same to handle any issues you are dealing with.

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You are welcome to share your use of medical cannabis to manage different conditions with us. Do not forget to share the above inspiring healing journeys of other people with your family and friends. After all, people learn from each other and the more you learn, the more you will have to impart to other people.

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