Using Medical Cannabis for Pain

Medical Marijuana Doctor and Pain Management in Miami

MMJ Doctors can provide you with officially signed recommendations for getting medical marijuana that can be used all across the state of Florida. Through studies, trials, and experiences, we have seen that medical marijuana for pain is an effective treatment option. The details surrounding the reasons why may not be fully known by everyone, but it’s based on combined understandings of the science of medicine and the way marijuana can affect the body.

Medical Marijuana for Pain as Alternative Medicine

Medical Marijuana for pain as a better alternative form of pain medicine

Pain is something we are all familiar with, but it’s also something that comes at different levels. Some pain is very momentary, such as someone poking you or ripping off a bandage. Other forms of pain can be long-term, such as a severe injury (internal or external). The pain usually heals over time, but this is not always the case, as can be seen with chronic pain. It is not always known where this on-going pain is coming from or how it got to you the way it did. There are even times where taking care of the pain proves to be a hassle, especially if the pain persists or worsens.

In the last few decades, the herb known as cannabis has become a popular form of medicine. Outside of its reputation as a recreational drug, medical marijuana has gained much traction from those who know it to be a useful medical alternative. Even those who enjoy cannabis recreationally have expressed the positive effects of it, which has further helped it become a legitimate alternative for those who do not or cannot take traditional pills and the like.

Medical marijuana has also proven itself to be extremely versatile. Smoking is the most popular, but there are many other ways to get cannabis into the system in safe and effective ways. While you can get it in capsules, medical marijuana is also available in oils, creams, and vaporizers. Smoking the actual marijuana flower has only recently become allowed, and it now joins the various other ways one can intake the medicine, with marijuana edibles (marijuana extract in food) soon to be included.

Just as medical marijuana has started to become more widespread and accepted, the process for being able to get medical marijuana has also become easier. While you still need to make sure you qualify under certain qualifying conditions, it’s simple to make an appointment to see a licensed marijuana doctor in person. Only a licensed physician can approve you for medical cannabis, but once you’re approved, you will be able to choose from a variety of options that exist for treating different types of ailments and disorders.

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

Medical Marijuana is natural form of pain management

Among the many qualifying conditions of ailments and disorders that can get you recommended for medical marijuana is chronic pain. Thanks to how open-ended this sort of illness can be, pain does not have to be from any one specific type of injury. You can be approved for medical cannabis if you have symptoms related to chronic pain, or have symptoms of something else that results in chronic pain. Just like medical cannabis itself, there is flexibility with what can qualify a person, though that does not mean you can walk into a clinic and get approved immediately. What it does mean is that doctors and clinics are willing to help those who could benefit from medical marijuana’s effects.

When one has pain, it’s usually to let us know that there is something wrong in our bodies. It could also be the result of something that happens over time, such as getting a headache from not being able to rest. Chronic pain is when the transmitters that tell your brain there’s pain continue to do so, even after the pain in question has ceased. As you can imagine, this can be a severe problem where one’s way of life is perpetually interrupted by an everlasting ache. Some people do learn to live with their chronic pain, but that could depend on whether the pain is minor and they take no medication for it, or if the pain is significant and they can’t get out of bed without medicine.

The way medical marijuana can treat chronic pain is by blocking the neurotransmissions that tell the brain you are in pain. The pain is then hindered or eliminated; this is mostly accomplished through marijuana’s natural element of cannabinoids, which are able to connect with the brain’s endocannabinoid system. This connection is a major part of why medical cannabis is so effective in combating chronic pain, and also why it makes for an excellent and natural alternative to painkillers. It also helps release dopamine, which can enhance a person’s mood so that they feel better overall. Dopamine release will also promote a person to living a healthy and regular lifestyle, in case the pain had previously prevented this.

How to Get Medical Marijuana

If you are interested in getting your Florida medical marijuana card to treat chronic pain, then you should first understand how to get approval for purchasing. MMJ Doctors makes it easy by letting you set up your appointment online and over the phone by calling 786-391-0269; no matter which way, you have to come in person to see the doctor. You will explain to the doctor the reasons why you would like to be prescribed medical cannabis, they will evaluate you and your reasons, and then come up with a recommendation. Once approved, you will go over the types of options you have and choose the one that is best for you; the doctor will also prescribe you the dosage. In the case of the marijuana flower, if this is your first time being prescribed, you must first try out one of the other forms of medical cannabis before being approved for smokable marijuana.

Let MMJ Doctors Miami help you find the relief you deserve. Contact us by phone or visit our website to set up your appointment today.

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