Whether you refer to it as cannabis, pot, weed, ganja, bud, or buddha, the medical use of marijuana seems to be the in-thing right now. Widespread legalization of marijuana has gone a long way in allaying fears about it. Although the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in most states, more people are using it to get high and relax and alleviate their mood. The main question that lingers is, can medical marijuana be used to treat anxiety and depression?

To answer this question, you first need to understand what’s in the marijuana plant. Generally, the cannabis plant contains two main cannabinoids, which are THC and CBD oil. These cannabinoids react with the human brain to regulate your mood. Although the use of cannabis to combat depression and anxiety is still at its infancy, the results are encouraging.

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What Does Science Tell Us?

A recent study highlighted that anxiety and depression patients who smoke cannabis exhibit a significant decrease in their depressive and anxious symptoms. Clinical trials have also shown that THC and CBD have antidepressant and sedative properties. Therefore, marijuana medication can be beneficial to individuals who are battling depression and anxiety.

Of the two known cannabinoids, CBD is recommended to patients due to its ability to protect the brain and keep depressive feelings at bay. It also improves the brain’s neurotransmitter functions, thus stabilizing patients’ moods.

Patients are always advised to consult their doctors before embarking on marijuana medication for depression and anxiety. It’s particularly advisable to consult a marijuana doctor so that the most suitable cannabis strain is recommended for their condition. Strains that have a high percentage of CBD are recommended because THC can be neuro-stimulating among some patients.


Medical Marijuana Benefits for Your Health


How Can Depression Patients Use Marijuana Effectively?

If you’re familiar with medical marijuana, you certainly know that there are various consumption methods. Generally, the method that patients choose depends on their preferences and the severity of their condition. These are some of the commonest marijuana consumption methods:


Some depression and anxiety patients prefer consuming marijuana through vaping because it has an immediate impact. When you vape, cannabinoids and terpenes enter your bloodstream directly via your lungs. This produces the direct effect that you need to control anxiety and depression symptoms such as restlessness and irritability. However, if you have underlying medical conditions such as respiratory illnesses, vaping may not be suitable.


If you can’t stand the idea of vaping, using topicals, or smoking a joint, edibles are the best option. Although it takes up to one hour to start experiencing the desired results, it takes a longer time for those results to wane. A major drawback with edibles is that they usually contain a low CBD percentage. Therefore, it can be difficult to track your dosage.

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Marijuana Capsules

In recent years, more anxiety and depression patients have been opting to take marijuana capsules because they are not only discreet but also allow them to track their dosages. On exciting feature of these capsules is that the dosage is definite.

Patients can always carry them wherever they go. What’s more, CBD capsules can be taken according to a patient’s condition. If your depression and anxiety symptoms are extensive, you can opt for high-potency capsules. Similarly, if your depression and anxiety is mild, you can choose low-potency capsules.

Tinctures and Oils

Ingenious marijuana enthusiasts always come up with new ways of consuming it. Oils and tinctures are one such method. Oils and tinctures result from mixing marijuana extracts with alcohol or oil. This way, you can easily monitor the dosages that you’re taking and make adjustments accordingly. To determine the dosage that you’re taking, you only need to track the number of oil drops you ingest.

Medical Marijuana Doses for Depression and Anxiety

Unlike the case with pharmaceutical interventions, medical marijuana treatment for depression and anxiety is always a matter of trial and error. In most cases, self-testing is used to determine what works best for a patient. Treatment is often customized to address the severity of patients’ depression and anxiety.


Benefits of Medical Marijuana


Since medication will primarily be self-administered, it’s best to focus on suppressing the symptoms of anxiety and depression rather than treating the condition altogether. Once you choose a consumption method that you think suits you best, start with small doses and increase them gradually. This will help you determine how your body reacts to marijuana.

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Key Takeaways

Depression and anxiety can significantly affect your quality of life. If you’ve tried therapy and pharmaceutical interventions with little success, you should consider marijuana treatment. This intervention has proven results and doesn’t cause any undesirable side effects.

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