MMJ Doctors can help you find the relief you deserve with medical marijuana. There are a variety of products available for potential patients, most notably medical marijuana oil.

If you are interested in what medical marijuana can do for you, get in touch with MMJ Doctors. We provide services that allow patients to get a medical marijuana card that will allow them to get proper treatment for their ailments.

From traditional capsules to vaporizes, there are many options for all users of medical marijuana oil.

What Is Medical Marijuana Oil?

Cannabis is a well-known plant that has been used on this Earth for generations. In the last century or so, the marijuana strain made its way into popular culture for a variety of reasons. Mainly, people became aware that marijuana flower is a plant that can be smoked, which could then cause one to get high. Smoking could result in strange behavior and acting “spaced out,” all of which can be seen by some as a negative.

Due to this reputation of marijuana being for “stoners,” it can be hard to realize or understand that the plant has many other uses outside of being smoked. For one thing, if you were only interested in the “high” properties of marijuana, you still have more options than merely smoking dry flower.

Medical marijuana oil is just that: extracted oil from the marijuana plant. The thickness of the oil and some of its specific properties can vary between different types of cannabis plants. In any case, marijuana oil contains a large dose of CBD and THC, the two most prominent cannabinoids found in cannabis, marijuana, or otherwise. CBD can provide the healing properties that make it attractive to people just looking to treat ailments, such as pain or an injury. THC is the component that provides that high many marijuana users enjoy having. Depending on the oil itself, the levels of THC and CBD can vary; depending on what you’re looking for, you may want less or more of the two or a good balance of both.

What is Medical Cannabis Oil

Only active medical marijuana patients have legal access to medical cannabis-derived oils

Marijuana Oil vs. Hemp Oil

There is an important distinction that has to be made between marijuana and hemp. Both of these plants come from cannabis, but each one has a different purpose and is regulated differently. Hemp is mostly CBD rich, federally legal, and can be used in a variety of purposes outside of medicine. Marijuana contains a high concentration of THC, is only legal in certain states, and can really only be consumed as a medicine (or recreational drug). Additionally, while hemp products can be purchased at a variety of stores, marijuana can only be purchased at a medical marijuana dispensary.

What Can Medical Marijuana Oil Be Used For?

The versatility of cannabis allows for many things to come from the plant. When it comes to marijuana oil, a variety of products exist that can help treat ailments and bring patient relief. The types can vary significantly between each other, and it will ultimately be up to the patient which type is be best for them.

Cannabis Capsules

If you want medical marijuana in a way that is easy to regulate and is familiar, capsules might be your best bet. Capsules work like a more traditional medication, which means taking them in doses and with a routine. Oral medicine is also helpful for those who cannot smoke marijuana and still want the benefits of the medicine. Seeing it as only smokable can make some hesitant, so having a capsule option opens up the possibility for some potential users.


This is probably the purest version of marijuana oil, as it is literally the oil. However, what makes tinctures unique is the application via droplets under the tongue. This can make the process of ingesting marijuana more akin to taking a vitamin, which can make it appealing for some users. This same oil can be used for vaporizers and other related products.


If you want the benefits of medical marijuana but do not want to consume the actual oil, topicals are for you. Topicals from medical marijuana can come in a few forms besides oils, such as creams. However, marijuana oil can absolutely be used topically in the same way as creams, such as on an injury or on the hands to treat chronic pain. Topicals are strongly recommended to those that would prefer not to ingest marijuana in the more “traditional” way.


Among the most popular forms of medical marijuana consumption is through vaping. While this also technically counts as inhalation, the oils that are extracted from marijuana are what is being used in vaping. Whether you’re using a vape pen or a larger rig, oils are used, combined, and sold for the purposes of being vaporized. Vaping is also fairly easy to take with you, as long as you have a safe place to keep the oil. So if you’re interested in vaping your medical marijuana, oils will always be a part of the process.


Call MMJ Doctors Miami for your FL Cannabis Card

This last one is a bit tricky, depending on where you live. Marijuana oil can be used when making food; the oils can be integrated into the food so that one can get the effects of the plant via eating. This is what edibles are, and how the creation of what are known as “pot brownies” came to be. In the most literal sense, it’s just the marijuana oil mixed in with the food you eat.

The reason why this gets tricky is that it’s not completely legal in every state that allows medical marijuana. The reasons for this mostly stem from edibles counting as both medicine and food, which means it has to go through additional hoops in order to be approved for sale. In states like Florida, where medical marijuana has recently become legal, the selling of edibles continues to be an ongoing process.

Where Can I Get Medical Marijuana Oil?

In order to get medical marijuana oil, you will need to go to a state dispensary, which requires a doctor’s recommendation and an MMJ ID card. To get any of those, you will need to schedule an appointment with a licensed cannabis doctor who can legally recommend you for purchasing from a dispensary. Once you have been evaluated, you will receive a recommendation with active orders on the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry, which you can use at a dispensary, in conjunction with your Florida Medical Marijuana card (which comes later in the mail).

You can get in touch with MMJ Doctors to set up your appointment with one of our licensed physicians who can evaluate and approve you for medical marijuana. You can call us or visit our website to make your appointment.

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