It has been proven that medical marijuana for PTSD is an extremely successful treatment option that more people should have access to. We at MMJ Doctors Miami understand how important it is for you to receive proper care, and we want to make sure your options are helpful and plentiful.

Since other forms of medication can cause more harm than good, medical marijuana can be a great help to those who need it most.

Over several decades featuring trials, observations, and experiences, it has been safely declared that cannabis has beneficial health effects. This will come as no surprise to some, including those who already have experience with cannabis. However, it can be hard for some to believe that marijuana and the elements that can be pulled from it can be of any use to the health of an individual. This is what makes medical marijuana such an important treatment option, as it can prove effective where other drugs are not. It’s a matter of continuing research and support to make sure more people have an opportunity to receive medical cannabis in Florida.

Medical Marijuana for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Medical Marijuana is not something you will hear about at the VA

Among those who need medical marijuana treatment most are people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Covering a broad spectrum of experiences, ages, and backgrounds, those with PTSD struggle on a daily basis to do things many of us take for granted. Minor things that may not bother others can dramatically impact someone with PTSD. It could be any number of small and large things; those with PTSD often find themselves unable to return to their previous life. The person they were before their trauma is no longer there and the life they used to have is forever out of reach. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It has been proven, through a combination of research and results, that medical marijuana can help those who have PTSD.

Everyone who has had a traumatic experience goes about it differently. The experiences may result in similar symptoms (insomnia, anxiety, restlessness), but the experiences themselves vary greatly. The use of medical marijuana has shown to significantly reduce these symptoms for those with PTSD. Where before sleep was unattainable, it is now a reality. Everyday fears and concerns brought back by daily sounds and visuals become restrained. People have been able to finally go back to living their best lives, thanks to the power and natural benefits that medical marijuana has given them.

Why Choose Medical Cannabis for PTSD?

For additional understanding, it is vital to know why people turn to medical marijuana. While it can be seen merely as an easy way of getting weed, there are many who benefit from the various forms of cannabis medication available. Some people do not have positive results when they take “traditional” medicine; in some cases, they either feel no different or worse than they did before. The medication one would get at their local pharmacy can make some patients feel nothing, as if all feeling within them is gone, and that’s not good. A patient needs to keep their feelings flowing, otherwise other forms of treatment (such as therapy) do not work as intended.

Whether it’s oils, vapor, pills, or smoking, the makeup of marijuana has been able to provide specified components that can be used as treatment. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the main components found and extracted, with CBD providing the safest and healthiest benefits. These components are able to promote a specific set of neurotransmitters in the brain, known as anandamide. This transmitter can elevate one’s mood and help memory, among other things.

Those who have PTSD are reported to have less anandamide than those who do not suffer from trauma; medical marijuana is able to increase this and make its users feel much better. The fixing of these neurotransmitters is one of the critical ways cannabis can help those who have PTSD, as it will also limit and prevent the retrieval of the trauma itself. This also means the reduction and elimination of any possible “episodes” and nightmares a sufferer may have.

If you suffer from PTSD and live in the greater Miami metropolitan area consider consulting our licensed marijuana doctor. Becoming a medical marijuana patient might help you bring that long-awaited relief faster than you think.

Getting Medical Marijuana in Miami

Something important to keep in mind is that the federal government does not cover medical marijuana for PTSD, nor does it cover medical marijuana in general. This may seem obvious at first, but it can interfere with what your health provider can help you with. So if you were a veteran, and went to your VA to see if you could get medical marijuana, they may not be able to help you directly. Since medical marijuana is still regulated and legalized per state, it can not be as easily discovered or recommended by federal organizations. This can lead to some people not getting medical cannabis simply because they did not receive complete information. Remember, regardless of what you might think, medical marijuana in Florida is at your disposal, as long as you can qualify.

Emotional Support Animals for PTSD

If you feel you need another form of therapy, you may want to consider getting an emotional support animal (ESA). Many people suffering and living with varying conditions have found ESAs to be a life-changing help; the type of emotional support animal all depends on you, whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or snake. If you get the proper documentation the right way, you will be able to take your ESA with you on airplanes and keep them in apartment complexes that may otherwise charge you extra or not allow your pet. Bring up emotional support animals with your physician to see if they think it would be a beneficial part of your treatment. If you’re approved, your licensed doctor will be able to provide you with an official and legitimate ESA letter that will make housing and travel that much easier.

Emotional Support Animal for PTSD

If you have PTSD and think that medical marijuana can help you, come to MMJ Doctors. Our licensed marijuana doctors will be able to exam you properly and let you know which forms of medical cannabis would work best for you. The relief you need is closer and safer than you think; since PTSD is one of the qualifying conditions pursuant to the Florida Medical Marijuana Program, you will be able to get medical marijuana in Miami as soon as seven days from your visit with our cannabis doctor. If you have questions on how to get a medical marijuana card in Miami contact us by dialing (305) 776-2898 today or visit our webpage to schedule your appointment to see if you qualify for medical marijuana.

Schedule an appointment with a qualified marijuana doctor today

Schedule an appointment with a qualified marijuana doctor today

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