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Marijuana is the world’s most-used illegal drug. Marijuana is gaining significant attention from researchers, manufacturers, and investors, amid campaigns for the legalization of the drug. Although the drug is illegal, a recent study found that the marijuana industry was worth $13.6 billion in 2019 and created up to 340,000 jobs. Thirty-three states in the U.S. have legalized medical marijuana. This number is expected to rise as more people push for legalization of the drug across the U.S. The increasing importance of medical marijuana in the USA will be based on policy reforms, effectiveness and affordability, research, and regulatory authorities like the FDA.

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Policy Reforms 

One of the things that will affect the role of medical marijuana for treatments in the USA is policy reforms. Since Democrats have control of the lower house, significant CBD legislation may be passed very soon. According to Politico, 296 members of Congress are from the 33 states that have legalized marijuana. This means that there are enough numbers in Congress to pass cannabis bills.

Additionally, many 2020 presidential candidates have supported the legalization of marijuana. Some of the big names pushing for the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana include former vice president Joe Biden, Sen. Kamala Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. According to an RTT News article, the marijuana industry is quickly moving out of the black market. The future of this industry will significantly depend on current and future governments. 

It is worth noting that countries that criminalize marijuana do not object to CBD’s use for medical purposes. Singapore and Turkey are recognized for their support of the cannabis industry, mostly cannabinoids to treat a wide range of conditions. In Brazil, medical marijuana can be prescribed for medicinal purposes. Therefore, the prospects of medical marijuana use in the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. are very high based on the policies passed in different states and countries across the world. 


Legalization of Medical Marijuana in US


Effectiveness and Affordability

According to a recent study, many patients preferred using marijuana more than pharmaceutical drugs because of their effectiveness, availability, and cost. The use of medical marijuana for treatments in the USA is also expected to rise in favor of low and average income patients. Drugs that are used for diseases like arthritis, cancer, and diabetes are continually innovating. These drugs result in high costs for pills and treatments. Patients with limited resources will find it more challenging to access these treatments than wealthy patients. Since cannabis provides the possibility of high access, high innovation, and affordability, it is expected to be the best alternative treatment for many health conditions among average and poor income families. 

The case for medical marijuana will not only be based on its effectiveness and affordability but also on the numerous ways the drug can be administered. Medical marijuana is not limited to smoking; it can be helped in many other ways. Some of the standard methods of administering medical marijuana include mouth spray, topical solutions, and tinctures.

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In America, many states have approved medical marijuana to treat conditions like glaucoma, extreme pain, and nausea. Research has been carried out on how marijuana interacts with systems in our bodies. According to a study by David Plurad, a trauma surgeon, THC positively affects patients suffering from trauma. THC is one of the major cannabinoids in marijuana.

A separate study carried out in the U.K. found that mice induced with cancer tumors showed significant shrinkage of their tumors after THC was administered. THC disrupts the growth of cancer cells by binding to CB2 receptors. More research and experimentation will help increase the role of medical marijuana for treatments in the USA.

The lack of sufficient research is one of the reasons for marijuana’s illegal status. However, considering what many past and current studies have discovered, in the foreseeable future, many researchers will conduct tests whose conclusive results will lead to the legalization and complete application of medical marijuana for treatments in the U.S.


Medical Marijuana Usage


The FDA’s Softening Stance

FDA’s stance on marijuana will help popularize the use of the drug for various treatments in the USA. Currently, the FDA requires that the agency approve all medications with the CBD component of marijuana. In June 2018, the FDA approved a CBD drug, Epidiolex. 

Under federal laws, it is against the law to market dietary supplements or food products that contain CBD. However, the FDA recently indicated this could change in the future. The FDA released a statement in December 2018 saying that it had the authority to allow specific pharmaceutical ingredients in food or dietary supplements. 

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In Conclusion

The future for medical marijuana in the U.S. is very bright. The fact that it has been legalized in many states in the U.S. and many other countries across the globe is a good indicator. The future role of medical marijuana in treatments in the USA will be based on policy reforms, marijuana’s comparison to other pharmaceutical products, research, and FDA’s softening stance on medical marijuana. For more information regarding medical marijuana treatment, or to get your cannabis card, visit MMJ Doctors. You can also book an appointment by calling (786)422-9327 today.


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