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Growing in acceptance as a treatment option, medical marijuana has been seen more and more like a wonderful alternative for those with certain ailments and health conditions. If you have a serious health disorder, you could qualify for medical marijuana and benefit from it. Medical cannabis is also a bit strange and unknown for some people, so it is helpful to understand what it is, how it can help, and what products exist. Even these days, not every group of our society understands the benefits of cannabis; therefore, in this segment, we are discussing medical marijuana for senior citizens.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

It can be helpful to better specify what medical marijuana is, as well as cannabis as a whole. For one thing, cannabis is the regular plant from which hemp and marijuana come from. Marijuana is a plant that contains CBD and THC, the most prominent cannabinoids found in the plant. Their combined effect can make a user feel relaxed and calm while also treating pains and other health ailments.

Depending on the product you choose, you can have less THC, more CBD, or vice versa. People react to the cannabinoids differently, since a person’s body has cannabinoids of its own. When you consult with your licensed physician, you will be able to explain to them your situation, which will allow them to provide you with a proper recommendation.

All in all, medical marijuana is similar to recreational marijuana, except with greater leverage. If you are a medical marijuana user, you will have greater advantages when it comes to products, ounce amounts, cannabinoid levels, and protections. Medical marijuana is also legal in more parts of the country, which can be beneficial for some.

Medical Marijuana Misconceptions

Due to its history and only recent wider acceptance, marijuana can still come off as dangerous or a problem for many. People have thought that the marijuana plant is a gateway drug, or that it can lead to serious issues when this could not be further from the truth.

Fast-forwarding past the early 20th century perceptions, marijuana has proven itself to be both a popular recreational drug and a helpful treatment option for stress and anxiety. Before it started getting serious medical traction, marijuana users noted the plant’s effects on their overall composure.

While plenty of users enjoy the high it gives, those same users might notice how marijuana also treats their mental well being. If you are feeling down or stressed, marijuana can be a go-to solution, especially for those who have already used marijuana recreationally. The plant’s ability to benefit its users is part of what made it notable as a treatment option. When you add the lack of serious side-effects, and how the drug does much more good than bad for a person, it’s easy to see why some wanted to further investigate its effects.

Medical Marijuana for Senior Citizens

Medical marijuana has been a popular alternative for those seeking pain relievers. If you are a senior citizen and deal with a variety of medical ailments, you might want to consider medical marijuana. It may not be the most familiar form of treatment, but it is among the most effective. Maby do not realize how much various health benefits can medical marijuana for senior citizens.

Senior citizens tend to have various medications; usually vitamins, but in some cases, the medication is for pain relief. One of the biggest reasons people choose medical marijuana is for how effective it is at relieving pain. Even if you are using a product that is mostly CBD, the relief can still be felt. Sometimes it depends on the product you’re using, but usually, a balanced blend of THC and CBD, or just an extract of CBD, can do the trick.

Why Medical Marijuana

Why Medical Marijuana?

Probably the biggest appeal with medical marijuana for senior citizens is that senior citizens can be among those who suffer the most from chronic pain. Regardless of the cannabis product you choose, medical marijuana can be as effective as a painkiller for daily use. Some people use multiple pills for their pain, but medical marijuana often only needs one product type to be effective. If you do not have any adverse reactions and are open to it, medical marijuana could be the best treatment option for you.

Medical Marijuana Products

One of the best parts of medical marijuana is the varied product types available. If you want your medical marijuana to be taken orally, you have the option to get capsules, which present the medicine in a familiar package. Capsules are also good for patients that want to keep a consistent routine with their medicine taking.

Another oral type is tinctures, which use extracted oil that is dropped underneath one’s tongue. That same oil can be used for vaping, which is one of the most popular and commonly seen forms of modern marijuana usage. It is also one of the easiest, as vaping can be done with a custom rig or a pen, each of which is easy to carry and can sometimes be used indoors.

Probably the most famous form of marijuana consumption is a smokable flower, which is bought per ounce, rolled up, and then smoked. However, for one reason or another, not every medical marijuana state has smokable legalized. This means that, depending on your state, you can purchase a smokable dry marijuana flower. If you’re interested in this specific type of product, you will have to check your state laws, physician, and dispensary.

Getting Medical Marijuana

For those interested in general medical marijuana, you will want to know how to get it in the first place. You first want to make sure you qualify for medical marijuana, as you will be evaluated by a licensed cannabis doctor for a recommendation.

Once you’re sure you could benefit from medical marijuana, you can make your appointment to see a licensed physician. An evaluation will consist of the doctor inquiring about your situation, your knowledge of marijuana, experiences, and what might be best for you. Once approved, you will receive a doctor’s recommendation which will allow you to get your medical marijuana card.

With an MMJ card, you can visit state dispensaries and legally purchase medical marijuana. Dispensaries are also where you can ask questions regarding marijuana products, including recommendations and general information.

Medical Marijuana Doctors 1

Choosing MMJ Doctors

There are many services for getting your medical marijuana card, and MMJ Doctors provides one which is easy, helpful, and open to everyone. We have a professional staff of licensed physicians who can evaluate you in-person,  or via video chat (NY patients only, not available for Florida patients). We believe everyone deserves true relief, and that includes you. Get medical marijuana for senior citizens with MMJ Doctors.

You can call MMJ Doctors toll-free 1(888)578-6704 to make your appointment or if you have any questions you want to ask. You can also make your appointment online on our website under the appointment webpage.

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