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The physiological relationship between medical marijuana and mental health is in its early stages of research. Scientists basing their research on how animals behave upon injection of the CBD products claim that medical marijuana can manipulate an individual’s cognitive behavior.

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How Does Medical Marijuana Affect the Brain?

The brain contains a system referred to as the Endocannabinoid system, which contains various neurotransmitters. The most prevalent neurotransmitter in this system is the anandamide, which activates the brain.  Endocannabinoid systems control various brain functions, such as cognition, behavior, and emotions. 

In your body, the anandamide activates the cannabidiol system to optimal levels.  The activation of the system leads to the suppression of memory and lower levels of anxiety. If you have low anandamide levels, it can lead to mental issues such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), depression, and schizophrenia

Medical marijuana has a chemical structure that resembles that of endocannabinoids. It merely means that cannabis can activate cannabinoid receptors and influence a range of physiological activities. Both the CBD compounds and tetrahydrocannabinol compounds have the capability of influencing some aspects of the brain. 


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PTSD and Medical Marijuana

PTSD is a common mental disorder, and thousands of people are suffering from this condition. If you have been subjected to a traumatic event in the past, such as rape and abuse, you have a higher probability of having PTSD. Some of the symptoms of this condition are nausea, fear, depression, sleep disturbances, and nightmares.

They are various medications available for PTSD, but some are not entirely effective for managing the condition’s associated symptoms. Other conventional medications have severe side effects for the users. Medical marijuana could be a potential breakthrough in PTSD management.

In some research, there is evidence that medical marijuana is useful in treating severe PTSD cases. For people who are not responding to modern treatment regimes or have severe side effects, medical cannabis is given as an alternative treatment regime. Although research is still in the infancy stage, most PTSD patients portray significant improvement after using CBD products. 

Medical CBD products help in the management of associated symptoms of the condition, such as: 

  • Nightmares: Nightmares from traumatic events are prevalent. The PTSD condition contributes to a condition known as rapid eye movement (REM), which causes nightmares. Medical marijuana is beneficial in the management and control of REM, thus reducing events of nightmares.
  • Anxiety and fear: If you have PTSD, it means your anxiety rates are immensely heightened.  Medical CBD products help in the calming of nerves and the reduction of anxiety.
  • Sleep disturbances: Anxiety and nightmares lead to poor quality sleep. Medical marijuana helps in improving the quality of sleep and helps you sleep longer.

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Depression and Medical Marijuana

Around 350 million individuals globally suffer from depression. This prevalent condition’s exact cause is not specific, and medics associate it with high levels of stress, genetic makeup, or negative environmental conditions. Physicians use various therapies and medications to manage the condition.

There is proof from various studies that marijuana for medical purposes can manage even the most severe cases. The properties in cannabis plants have compounds such as CBD and low THC levels that can stabilize moods and restore normal mental health.

Cognition and Medical Marijuana

Cognition mainly entails the brain’s system that influences aspects such as memory, attention, and learning. Medical marijuana is associated with improved cognitive performance. However, there is little factual data to back up the claims—patients who use medical marijuana report high levels of alertness and memory retention.


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Schizophrenia and Medical Marijuana

Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects your ability to reason, behave, and think clearly. This condition’s leading cause is the genetic alteration of the brain’s structure by various risk factors such as genetic mutations or environmental hazards.

If you suffer from this condition, it is common to exhibit hallucinations, delusions, and lack of focus. Various conventional medicines are not so useful in managing advanced symptoms of the condition.  

Molecular CBD is useful in the treatment and management of Schizophrenia symptoms. Researchers found evidence of the improved quality of life after using the CBD products for patients with this condition in a clinical test. FDA is approving the conduction of these tests, and in 2023 some medications with CBD supplements might be available in the market. 

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Medical marijuana use to treat mental conditions is still in the early stages, and more factual data is needed to support existing research. However, the US government is approving medical cannabis products to manage anxiety in patients with mental disorders. But in some states, the use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes is restricted.

If you have certain mental conditions, you can consult MMJ Doctors for professional assistance. The doctors will recommend the best dosage requirements that are effective in the management of various symptoms.

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