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NYS Online Medical Marijuana Card


Do you live in Buffalo, New York and suffer from a life debilitating condition? If you answered yes, you may be a candidate for a medical marijuana evaluation. The state of New York now offers this service to those who may be in need of an alternative treatment plan consisting of medical marijuana set by a licensed doctor to treat their symptoms.


You will need to apply for a New York State Medical Marijuana Card with the New York Department of Health after that is complete you should receive your card in the mail within five to seven business days. This medical card may be used to purchase different forms of non-smoked medical marijuana such as tinctures, oils, and vapes at registered Dispensaries in your area. Dispensaries near you include PharmaCannis Amherst & Med Med Buffalo. Once you’ve decided which dispensary you’d like to purchase your products from, a trained staff member on site may go over any medical history, symptoms and your current lifestyle to further assist you with choosing the right products and dosages within your medical marijuana treatment plan. Any questions you may have can also be answered at the dispensary or directly with your prescribing medical marijuana doctor.

If you have a serious health condition that affects your everyday life and ability to work or get through the day, in Buffalo, New York then you may qualify to get an NY Marijuana Card Online and use medical marijuana in a treatment plan.


Suffering from any of the following health conditions or others like it? Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, or Crohn’s Disease etc. As a legal resident of Buffalo, you may be eligible to buy and use medical marijuana as part of a treatment plan to help with the symptoms you may experience in your day to day life. First, you must schedule an appointment with an online or in-person licensed medical marijuana doctor for treatment as a patient of medical marijuana. A certified doctor’s recommendation will be written and provided to you if approved, you will then use this to register as a patient with the New York Department of Health. A medical cannabis identification card will be issued to you after your registration has been processed by the state of NY. This card is necessary to purchase medical marijuana products from participating dispensaries in the state.

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