Thanks to recent developments in both the country and the state, medical marijuana became legal in Florida as of a few years ago. It has been a tough sell, but its legalization came with much praise and acceptance from people across the state. From medical patients to politicians, many in the state agree that medical marijuana will help people find real relief. In this article we are going to compare Sativa and Indica and analyze each of the two.

Sativa vs. Indica. Know the difference.

Medical Marijuana in Florida

For Florida residents, there has never been a better time to be a medical marijuana patient. There are so many different cannabis products available for all types of individuals. Whether you want capsules, vaporizers, or even a marijuana flower, there are choices for you. Plus, there are many more licensed cannabis dispensaries across the state with new products coming from well-regarded companies. This means more variety and better products for residents looking to get medical cannabis.

There are several options for patients to choose from, and all of these are available in most dispensaries. Vaping is one of the most popular, as it allows for inhalation without smoke. If you prefer, you can also get topical creams, as well as the previously mentioned capsules. Smoking the actual marijuana flower has recently become legal and is also now an option for Florida residents.

MMJ Doctors can help you choose the right product with the help of our licensed physicians. Through evaluation and understanding, you will know which product is best for you and in what amount. We want to provide our patients with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions when visiting state dispensaries. It can be difficult to understand the differences in products and dosages, which is why we strive to be as thorough as possible.


You should also be aware of CBD and THC, the two most well-known natural compounds related to cannabis. While CBD specializes in soothing relief, THC is better known for providing the “high” feeling many products can give to users. The levels of CBD and THC in a product can vary. You can choose to get some with higher concentrations of one compound over another, or a balanced mixture of the two. It is entirely dependent on the individual, the product, CBD/THC amount, and dosage that is best for them.

Sativa and Indica

When going after products and visiting dispensaries, there are two names to keep in mind: sativa and indica. These are two strands of marijuana that are used with nearly all medical cannabis products. Each product you purchase can have some amount of one or the other, or both (via a hybrid strand).

The major qualities of Sativa

If you are unfamiliar with these strains and what they mean, it can be confusing looking into it, as there is a lot of information out there. While it can get very scientific (elemental compounds, for one), it can also be easy to understand. As a consumer, you should at least know the basics of indica and sativa and how they are sold.

Sativa vs. Indica

Let us start with sativa, which is commonly seen as a thinner leaf. It is known for producing more energetic effects in its users, which can produce creativity and wakefulness. This means products that come from Sativa have been known to make and keep people alert. What sativa does most is affect one’s brain, which is what causes them to be more mentally and physically alert. Due to this, Sativa based products are recommended to be taken during one’s waking hours (such as the daytime).

Indica, on the other hand, looks like sativa’s opposite. The leaf, for example, is thicker, as well as shorter, making them appear different in physical form. Where sativa is said to provide you with a “mind high,” indica makes your body high. What that means is your body will become very relaxed, so much so that, if you take it while sitting on the couch, you may not want to get up. Indica is also said to help treat symptoms of physical pain, along with improving appetite. More importantly, because of the way indica can so strongly affect the body, it also works as a sleep aid. For this reason alone, it is recommended to take an indica based product before sleeping.

Choosing the Product for You

These two strains are marketed in dispensaries so that users understand how different they are. There is debate as to whether the two strains are really as opposite as they appear to be. What most people will agree on is that a product’s CBD and THC content is what matters most. While a sativa product is more likely to keep you active, a lot of it can depend on the actual compounds found in select products one picks up.

The major qualities of Indica strain

It should also be noted that the effects of any marijuana product vary depending on the person. This may seem obvious, but it is crucial to keep in mind. While many people who consume an indica product get sleepy, that may not be the case for everyone, for one reason or another. It almost always has to do with the product’s overall chemical makeup and one’s body elements. So while it’s essential to understand the existence and differences regarding indica and sativa, it’s just as important to know there’s more to marijuana products than just those two strains.

If you are interested in a medical marijuana card, get in touch with MMJ Doctors. Our staff of medical professionals and marijuana doctors can assist you in choosing the best products for you. We go over product choices, dosage options, as well as levels of THC vs. CBD in respective products. If you are interested in one strain over another, we can help you with that, as well.

Get in touch with MMJ Doctors by calling 1-888-578-6704 or visiting our website and making your appointment today.

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    I’m trying to learn all I can about medical marijuana. I’m currently a patient at a pain clinic due to chronic lower back pain. I’m in the process of detoxing now and I’m at the point where I’m ready and need to transition how do I get my card and what type of medical for be best for me . I also work full time


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