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In 2014 New York’s medical marijuana laws took effect allowing registered medical practitioners to recommend medical marijuana treatment for patients with various health conditions. If you live in Batavia, New York and believe you could benefit from the use of cannabis talk to a qualified marijuana doctor today.


When you become a  medical marijuana patient you will be able to legally acquire cannabinoid medications from state-registered dispensaries. Patients from Batavia would have to travel to Buffalo’s MedMen or  PharmaCannabis in Amherst as they are currently the closest licensed marijuana dispensaries. You may also contact Columbia Care to see if you can have them deliver their product to you. You would need your NY medical marijuana card and a certification document signed by your qualified New York medical marijuana physician in order to get your meds. The dispensary staff can always advise you as to what type of medical marijuana product would serve your condition better, however, it cannot contradict or exceed your treatment plan and dosage information on the medical marijuana recommendation issued by a doctor.

There are many instances when traditional medications either stop working or are so strong that they do more harm than any good.   For this very reason, New York along with a handful of other states have implemented programs to legally protect patients for whom health benefits of using medical cannabis are evident.  Talk to your registered practitioner today to see if you qualify; you can also speak to one of our certified NY marijuana doctors online right now through a secure Telehealth connection.


If you are in Batavia, New York it may not be so easy to find a qualified marijuana physician let alone to get the same day appointment. MMJ Doctors New York has you covered! If you are suffering from one of the qualifying condition, which include but not limited  to Parkinson’s disease, ALS, cancer, positive status of HIV or AIDS, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity, epilepsy, neuropathy, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease fill out a quick online application and have a virtual visit with a registered cannabis doctor today! Upon approval, you can print out a temporary medical marijuana card as it takes about a week for you to get the permanent one in the mail. Those who qualify will receive their cannabis treatment plan and will register with the State of New York Medical Marijuana Program.

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