Medical Marijuana Doctors in Amsterdam, NY

New York Medical Marijuana Card


If you live in Amsterdam, New York or its surrounding areas and suffer from a medical condition that is considered severe or debilitating you may qualify for medical marijuana treatment. It is now legal in the State of New York to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary if you are a registered medical marijuana patient.


Once you apply for and receive your NYS medical marijuana card you may go to your nearby dispensary to purchase medical marijuana products. The closest dispensaries around Amsterdam would include PharmaCannabis and Vireo Health in Albany. At a dispensary, you can consult a pharmacist to discuss your medical marijuana treatment plan. This would aid in choosing the dosage and type of medical cannabis to best suit your unique situation and accommodate your treatment needs. You may address any questions or concerns as it comes to your treatment with a dispensary specialist or you can always contact your registered New York medical marijuana doctor.

If you think you have a chronic debilitating condition impacting your lifestyle, job or precluding you from performing everyday tasks and you live in Amsterdam, New York you may be eligible to obtain an NY marijuana card online and use medical cannabis as a part of your treatment plan.


If you are a legal New York resident and live in Amsterdam or surroundings suffering from one or more qualifying conditions for medical marijuana listed by the NY Department of Health, which was substantiated by a licensed medical marijuana doctor, you may buy and use medical marijuana at a registered dispensary. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and inflammatory bowel disease  you need to schedule an appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor, online or in-person, she can conduct an in-depth review of your medical history, symptoms, medications used etc. and determine whether you qualify for treatment in the form of medical cannabis. Upon approval, your registered practitioner will issue you a written certification along with your dosing recommendation. You will use this certification to apply for an actual medical marijuana identification card online or by mail. You would need your certification and your marijuana card to purchase cannabis products at state-licensed dispensaries.

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