Medical marijuana insomnia treatment


Insomnia is one of the most prevalent sleeping disorders among adults today. The most common causes of insomnia are the usual suspects, stress, and anxiety. However, other factors such as depression, certain medications, and even pain can also lead to insomnia. Insomnia leads to general body fatigue, stress, and overall low psyche.

A combination of different factors can cause insomnia, and while medical remedies exist, some patients face challenges in getting a good night’s sleep even after trying these standard medical solutions. In this case, you may want to try medical marijuana that has a proven record of helping patients with sleep problems. Research shows that medical marijuana is beneficial in the treatment of insomnia.



Analyzing medical marijuana and Insomnia

Marijuana, even as a recreational drug, is known to induce a sense of drowsiness and relaxation. These feelings of relaxation and sleepiness are why most cannabis users always appear “sleepy” or with lazy eyes. This is the fundamental reason some medical practitioners have considered to use medical cannabis to treat insomnia.

Marijuana is made up of two distinctive cannabinoids know as CBD and THC. Cannabidiol – CBD is both non-sedative and non- psychoactive, while tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is psychoactive and induces sleep. Concerning sleep and medical marijuana’s impact on sleep, a study was conducted in 2008, where cannabis strains with more levels of THC reduced REM sleep and consequently increased the overall time spent sleeping in a deep state.

The deep state is commonly interpreted as the ultimate restorative, relaxing, and most restful part of the sleep cycle. However, REM is vital for keeping a working immune system and maintaining a healthy cognitive system as well. So, continuously taking marijuana with high THC levels, over a long period, can negatively impact the quality of your sleep.

How to time your medical cannabis intake for a proper bedtime

One thing that cuts across all drugs is the importance of timing. Keeping track of your dosage and time is very important, especially for a sleep-inducing solution.


Medical cannabis for deep sleep


For instance, edibles naturally take longer to kick in and are quite unpredictable. It is not easy to determine how long the effects would last, as well as their intensity. This is mainly because of the nature of how cannabis is processed in your body. From your gut to the liver, the time for action could vary even longer, about 8 to 12 hours.

Due to the difference in everyone’s physiology, it is challenging to determine an accurate time to take your medical marijuana dosage; however, an estimated time of one hour before sleep is advisable. Take your medical marijuana dosage an hour before bedtime because cannabis is expected to work for about three to four hours, which will help you fall asleep. This is especially important since it prevents you from experiencing the excitability that can be caused by marijuana- that could, in turn, prevent you from sleep.



Symptoms of Insomnia that can be treated by medical marijuana


Sleeping difficulty

Insomnia typically involves an altered sleep pattern or a sleep cycle that is entirely out of sync. Medical marijuana can be used as an efficient sleeping aid since it can restore the natural sleep cycle of an individual.

Daytime sleepiness

Insomnia can sometimes cause daytime sleepiness. However, medical marijuana has a solution for this condition. Sativa strains are primarily responsible for hyper-energy and causing uplifting effects. These sativa strands can be used during the day to prevent you from daytime sleepiness.


Medical marijuana insomnia treatment

Lack of concentration

Insomnia comes with a wide range of adverse effects, and lack of concentration is one of them. When you lack focus or concentration, maybe due to fatigue, medical marijuana can help you focus. In this study, cannabis improved concentration levels for all participants.


Prolonged lack of sleep from insomnia can lead to chronic headaches, which will, in turn, affect your daily productivity. Medical cannabis has been proven to help alleviate pain in general and can consequently help with headaches.

Anxiety or Depression

Marijuana is typically a relaxing drug, yet stress, depression, and anxiety are enemies of relaxation. Insomnia can lead to stress, anxiety, or even depression. Appropriate use of medical marijuana can help treat these conditions.

Quality sleep has become nothing but an elusive luxury. The rising concerns for stress and anxiety among adults have made many people struggle with sleep. Insomnia is an undesirable sleeping disorder that leaves you dissatisfied, making you face a new day with fatigue, anxiety, and without psyche and motivation.

If you are having trouble with your sleep cycle or any insomnia related problems, get in touch with us today, at MMJDoctors, for assistance, and get a suitable medical marijuana prescription to help you with your sleep. You deserve quality sleep after a long day.



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