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CBD Oil in New York

Is CBD Oil Legal In New York

  Marijuana has been gaining more recognition as more states pass cannabis-friendly laws. And although the federal laws classify marijuana as illegal, states have taken action to decriminalize the use of marijuana. About 35 states now…
Medical Marijuana

A Look at New York’s Updated Marijuana Law

  The medical use of marijuana is now legalized in most states in the US. New York legalized medical marijuana in 2014 and was the 23rd state to do so. On matters relating to marijuana, The Empire State has enacted strict laws to regulate…
Marijuana Myths

9 Marijuana Myths Everybody Should Know About Now

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  Many people who have chronic pain have heard of cannabis, and it's a cultural expansion in recent years, but they're too afraid of falling asleep to try it. Some people can't stop their pain using known pain relief options, but they're…